Jesus Christ Bogota. by Gareth
April 26, 2009, 5:01 am
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It’s a really fucking weird situation where you can travel to a different hemisphere and play to a bigger audience than you’ve played to in your home city. I have no idea how this all happened.

Bogota, we love you. Phillip, Gabriel, and our main man Camilo, we love you dearly. Have us back soon, please.


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I still don’t have words to describe what i felt yesterday evening. I will never stop thanking you guys

Comment by Julian Marquez

Holy shit, that crowd is insane!

Comment by Peter


Comment by JP

that looks like it was amazing!

Comment by Jasmine

Man, I’m there first thing! HAHAHAHAH I had a fanfuckingtastic time last night. I hope you can be back soon soon soon. Thank you for coming, loadsakisses and hugs. We love you.

Comment by Adri

You guys left me speechless friday night. Best show I’ve ever seen, I swear. Oh, and Aleks, thanks again for your setlist. I’m framing it :D.

Comment by Squirrel Seb

Incredible, It was really amazing, all the fun that everybody had at the concert!!! Hope to see Los Campesinos! Live again really soon

Comment by Sebastian

Thank you sooooo mucho for comming!!!
we really love you!!!!
the show was sooooo fucking AWESOME!!!!! one of my best concerts ever!!!!!

Comment by Juan Camilo

Is really amazing when you met people and so quick they go straight to your heart and get stocked there… we love you too here. It makes us feel proud what we done… that you enjoyed it and liked it!!!

I hope to see you soon again or in North America.

Comment by Camilo Hernández

I think I’ll need to ensure that my S.A. trip is scheduled at the same time as one of your shows.
N.A. fans are not like this.

Comment by Julia

Thanks again and forever!! the gig in Bogota was awesome, amazing, mind blowing,perfect, you name it…!! You HAVE to come back, please!… you’re great and were really nice with all your fans…. special thanks to Harriet you gave me your set-list and were so nice to me I wont forget it…really, I just love the way you play Violin, and was so excited because I was front row with you, Tom & Neil in front of me…and able to see Aleks, Gareth, Ellen & Ollie too!!.. Ellen thanks for the drawing, you almost forget to sign it haha, love it (: ..we love you guys! come back SOON!!

Comment by Pinkteph

Thank you so much for coming! really!

I don’t have words to describe how the fucking I felt on friday… you were more than amazing!!!!
One of my favorite shows EVER.

Fucking love u guys, we have to meet again,

and I’m sure we are gonna make you com back.

Comment by Viviana

You have to come back!!! A lot of freinds of mine that wanted to go to the show and didn’t make it want so bad to see you guys on stage!! we love you, and as I said to Harriet when she signed my ticket: you are always welcomed in our country!! Colombia loves you Guys!! CHEERS CAMPESINOS!!!

Comment by Nicolás

One of my best concerts ever!

Comment by [Angelik]

Aleks, Ellen, Hariet, Gareth, Ollie, Tom and Neil: thank you for coming to Colombia wants to be respected with the heart, please come back soon, it was wonderful to hear Neil say my name … Tatiana

PS: I hope that everything is well written!

Comment by Tatiana

Queremos mas campesinos en Colombia!!!

Comment by Willie

Fuuuuuuuucking ‘ell, it was awesome wicked the shiznit, loved it!

Crowdsurfing with the guitar and singing with everybody in the crowd was stellar, seriously.

You guys rock, I’m so proud that we were able to host you, and we really, REALLY hope that you come back soon!!

All the best!

Comment by Andy Muñoz

thaaaaaaaaaaank you so much for such an insane show!!!! best gig i’ve been in a long while….you have to come back!!!!


los campesinos! rocks my socks!

Tu,Yo, Bailando Bailando!!! hahahaha!!!

loads of love from Colombia!!!

Comment by Felipe V

For christ sake, guys! Thanks for that insane night 🙂 We fucking love you here in fucking Colombia.
Please come back soon, we’ll be waiting for you
Please, please, please.

Comment by Andrés

Again number one in Radionica Colombia … with You’ll Need Those Fingers For Crossing….I love you

Comment by Tatiana

Gareth ,Aleks, Ellen, Hariet, Ollie, Tom and Neil thanks for beautiful and amazing riday night in Bogotá, you have a other loyal fan. I love your music.

Come back soon!!

Comment by FelipePérez

Gareth, Neil, Harriet, Ollie,Aleks, Tom and Ellen, thanks for a beautiful and amazing friday night, you have an other loyal fan. I love your music.

I hope to see you soon

Comment by FelipePérez

Hey, Campesinos….. The concert the last friday in Bogotá was incredible, !!I fell in love whit their music!!… thanks so much…. I hope see you soon again….PLEASE

and yes! you’re again No. 1 (You’ll Need Those Fingers For Crossing) in Top 25 of Radionica Colombia…… Amazing!! =)

Comment by Karol

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