Oh Caracas by Gareth
April 26, 2009, 3:55 pm
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I get the feeling there may be a future for us in South America.

NB: Obv I’m choosing the point of the set that makes folk the most roudy, to impress people.

Also, I’m not being funny, but we’ve never had a fireworks display happen right after leaving the stage of a Barfly:

Everybody I met last night, it was a complete pleasure. I’m sorry I never made it to El Teatro. We went for food, and then it got late and drunk and tired, and I had no idea how to get to the place.

Everybody we have met at these last three shows has been amazing. You have been the warmest, friendliest, most beautiful people and I wish you could come to every show we play. I am kind of stuck for words, but please know how grateful we are that you have cared about our band, and allowed is to come to your countries.

Thank you x One Million.

PS. We head back to America today. Seattle via LA. We get to go watch My Bloody Valentine, and then on about Wednesday (I think) we start recording again. I promise this will coincide with these blog posts becoming less saccharine. Cheers.


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Thank you for that wonderful show you gave us last night.
Long time no see something like what you did guys, you definitely have a future in here.
Good luck and hope to see you back again sooner than later.

Comment by Camilo

*melts in a puddle* Awww I wish we could come to all your shows too. We love you in South America.

Comment by Adri

Thank YOU!!!

Comment by jlzr

Thank you for the show. It was.. pfff.. PERFECT. talk you later for the post we’re writing. 🙂

ntsfrsh crew.

Comment by Ed Burger

Thank YOU x TWO Million =)
Thanks for came here.
Thanks for talk to us.
Thanks for exist. Thank u Campesinos!

I couldn’t make it, and I’m sad but I hope see you soon. I talked to neil on the phone thats make me really happy =)
see ya love you guys

Comment by Elsy

GREAT CONCERT, at first I couldn’t believe you were coming here, BUT YOU DID!!! So thanks for a great show. I hope we see you soon, or to see you in a concert some were else.

Comment by Ricardo

no, thank YOU Campesinos! for giving us South Americans the best show of our lives, in comparison to other bands, you are the only ones who really care about their fans, talking to them and making them feel warm and thanked.

So, Aleks, Ellen, Hariet, Gareth, Ollie, Tom and Neil:

Thank you

Comment by Marcos

these south american concerts are so cool :’) i wanna go to one.

Comment by Alex

remember to have fireworks from now on! epic show endings haha!
thanx for coming and sharing

Comment by IL

[…] y de que no tocaron “Don’t Tell Me To Do The Math(s)” me encantó y al parecer ellos mismos disfrutaron mucho sus 3 presentaciones en Sudamérica. Ojalá podamos verlos en otra […]

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Hi Neil, I’m Veronica, I had an interview with you for a magazine, I think I was the first one, hope you can remember!. I could get on time to the concert, but I saw it from outside because I got a better view and I wanted to dance, but after that I didn’t have the chance to go to the backstage and say hello!!!

Great concert!, and congratulations, and thanks for coming, you will always be welcome! Anyway, I would like to send you my article when it’s ready, and maybe I will be able to send some orange rum to your friend!

I posted here my email and the link for the website from the magazine!

I hope I can get some answer from you!!


V xoxox

Comment by Veronica

Trying to emulate the setlist in my iTunes to keep dancing and remembering. Can’t wait for you guys to come back. Ahh, and there’s a group picture that you should post here 🙂 (Ollie, you’re not in it, though; I think you had already got into the van).

Comment by Antonio Carruyo

Do you remember having a small over who was the real Campesino! with an small Campesino! toy?

Well, hit the link to see the picture! =)

Comment by Alex K.

Just a small “talk” Gareth

Comment by Alex K.

what about mexico! weren’t we great?
that’s cause you didn’t hang out after the show in guadalajara 😦
i was there before the show, maybe you remember me, i told you how i basically ran away from home to see you? and it was SO worth it!
come back soon. (that was unnecesarily long)

Comment by andrea

Please do come back to South America when you finish the new album.

Comment by Faco

hope to see you guys again, real soon.
it was lovely 😀

Comment by J

thanks for the i. tweexcore underground. i wanted to meet you but i’m too shy

Comment by porfi


Comment by Ivan

LOVED THE SHOW! i don’t know if you remember me, me and my friends were the ones screaming aleksandraaa!!! and we talk to you later..
i told gareth that most of the girls there, were not venezuelan, because they were hideous haha jk jk.. (well some of them were), we called tom and aleksandra because they wouldn’t come outside, but finally they did and we took like 376482 pictures! xD
we were so exited after that night xD
hope you get back someday!
Gustavo from caracas

Comment by GustavoH.

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