Fruit Protests by Ellen
April 27, 2009, 4:16 pm
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A Few Comments and Remarks on Recent Events ( A Retrospective If You Will)

During the Coachella festival we stayed in the idealic little town of Palm Springs, and I stumbled upon a war protest.


Just a couple of guys hanging out, whilst some police men on bikes chatted to them nearby and kept them in check just in case they decided to start throwing tear gas canisters/warmed up iced teas at local tourists.

Then we went to Buenos Aires, and the comparisons of protest style were interesting to witness.


Drummers,  bigger placards and loads of bits of paper. They also had a juggler, who contributed by reminding us all we are but cloth balls of sand that could be dropped at any time. Or something.

I think it was bank related, as we were in the financial district surrounded by lots of men in suits chain smoking outside of offices. We also saw a big pointy thing called an Obelisque, which I always thought was the room in “Labyrinth” David Bowie put you in when he wanted you to be forgotten.

Whilst in Buenos Aires we started a new art project called “Fruit Faces,” the concept is self explanatory but the  symbolic nature of the endeavor is multi layered, with countless metaphorical meanings and reflections on society en-grained within the squishy fruit noses..

“Fruit Face no 1” by Aleks  (Working Title)


“Oranges are not the only fruit… that’s orange” by Me


Strangely Phallic Face by Harriet


I think Alek’s has a lot to do with her childhood in Russia, because the apples are red, like communism. The melon nose is kind of broad, so she likes broad things like big shelfs and the ex gladiator Wolf.

I was trying to retell the classic Sergei Prokofiev composition “Peter and the Wolf,” but from the perspective of a citrus fruit.

Harriets wonkey pear eyes are somewhat disturbing and suggest a highly deprived mind, however her’s is the most interesting and boldest of the bunch, so I think we might enter it in for the Turner if not the picture gallery on Blue Peter.

After we played in Caracas I was begifted the most beautiful piece of Jewelry


It looked very lovingly hand made, so thank you very muchly for this.

I was asked for a guitar pick by a pregnant lady, who produced a ultra sound (as evidence?) and wanted to give the plectrum to her baby. I duly obliged and as I handed it over I was instantly hit with visions of a hit hollywood franchise! Imagine this… that child grows up with the plectrum as a lucky charm, and it brings her increasing success and wealth, she becomes some kind of Hanna Montana crossed with Sheryl Crow figure and tours the world with a million trillion pounds in her bank account. She bumps into me, (by this time a crazy bag lady with cats perched on her shoulders like parrots) and then she buys me a chai latte. I am thinking Dakota Fanning for the role of the baby (we can do a Benjamin Button style trick and just superimpose her face on the baby) and Tilda Swanson for the role of me, with a cameo by me as a “party goer” or something.

Thank you South America again, you have been really lovely.

Ellen x


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Palm Springs is most definitely not the place to witness a protest/march/political action of any kind

Comment by Jasmine

“apples are red, like communism”
is hands sown the best quote ever

Comment by andrea

i think i meant down, wtf is sown

Comment by andrea

The Buenos Aires protest was indeed banking-related. It was the bank’s workers union, la Bancaria, asking for a raise. There was a strike on friday too. Anyways, despite the fact that we live with constant chaos in the streets, which after some time you learn to love like a plastic christmas tree, Buenos Aires is a lovely city and we are all expecting you come back soon. You should stay a tad longer though, that way you get to see a better place than that bar we ended up in. It was great though. Lovely to meet you all!

Comment by Faco

That bar was lovely! Yes, please have us back x

Comment by Ellen

IL told me about the pregnant girl. I don’t know why, but I found it kinda creepy. We even thought of it as a new modus operandi to get memorabilia, like the people who hand you a paper that says “I’m deaf, give me money”.

Ok, that was mean, sorry.

Comment by Cheky

pfft, dakota fanning is overrated… oh, and i loved red like communism as well!

Comment by Trung

Take away the banana on Aleks’ fruit face looks strangely phallic…

Comment by jess phillips

I meant:

Take away the banana on Aleks’ fruit face and it look strangely phallic…

Comment by jess phillips

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