April 28, 2009, 9:57 pm
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I’ve wanted to work this out for my own amusement for a while. It might be worth publishing. My Mum and Dad will definitely find it interesting at least.

(This, obviously, doesn’t include instores, acoustic things and radio sessions, because mostly they suck)

First off, here is a photograph of us before (I think) we had ever even played a gig (it’s scary how young we look):

NB. I’m wearing a tie because I had just come from some awards thing. Not because I wanted to be in the Strokes.

* * * * *


2006 – 17
2007 – 59
2008 – 109
2009 – 43 (and counting)

Total = 228


Number 1 – First Gig (Cardiff ‘Fun Factory’, May 8, 2006)
Number 6 – First Headline Show (Cardiff Barfly, June 16 2006)
Number 8 – First Gig Outside Of Wales (Water Rats, London, September 11 2006)
Number 9 – First Gig Not In A Capital City/First Gig With Sky Larkin (Love Apple, Bradford, September 13 2006)
Number 18 – First Gig With Johnny Foreigner (The Social, Nottingham, March 1 2007)
Number 21 – First Gig In Scotland (Capitol, Glasgow, March 3 2007)
Number 28 – First Festival Gig (Leeds Wireless, June 16 2007)
Number 30 – First Show Outside Of The UK (Razzmatazz, Barcelona, June 29 2007)
Number 32 – First US Gig (Lollapalooza, Chicago, August 5 2007)
Number 37 – First Ireland Gig (Whelans, Dublin, Oct 2 2007)

FIFTIETH GIG – Cockpit, Leeds (October 19 2007)

Number 61 – Start Of First European Tour (London Calling Festival, Amsterdam, Nov 3 2007)
Number 69 – First West Coast Show (Echo Lounge, LA, November 27 2007)
Number 76 – First Japan Show (British Anthems, Tokyo, December 9 2007)
Number 85 – First Time Supporting Kula Shaker (Haldern Pop, Haldern, March 1 2008)
Number 89 – First SXSW (Emo Jrs, March 13 2008)

ONE-HUNDREDTH GIG – Jailhouse, Hereford (April 16 2008)

Number 105 – Start Of First Support Tour (w/ the Go! Team, Le 106, Rouen, April 25 2008)
Number 109 – First ATP Gig (Camber Sands, May 9 2008)
Number 199 – First Show In Mexico (Lunario Nacional, Mexico City, March 6 2009)

TWO-HUNDREDTH GIG – Teatro Estudio Cavaret, Guadalajara (March 7 2009)

Number 216 – First South American Show (La Trastienda Club, Buenos Aires, April 21 2009)

* * * * *

I think our 250th gig might be in the UK. Let’s do something special to celebrate, yeh?


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Yeh, definitely.
This is amazing.

I can’t believe you (probably the best band ever) supported Kula-fucking-Shaker (possibly the worst band ever). That’s also amazing in a totally different way.

Comment by Miles

and the 300th should be a South American gig again! Only one week and we miss you a lot.

Comment by Nicolás

Ahh I remember that night at the cockpit was the first time Los Campesinos! were brought to my attention. Not because I went to the gig, you understand, but because I was trying to dance at the club night afterwards and people wearing big LOS CAMPESINOS! stickers kept getting in my way…

Comment by hannah

i have to agree with Nicolás. We really miss you guys, have a great time recording the new album 🙂

Comment by Marcos

i was in te gig 199 in the frot oh yessssssss!!!!


Comment by Ale

Number 216 – First South American Show (La Trastienda Club, Buenos Aires, April 21 2009)

I was there 🙂 and I have certainly had one of the best (if not the best) craic ever!!!!!!! Don’t cry for us, Campesinos! Lol*


Comment by PauLie (Paula)

if i had known it was the two-hundredth gig i would have bought gifts

Comment by andrea

If I’d had known it was the two hundredth gig, I would have asked you to bring gifts!

Sadly, I didn’t know then. I worked all these out this afternoon.

Comment by Gareth

damn, thats a shitload of gigging! what’s up with 109-199? did it get a little inane? nothing new popped up?

Comment by Trung

It’s never inane.
Just no new territories.

Comment by Gareth


Comment by Julia

Top 5 gigs?

Comment by Dylan

for the 250th gig, you could come back to lancaster library and i’d make the stage invasion happen this time.

Comment by eden

i liked Dylan’s question. top 5 gigs?

Comment by Marcos


Bottom 5…easier…

Comment by Gareth

bottom 5 it is then 😀

Comment by Marcos

Hmmm I’m pretty sure Antwerp would be in the bottom 5 and I don’t want anymore memories about your sad faces on stage.. I just want to remember you like you were at the Botanique in November (awesome!).
So let’s leave the bottom 5 out, o-kay?

And come back here soon!

Comment by gerlin

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