This Motel Room Is Where The Lyrics To Our Next Record Will Be Finished. by Gareth
April 28, 2009, 9:01 pm
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Or more likely, will be where I play too much Football Manager and waste my days watching ESPN, any program on MTV/VH1 with ‘Love’ in the title and Adult Swim.

Also, I want to rewatch series 1-3 of Teachers. Tough Times.

Gonna go get falafel and new jeans now. Record can wait.


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Adult Swim is magic
Home Movies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and The Venture Bros. are too great for words!

Comment by wetpavement

What he said, I also liked them getting Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace recently really love that show and Frisky Dingo was pretty good till it ended.

Also needa find the rest of Teachers, they only aired series 1 here in the States and then cut it off due to poor ratings or something.

Comment by Nick

Yeah thats what she said. WHAT! I am sorry Nick but I am a girl. Are you Michael Scott or something?? maybe? a little? hummmmm

Frisky Dingo is good stuff too…

I am mad about King of the Hill

Comment by wetpavement

I see you finally bought the river plate t shirt! I know some guys tried to convince you to by independiente’s you’ve made the right decision. You wont regret

Comment by Gonzalo

Seems write to great, or… well, y’know. Bad timing on the River t-shirt, they’re sucking hugeloads of ass right now and can’t win a thing. You should have gotten a Lanús or Villa Dalmine t-shirt, as I so convincedly shouted from the crowd (?).

Comment by Faco

Ohhh man!! what have you done??!! burn that River jersey inmediately!!! Boca rules, you know it.

which is the team of the scarf in 0:26, it seems to be Manchester United but it could be Colchester United also (?)

Comment by Nicolás

you bought the best shirt, River ;). And you also can see Messi on tv haha. Hope you have a great time with the Third album

Comment by Marcos

they give us a free plastic dinosaur!

Comment by Ellen

Sadly not. I stole that from Coachella. You CAN be watched by people passing on the monorail though, so swings and roundabouts.

Comment by Gareth

holy shit, you guys are living the high life. free shirts everywhere, free dinosaurs. geez, have you got a solid gold house yet?

Also, all the best with the new album!

Comment by Trung

Free shirts!?
No free shirts.

Comment by Gareth

do you think tony cascarino was happy when he left chelsea for france?

Comment by Patrick

kudos on the dinosaur (innocent mischief is highly underrated). Best wishes on the writing/recording sessions.

Comment by CTC

if you return to South America, we’ll give you whatever you want for free 🙂

Comment by Marcos

@wetpavement Oh gosh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t even think just replied 😀

Comment by Nick

Its O.K. sir we all make those mistakes. Kudos on your Adult Swim preference. bah I can’t stay mad at you…. but only if you know who Darcel Jones. That would make it all better

Comment by wetpavement

Damn the internet’s anonymity and 32×32 images for confusing me.

and Team Jaguar! I’ve redeemed myself and I didn’t even have to google, it’s a great day for all.

Comment by Nick

Indeed you have sir. Do you know who Gwen Ifill is? Well she was the moderator for the Sarah Palin & Joe Biden debate.
I’m not sayin, but I’m just sayin they could be twins. That is all
Gwen Ifill id/26978194/

Darcell Jones

Way at the bottom of the page.

Just putting it out there.

Comment by wetpavement

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