Food Review – Buenos Aires 21/04/09 by Ollie
April 29, 2009, 6:48 pm
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So this review isn’t actually of a Argentinean restaurant, it’s of a Uruguayan.  After soundcheck we go for dinner but we were told that nowhere that good would be open, we were told about a cantina that did good food so we decided to go there.  It turned out it did a style of sandwich that was from Uruguay called Chivitos.  Chivito is a sandwich that consists of Churrasco Beef and an assortment of other fillings.  I opted for the American which came with Bacon and an Egg.

img_0083The steak was very tender, it had been slightly overcooked for my liking but not so much that it had dried out.  The bacon was very juicy, it could have done with being slightly crispy.  The egg was perfect, the yoke was nice and runny, and it proceeded to run down my fingers when I bit into the sandwich.  The bread was soft and fresh.  It came with some fries, which were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

At the end of the day it was a burger, but it was very tasty and ridiculously cheap.


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Let me guess, ‘Medio y Medio’?

Comment by Manuel

dear campesinos, next time you come to Buenos Aires, you´re more than invited to come visit me & my fiancée at home and have delicious empanadas and milanesas


Comment by Cristian

More reviews like this please, Ollie.

Comment by Paul Naykroyd

Guys, I’ve found out just yesterday that you came to Argentina… It’s a shame that in this country all the musical scene goes to Buenos Aires and all the folks -like myself- that are away from that city get excluded from the shows due to the prices of the travel plus the shows, or due to the time that takes traveling 2.000Km, or anything… So, cutting to the cheese, it will be great that next time you come you could play somewhere else besides Buenos Aires, like Rosario or any other city.
I hope this does not sound “mala onda” -not cool- as we say over here, it’s just a request from a guy that would love to watch you live and have a better chance traveling 120Km that 600Km…

Comment by Lucas

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