Not the bees! by Ellen
May 1, 2009, 2:52 pm
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Do you remember when Nicholas Cage was actually good? No me neither…



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hey, ellen. do you remember adaptation? I liked that one

Comment by Juan Diego

I maintain that “The Weather Man” is pretty underrated.

Oh and Face/Off is stupid/amazing.

Comment by Miles

hmmm, yer Face/Off is mindless fun… and I think Snake Eyes is ok. I suppose he also gave us Con Air, and chewed some scenery in Adaptation. But he was in City of Angels.

Comment by Ellen

Love watching that video out of context, nothing like Nickolas Cage bringing the beat down on old ladies

Comment by Peter

I was just showing this to my friend the other day, he immediately changed his all his forum avatars to Nick Cage in the bear suit decking that chick.

Comment by Nick

CON AIR!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget Nic Cage lives in Bath.

Comment by Gareth

I’d completely forgotten Adaptation, that was properly excellent. I can’t remember if I liked Snake Eyes or not.

Yr right though, City of Angels is completely unforgiveable.

Comment by Miles

Come on, that movie is one of the funniest I’ve seen (despite the fact that it wasn’t meant to be and all…)

Comment by Tina

Hope this link works.

Comment by ciaran

I feel the need to mention the 5th annual Nic Cage Film Fest, as usual held in my friend’s Brooklyn apartment. Last year’s feature was actually The Wicker Man, and the best parts really are the two minutes you see above. This summer, only one man will defy the odds, twitch for no perceivable reason, ramble with no point, and save the world from Sean Bean… all while cradling his Oscar.

Let us not forget the awesomeness of the Rock! Or Gone in 60 Seconds! All Nic Cage wants is rockets and a ’67 Shelby Mustang GT500!


Comment by Eric

I’d have to agree with Eric on this one and throw my support behind The Rock. Quite possibly one of the most underrated action/summer blockbuster movies ever.
So many quotable lines and rewatchable scenes.

Comment by Chris


Comment by Gareth

the only nic cage movies i enjoyed were matchstick men and lord of war. oh yeh, an CON AIR!!

Comment by Trung

I trust everyone has seen his British impression in National Treasure 2? It’s the best imitation since Gwyneth Paltrow exclaimed “Shagging Wanker”

Comment by Ellen

I’ve been lucky to have only seen 2 of Nicolas Cage’s movies in my life…which I also just realized were both seen in Guatemala..Guatemala loves Nicolas Cage? and I’m surprised no one has mentioned GHOST RIDER for the piece of trash it is!

Comment by Julia

You want Nicolas Cage acting? I’ll give you Nicolas Cage ACTING:

Comment by Andy

Nicolas Cage peaked with Adaptation…it must be pretty sad for him knowing that all else that he’s done pales in comparison. He’ll probably become a politician or ambassador soon, which might actually be worse than mediocre acting roles. x

Comment by Leks

After a quick YT search of what Ellen was talking about, He could be a perfect ambassador to England, he already speaks the language!

Comment by Nick

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