Vivian Girls and Abe Vigoda in Seattle. by Gareth
May 2, 2009, 2:53 am
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We first met Abe Vigoda last Summer when we played a show with them at the Troubador in LA. We got on like fiery houses and the next day went to see them play at The Smell with No Age and Mika Miko, then Juan came with us to our show in Pomona. Things like this happened:

We first met Vivian Girls, when Neil’s other band, Crimessss , played with them in Cardiff. We hung out all night and played with kittens and then the next morning went to breakfast and Cassie had some totally inedible egg mayonnaise on a jacket potato (seriously, WTF?).

Last night, the two bands played together in Seattle, and so obviously we went. I was just discussing with a friend earlier how my descritpive skills are abysmal, so I won’t attempt to go any further than just saying that both bands’ sets were really great. Boss, like. Abe Vigoda played 2 or 3 songs that will be on their next record, and they sounded amazing. Actually, come to think of it, so did Vivian Girls. Two new albums Im very excited to hear this year.

Here’s the end of Vivian Girls’ set:

I hate myself for taking videos at gigs.

Afterwards, Juan and the rest of Abe went to a Margherita party, which was tempting, but helping Vivian Girls load out and then going to play frisbee in the park was closer. We flouted Washington drinking laws (which are really, really stupid, guys) and I humoured Ali’s fear of open spaces. Then we went back to chez TacocaT to be allergic to felines a little more and converse like we were at a sleepover. I have a funny video which ends with the sentence:

“We will no longer be in a fight if I can TONGUE your BITCH”

And then panic as people realise I’m filming, so it’s best for all concerned that that’s not uploaded.

This is really cute though:

Good times.

It was another of those situations where you so infrequently get to hang out with pals you meet along the way, and so when you do everything in the world seems great. ANDANDAND, they’re all playing at Dot To Dot in Bristol this month (the day before the last day of the Premiership season. WHAT A WEEKEND!!). Gonna be so, so good.

NB. The Reviver Abe Vigoda tees are amazing:

I think that’s all I have to say for now.


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Comment by Jenn

I’ll get you one from Bristol. Cool.

Comment by Gareth

AT DOT TO DOT TO DOT? I might go. I had a lot of fun last year.

Comment by Jenn

Growing up in Seattle, I can tell you that the liquor laws are super dumb and resulted in very few all-ages shows. But over the years that created a music/political/artistic community rebellion which is why the northwest has so many great bands and labels over the past 20+ years. The community support for music is astounding. Now I live in LA and there are so many cool venues like the smell and people of all ages can attend just about every show. I would’ve loved that as a kid.

P.S. come back to LA, couldn’t make it to coachella and was super bummed you had to cancel at the detroit bar (that place pretty sweeeeeet).

Comment by Brad

Jesus wept I want that shirt. Lets hope they’re selling them at Bardens on Tuesday. Yes.

Comment by Jay

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