Who wore it best? You decide! by Leks
May 2, 2009, 12:24 am
Filed under: CHAFF

First we have Gareth sporting the “Come hither, Torn crotch” look:


Up against him is Tom with the coy “There’s a princess in all of us”:


Let’s be honest, they’re both winners…



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Well that picture of gareth makes him seem like the type of person who’d want to get ravaged, but Tom seems to enjoy the more sensual, loving type of sex. i’d do you both though.

Comment by Trung

It really can’t be debated – Gareth looks like he wants to get plowed there.

Oh, and I hope the record’s coming along well!

Comment by Kyle

Gareth wins. Hands down. The whole “torn crotch” look is very styling now. I think…

Comment by The Other Kyle

The “torn crotch” look needs to un-happen, but I suppose Gareth wears it the best of anyone I’ve seen.

Comment by Clair

I rock a jeans hole in my crotch the size of my fist.

but gareth wines.

Comment by bobby dazzler

That’s really hot, bobby dazzler.

Thanks for your support guys. Gonna get me some chaps.

Comment by Gareth

Pics or it didn’t happen, Gareth.

Comment by Charlotte

the possibly related post of “The Princess and The Frog” made me roflcopter. Your both Frog Princesses in my eyes x

Comment by Ellen

Gareth, you massive gayist.

Comment by Lynsey Rose

The correct answer would be Gareth, because he is extremely attractive….. please wear those pants to Lollapalooza.

Comment by vanessa

i don’t know…Tom is really working the princess look

Comment by Jasmine

Tom wins!!!
…by the way HE´S SOOOOOOOOO HOT!

Comment by LC! Fan

Tom’s new pseudonym…”LC! Fan”

Comment by Julia

there’s not enough pants where there should be more pants

Comment by Carlos

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