If the male members of LC! were Manchester United players… by neilbeale
May 4, 2009, 9:38 pm
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So I was having a chat with Tom and Ollie in the studio about who we would be if we were Manchester United players, past or present. This took place during the 1-0 win against Arsenal in the first leg of the Champions League semi final. This is exclusively male members because I don’t want to upset any of the girls by saying they look like Steve Bruce. Although Ellen does resemble Clayton Blackmore. In a good way:

Ellen Campesinos!

Ellen Campesinos!

So, I thought Ollie had a bit of Dennis Irwin about him. Gareth made the brilliant suggestion of Les Sealey:

Ollie Campesinos!

Ollie Campesinos!

Tom said he was once told he looked liked Ryan Giggs. This happened in a bar in Australia during the 2004 FA Cup victory against Milwall. The lovely lady actually said, in response to Tom’s face of disappointment, “a better looking, less cross-eyed version of Ryan Giggs.” You can’t argue with that:

Tom Campesinos!

Tom Campesinos!

I can’t choose my own look-a-like. That wouldn’t be fair. I’d pick David Beckham, obviously. Luckily Tom said I’m a bit like Lee Sharpe. Maybe it’s because of the “Party Neil” reputation. Or maybe it’s because I’m just pretty cool:

Neil Campesinos!

Neil Campesinos!

I was telling Gareth about our conversation and he told me that someone had recently said he looked a bit like the one and only Paul Scholes. This is good. It’s not easy to compare awesome footballers to your friends. Where to start? It’s a good job Gareth’s ball skills are comparable to those of Scholesy so he must be pretty happy with the comparison:

Gareth Campesinos!

Gareth Campesinos!

Any other suggestions? Sorry if I have caused any offence. Ellen saw her comparison and she was very happy with it. I couldn’t find many decent old squad photos that weren’t bad scans. That’s probably down to some bad googling. If anyone finds some decent quality, classic United pics you should post the links.

Tom and Gareth Campesinos!

Tom and Gareth Campesinos! 4EVA




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at least no one said luke chadwick.

Comment by eric

Neil, I find this so fuckin cool and relaxing after a long tiring journey. I hope tomorrow ManUtd beats Arsenal (another Sheasy goal, perhaps?) and so they play the final in Rome on May 27 (my b-day) 🙂

I bet that Ollie has a bit of Ben Foster (facial features… mainly… lol)
Tom… uhm… Ryan Giggs! Yeah, with short hair (probably)… but I don’t know if s bit of Jonny Evans too… lol*
Gaz has the longgggggggggg list… a bit of Rooney, a bit of Scholes, a bit of Foster and there was another red haired player that I can not recall his name and he’s not on the website.
and u… Neil looks very much like Gibson, I’m not so sure about Jonny Evans.. anyways, both are cute… why a girl like me would like to watch so much football if she doesn’t look at the players??? that’d be nuts… hope u re ok and keep the mag articule that u made me and my friends sign for u…

Comment by PauLie (paula)

Oh, dude, you gotta put a warning up on that link to the ball skills. I was hoping to see a vid of Gareth juggling or something. Not a flaming bush.

Comment by Eric

Nah, it’s best left as a surprise.

Comment by neilbeale

That ugly photo of Paul Scholes remind me of Faustino Asprilla. Check the link and you will now why, hahaha.

Comment by Nicolás here’s the link.

Comment by Nicolás


Comment by neilbeale

Since we’re in that ballpark (fnar fnar):

Comment by tomcamp

I have just checked the ball skills link and it’s superb… Lol* I bet the pic is fake (made up) but still it’s hilarious 🙂 I am so glad I lost my voice so I am staying at home to watch the match.. 🙂

Comment by PauLie (paula)

will we see more willies tonite? Lol*

Comment by PauLie (paula)

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