les pwe blo by Gareth
May 4, 2009, 9:37 pm
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Here’s something pretty funny.

When I was in sixth form, I had a band with my best mate Guillaume, and my sister, Kim. We were called les pwe blo, and were kind of named after the Pavement track Pueblo, but a bit more French. I think we started a band because my friend’s sister’s boyfriend of the time gave me a massive Tascam Four track and because Gui and I were really pissed off with guys at our school who didn’t have horrific acne and would have girls swoon at them while they played Jeff Buckley covers ALL FUCKING LUNCH TIME IN THE COMMON ROOM!!

Obviously, starting some shitty acoustic pop band with my little sister was no antidote to this, but it passed the time, and being able to say “my band…” was pretty good currency in those times. Look how good my hair was:

We played about 6 gigs, all at Midsomer Norton’s Wunderbar pub. We recorded about 8 songs and then forgot how to use the 4-track and ended up not recording any of the half-decent songs we learned how to write. We’d play some covers and generally not mention they were covers. Didn’t really matter, nobody was watching. We had no real clue how to use the 4-track. When we wanted to double track guitars, we played a recording of the song through speakers and mic-d up the speakers. Sounded like shit. Innocent times.

This song is about a girl I liked who went through a kind of obsession with collective nouns for birds. I still find that fascinating actually. I wrote this song about her, and probably never mentioned it, because I was a pussy. I’d walk to the newsagents and put £10 on my phone credit, then we’d talk on the phone, listening to the Shipping Forecast until one of us fell asleep. Innocent times.


I don’t by any means think this song is good. I guess it just represents a lot of happy times and I think it’s a pretty honest thing to put it out there. I like honesty.


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I don’t think this is the time or the place for For The Money And Bungle. The world’s not ready.

Comment by neilbeale

I was hoping that this would spur you into putting up some FTMAB.


\m/ 🙂 \m/

Comment by Gareth

\mmmm/ doublemegarock

Comment by neilbeale

I um, I actually kind of like this. Yeah, it’s Well Sixth Form but it’s super endearing.

Who do we have to kill to hear more Les Pwe Blo?

Comment by Miles


Comment by Gareth

Oh what. Well, I guess new LC! and you not being dead is better than us not getting to hear any more of That. You win this round.

Comment by Miles

Better than us getting to hear, even. You knew what I meant. Hopefully.

Comment by Miles

If you haven’t told her yet I hope she sees this and makes the connection..who wouldn’t find it adorable, really.
Neil’s turn to share?

Comment by Julia

Hm… not bad. I think I prefer your current gig, though.

Comment by The Other Kyle

I think it’s a cool song… I liked it more than my bro’s stuff… poor wee lad! I also wanna listen to more Les Pwe Blo!!!! plz do not kill anyone just convince G that Les Pwe Blo was good or at least we need more stuff to change our minds..

Comment by PauLie (paula)

I’m expecting this to be completely rubbish and possibly dissapointing but still can’t wait to hear it, the story behind it sounds lovely

Comment by david

I just got around to listening to this, nice use of French. +1 =)

Comment by Angela

ohai, pre-Campesinos! Kim

Comment by Ronald!

This is cool-to see your early stuff. Reminds me of my bands first recording…

Comment by wes

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