The Fidelity Wars by Gareth
May 4, 2009, 6:51 pm
Filed under: CHAFF

Today, I think everybody should go listen to The Fidelity Wars by Hefner. I am going to over and over, and then I’m going to try to write a song half as good as I Took Her Love For Granted.





but I don’t want it to be, I want her, here beside me.


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Comment by Charlotte

Oh The Fidelity Wars is wonderful. I think I like We Love the City a bit more but apparently it’s just me. Seeing Darren and Jack play Hefner songs at End of the Road last summer might be the best bit of my life so far.

Comment by Miles

It’s not on spotify and I have no money ergo I refuse to believe it exists. 😦

Comment by Samuel

interesting choice – just heard this song for the first time within the last month or so. It’s a good one. Make something doublegood.

Comment by Julia

A thousand times this! Although I’ve always been a bit more partial towards The Hymn For The Cigarettes.

Comment by Lynsey

Weirdly enough, Black Kids covered the same song when I saw them open for Mates of State recently. The bassist started playing the intro and at first I thought he was just fooling around. I was just about to yell out “don’t fucking tease me!” when they actually started playing it.

I love love love these guys, all five albums, even Dead Media. Almost everything they’ve ever done was genius. Darren Hayman’s solo stuff is good, too.

Comment by Ian Mathers

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