Upcoming fun by Ellen
May 4, 2009, 10:32 pm
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I hope I get to go to this.

Rock star puppet exhibition? Movie Props? Kermit the Frogs crack pipe? Original Muppet compositions performed by Cake and Van Morrison? Right next to the Sci Fi Museum?

Maybe they will have one of these, The most petrifying and horrible creature to come out of Jim’s imagination, this scared me more then the Bowie crotch and Tom Cruises teeth in Legend.


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I saw this exhibit in Orlando on Valentine’s Day, and it’s really ace. Smaller than I’d expected, but plenty of amazing stuff. Hand sketches, STATLER AND WALDORF IN THEIR BALCONY, and lots of other stuff. I’m only into the Muppets, but there’s Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock and Dark Crystal stuff there too. So, if you can, definitely make it.

Comment by Samir

That sounds awesome. When I went, there was an incredible collection of concert posters that I spent forever looking at. Could have been a temp. exhibition though.. if not, reason #2 to go (if you like that sort of thing).

Comment by Julia

Oh my god, this is amazing. You have to go and take a shitload of pictures for us.

Comment by Nick

why didn’t i know about this? I AM SO THERE!

Comment by Jasmine

That creature will haunt my dreams until I taste the sweet relief of death.

Comment by Diana

Ah, I saw this when it was in DC last summer (minus the cool rock star puppets. DC’s too effing square for that. sigh.)

It is so excellent! Mahna Mahna!

Comment by Eric

“That creature will haunt my dreams until I taste the sweet relief of death.” ha ha my sister said she saw someone who actually resembled one the other day… all I need is a Princee Bride exhibition and my life would be complete

Comment by Ellen

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