Cardiff University First Year Summer Ball (2005) by neilbeale
May 5, 2009, 4:54 am
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I was just looking through some old pictures in the studio. I found some snaps of me and Gareth that are pretty awesome. Everyone we knew went to the big summer ball. They paid loads money to get drunk with a bunch of smeg-heads and then spent more on the tuxes and dresses and then watched some sub-standard university circuit entertainment. We had other ideas. We got dressed in our glad-rags and wanted to party up in Talybont Social. Here are the awesome shots:



Pretty smooth lookin’ you have to admit. After we took these photos we decided we’d go to the social and get really wasted and be partying when our flatmate Alex “Ramno” Ramsay got back in. But the social was fucking closed! Everyone had gone to the ball. We didn’t even have any beers in the flat and we were too depressed to go and buy any.

It’s not all bad news though. We watched Match of the Day and got to bed early. We got to watch some football and avoided a hangover and saved a load of money. Probably one of the shrewdest decisions we ever made.

Here is a picture of Alex, just so you know exactly how awesome these times were:



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By the looks of things you were in taly south- which house?
Summer ball is a mugs game but still should have got crunk somewhere

Comment by casbarr

Oh nice duvet cover, Gareth

Comment by Ellie

Pardon my nerdy envy, but the Futureheads posters in these pictures reminded me of something I was wondering… on that Super Awesome Friends blog that you’re involved with I remember seeing The Futureheads in the list. Um, so, are you guys really pals?

Comment by Julia

Well Laura, the bassist from Dananananaykroyd, is married to Barry Hyde from The Futureheads, and Dananananaykroyd are part of Awesome Pals. So I guess that’s why The Futureheads are in.

Comment by Patrick

There’ll be a blog involving The Futureheads…

Comment by neilbeale

talking of posters. nice umm, kooks poster on the last picture…

Comment by eden

casbarr – Taly North. Not TalyBronx. House W, Flat 3, represent.
ellie – i hate my first year self.
eden – please note the graffitied penises protruding from their heads. i hate my second year self.

Comment by Gareth

Thanks Patrick.. for whatever reason my mind couldn’t comprehend the possibility of 2 bands I like being friends, or something. Now it will run away with the possibility of a co-headlining tour. sigh.

Comment by Julia

do not deny that the north is bronx

be proud of your truly working class heritage- point to that as the hardship you faced in life

had no idea people judged so much

Comment by casbarr

Sometimes I like to read this old blog posts and wish I lived in the UK.

And sometimes I drink wine.

And sometimes I do both. Cheers.

Comment by Kyle from TX

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