This promo shot never got the attention it deserved. by Gareth
May 5, 2009, 10:11 pm
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Nooooooooo we all look like forgotten victorian orphans, but with a sexy twist.

Comment by Ellen

Going to the pool, per chance?

Comment by Alex

tis fuckin hilarious 🙂

Comment by PauLie (paula)

Oh my, can you believe I was just watching that pic of yours on thinking how great it’d be if it were your profile pic there? You mind readers gave me the lulz.

Comment by Adri

What WAS this about?

Comment by Miles

We did a photo shoot, which was a load of photos of us underwater. We went to a house which had a pool, and it had a window going through from the changing room (the room we’re in in that picture) through to beneath the water. I don’t have any of the underwater shots, sadly. Don’t know what happened to them. Those were the Pre-War Swim-Team shots, I believe.

Comment by Gareth

Oh my…

This picture is the best I’ve ever seen of anybody, ever.

Comment by The Other Kyle

Oh wow, the underwater stuff sounds ace. I’ve only ever seen this one around the web, no actual water.

Comment by Miles

What the what?!

Comment by Daniel

this pic was one of the firs pic i’ve seen of you in a magazine in mexico !!!

it’s a cool pic for me 😀

Comment by Ale


Comment by Cheky

That might be the creepiest photo I have ever seen. I think its the swimming caps that make it so eerie. That or the lack of lighting and all the super pale individuals. Still, it provided me with a lol wtf? type of moment when I opened your webpage.

Comment by Chris

wtf indeed! underwater shots sound cool, but this just looks depressing and creepy. gtg for higher res pic!!

Comment by Trung


Comment by Peter

Ha, I still think this photo is awesome. x

Comment by Leks

This is really lovely. Also, Gareth looks like a total bruiser in his wife beater, no joke. I would not mess with him, not now.

Comment by Eric

Vaguely reminds me of Ashes to Ashes David Bowie.

Comment by Clem

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