Goosebumps by neilbeale
May 6, 2009, 5:23 am
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  1. Welcome to Dead House
  2. Stay Out of the Basement
  3. Monster Blood
  4. Say Cheese and Die!
  5. The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb
  6. Let’s Get Invisible!
  7. Night of the Living Dummy
  8. The Girl Who Cried Monster
  9. Welcome to Camp Nightmare
  10. The Ghost Next Door
  11. The Haunted Mask
  12. Be Careful What You Wish For…
  13. Piano Lessons Can Be Murder
  14. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
  15. You Can’t Scare Me!
  16. One Day at HorrorLand
  17. Why I’m Afraid of Bees
  18. Monster Blood II
  19. Deep Trouble
  20. The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight
  21. Go Eat Worms!
  22. Ghost Beach
  23. Return of the Mummy
  24. Phantom of the Auditorium
  25. Attack of the Mutant
  26. My Hairiest Adventure
  27. A Night in Terror Tower
  28. The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
  29. Monster Blood III
  30. It Came from Beneath the Sink!
  31. Night of the Living Dummy II
  32. The Barking Ghost
  33. The Horror at Camp Jellyjam
  34. The Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes
  35. A Shocker on Shock Street
  36. The Haunted Mask II
  37. The Headless Ghost
  38. The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena
  39. How I Got My Shrunken Head
  40. Night of the Living Dummy III
  41. Bad Hare Day
  42. Egg Monsters from Mars
  43. The Beast from the East
  44. Say Cheese and Die – Again!
  45. Ghost Camp
  46. How to Kill a Monster
  47. Legend of the Lost Legend
  48. Attack of the Jack O’Lanterns
  49. Vampire Breath
  50. Calling All Creeps!
  51. Beware, the Snowman
  52. How I Learned to Fly
  53. Chicken Chicken
  54. Don’t Go to Sleep!
  55. The Blob That Ate Everyone
  56. The Curse of Camp Cold Lake
  57. My Best Friend Is Invisible
  58. Deep Trouble II
  59. The Haunted School
  60. Werewolf Skin
  61. I Live in Your Basement!
  62. Monster Blood IV

I think the later ones probably got a bit shit.


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Can someone find out if anyone actually died in Goosebump books, because I contest this. It was for kids, it wasn’t like point horror where people not only died but made out.

Comment by Ellen

There was Point Romance too where people properly made out. Cindy gave Brett a handjob in one I read.

Comment by neilbeale


Comment by Ellen

I vaguely recall Phantom of the Auditorium creeping me the fuck out as a kid

Comment by Nick

These were my “substitute” for the Shining as a kid. Stupid parents :/

Comment by Peter

I think I read about 3/4 of them. My favourite was always “Say Cheese and Die”, for some reason. They’re all out of print in England now, which is really sad/odd, especially when working in a bookshop and having to get misty-eyed every time some optimistic American parent asked if they were in stock. Bad times.

Also, let’s take a moment to remember the joy and amazingness that was “Are You Afraid of the Dark”?

Comment by Alex

I emailed the author of asking if there were any deaths, and this was the reply I received:

“Hi James,
I always have time for people with the same name as celebrities: Off the top of my head, all the townspeople and kids died in the first book, the ghost kids without hands in Piano Lessons died (and by that token, Hannah and her family in the Ghost Next Door and probably any other ghost book), the victims of the alien twins in Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns died, and the main character in Werewolf Skin’s death is implied– there are probably more but that’s all I can think of at the moment.
Stay Bigger Than Life,
Troy Steele”

Comment by James Mason

Are You Afraid of The Dark!!!!!!!!! Nickelodeon between 5-7 after school (back in the days of 1997ish) was AMAZING! Alex Mack, Sabrina, Clarrisa Explains it All and Are You Afraid of the Dark.

Comment by Paul

Oh my god, yes, Old School Nickelodeon was the best thing ever.Be it shows like Clarissa, Alex mack, Are You Afraid of the Dark and early All That (it got really awful later on) were awesome. Also cartoons like Rocko’s Modern Life, Ahhh Real Monsters, Doug, Early Rugrats. I still have pictures somewhwere of my like 4th grade Ickis costume. Good times, oh nostalgia

Comment by Nick

I somehow realized I forgot The Adventures of Pete & Pete which was probably the greatest kids television show ever

Comment by Nick

Doubt there were any murders in Goosebumps, just scary stories.. Fear Street was a step above, and then Christopher Pike books. He also threw in a sexy element from what I remember.

Since people outside of Canada apparently know of Are You Afraid of the Dark? I’m wondering if The Hilarious House of Frightenstein made it? anyone?

Comment by Julia

yes, i rate mummy’s tomb and say cheese and die highly too!

Comment by Trung

I’m partial to Attack of the Jack O’Lanterns myself, if only because my dad played one of the jack o’laterns.

Comment by Daniel

I’m pretty sure I had like the first 50 on that list. And yes, Are you afraid of the dark was awesome.

Comment by Dan

i remember the TV show it was really scary and wierd

Comment by James

Ah, 90’s nostalgia.

Ok, so [geek]
People died in the Goosebumps stories about Ghosts.
There was implied death at the end of the Go eat worms book.
Also in the Cuckoo clock of doom, there was the erasing of someone from history.
Be careful what you wish for,calling all creeps and the garden gnomes stories all featured people permanently changing into things at the end – birds,mutants,gnomes.

“My best friend is invisible” had the best twist at the end though.

I should have done more with my childhood…

Comment by ciaran

was the guy actually invisible or a ghost and not his best friend? I can’t believe I read stories with so much carnage in! x

Comment by Ellen

It actually ended up being that the invisible friend had some sort of invisibility device. The main kid and his parents cornered him and destroyed it somehow. The main kid then recoiled in fear at how the invisible friend was a monster.

Only the twist was, the “monster” was in fact the last human child left free after Aliens had invaded the earth and enslaved and/or killed off the rest of humanity.

You don’t get quality twist endings like that nowadays.

Comment by ciaran

I wish I had enough of an attention span to finish some of those books when I was young now…

Comment by David

Yes! I remember that now… isnt there some revelation where they are like “Look at his two eyes and one nose, how weird” and then you realise. Pretty clever, maybe that is how lost will end x

Comment by Ellen

‘My Best Friend Is Invisible’ sounds like it could be the same as ‘The Ghost Next Door’. The Ghost Next Door was really shit. Turns out there was no ghost next door, the ghost was actually the protagonist and the woman next door was deaf, so she couldn’t hear him banging on the door, but her kid wasn’t deaf and could see this ghost. The ghost kid didn’t even know he, himself was dead.

Which one was the really ridiculous one where they were in a school theatre and they found this huge mound of crap that they discovered would dissolve if they poured loads of coke over it? I think it was made out of the same stuff as teeth, but squishy and about to take over the world or something. Am I making sense? That book told me a lot about why it’s probably quite a bad idea to drink loads of fizzy drinks.

They used some bad colours on the front of those books.

Comment by Ellie

Okay, maybe MBFII and TGND aren’t that similar at all. MBFII sounds really bad, even by R.L. Stine’s standards.

Comment by Ellie

oh god, childhood. my friends and i still get together to watch these when they play them on cartoon network every Halloween. we can basically quote “werewolf skin”. hah

Comment by Chloe

Lost will end with probably some twist that people will really love or hate. That, or Hurley saying “Dude”.

Anyway, back to the books:
The sequels kind of killed the series a bit. Like “The haunted mask 2”. The original has the main character be told that if anyone wears the mask again, it permanently becomes their face, only for her brother to try it on at the end.
The sequel mentions nothing of this, but still is focused on the same characters.

Also, does anyone remember that there was a follow on series “Goosebumps 2000”? Now there was some silly re-branding for the millenium.

Comment by ciaran

your memories astound me.

Is Lost worth following to the end? I’m about 5 episodes behind and losing interest.

Comment by Julia

I have read at least half of those, mainly the earlier ones. I don’t recall Piano Lessons Can Be Murder, although that is a pretty fantastic title. The ‘Night of the Living Dummy’ series were the best by a million miles, and Slappy as terrifying a character as you’ll find in the genre.

I also read pretty much the whole Point Horror series and remember being quite pleased, upon graduating to said series, at my new-found literary maturity.

Comment by Matthew

I LOVED those books when I was in middle school! I found out about them when I lived a year in the States and got hooked! I wouldn’t mind at all getting back to reading them again.

Comment by JuanKi

I feel so old. I was so into RL Stine’s Fear Street Series and grew up before these. How about Christopher Pike? Anyone? Anyone? [crickets]

Comment by daniellediamond

Did we really need 4 monster blood books?

Comment by RaynoGernsback

what is the scariest part of this book? HURRY!!!!

Comment by c

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