Ready To Go Home Now Please. by Gareth
May 6, 2009, 8:01 pm
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Doesn’t it look pretty?


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as pretty as i’d imagine the uk to be. though if i grew up there, myself and had to leave for such a long time, i’d probably miss it too.

Comment by Trung

Care to explain the pic in the middle?

Comment by Kyle

I spent a semester in Scotland and I miss it every single day!

Comment by Drew

Kyle – Welton Rovers Football Club. The team I used to play for, but more importantly, where I would be sat near daily, with a pint and a bag of salt and vinegar peanuts watching the end of the Premiership season come to a close.
Drew – I don’t want to go to bloody Scotland.

Comment by Gareth

tis lovely, I would say and I wish I lived there. Buenos Aires is such a big city and there are always demonstrations everywhere (sp in downtown where I work). I think it is a lovely city because it’s so picturesque but still, I rather live in a smaller and quieter place. Aleks, I promise I’ll send you the pics I’ve promised as soon as I get ’em. Hope my friend gets them for thin comin wkn. How is living there? I bet it’s just lovely 🙂

Comment by PauLie (paula)

awhh… as regards football, have u seen the match today? tis was so fuckin exiting. Poor Chelsea. Do you think Barca can beat United? uhm… tough! Let’s wait now till May 27(my bday)and see what happens…

Comment by PauLie (paula)

so pretty!

Comment by Julia

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