My top 5 beers by neilbeale
May 7, 2009, 5:41 am
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I’m drinking a beer right now and it got me thinking, “hmm, what are my top 5 favourite beers?” This is going out to you completely live, straight from my mind. This is train of thought real life kinda shit. In descending order:






So there we have it. Heineken, Hoegaarden, Tsingtao, Sierra Nevada and Hofbrau. To be honest this could change pretty soon as I’m enjoying a Leffe as I type. Heineken seems like an odd choice but it’s what I drink in Dempseys and in pubs at home. Plus it’s lighter than other beers/lagers I like so I can drink more of it. And it weighs in at 5%. I have only drunk Hofbrau in a beer hall in Munich and in a bar next to the Off-Soho Suites in NYC. It tastes so good. Unfortunately I don’t know much about it.



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Hoegaarden is pretty solid. I actually tried it for the first time last weekend when I was at the store and remembered that my sister always raved about it from some time she spent in Belgium.

Comment by Chris

I am also indulging (and yet, I’m posting on your blog while people are over. Lame?).

Since you’re in America, I’ll only post American beers. Otherwise, I still have a penchant for Adnam’s Ales back in England when I studied abroad there.

Anyway, in no particular order (you should try them all)

Shiner Bock (from Texas, ergo, superior?)
Magic Hat #9
Sam Adams Winter Lager
Red Oak (I think this is only available in North Carolina, sorry)

And, if you’re throwing a rager, and you want cheap beer…

Bush Light, Natural Light, Keystone Light? They’re all the same. Piss water. It’s America’s specialty.

Comment by Kyle

I am familiar with Shiner Bock, Yeungling, Sam Adams and the piss water party beers. I like Sam Adams but I can’t drink more than 2 or 3. Yeungling is a good shout. It was always pretty cheap too. I did try Shiner Bock in Texas but I generally opted for a Lone Star. Mainly cos it sounds and looks cooler.

Comment by neilbeale

I think this “top 5 beers” was on facebook….maybe?

Comment by vanessa

Magic Hat #9 is an interesting concoction (the secret ingredient is apricot)but if I were to recommend a Vermont brewed beer it would probably be Long Trail’s Double Bag Ale.

Comment by Chris

Lone Star? It’s a good beer I suppose, but it’s certainly not as quality as Shiner Bock. Shiner’s a good bock beer made by the (we’re told) descendants of German immigrants in central Texas.
Lone Star really just tries to play upon the pathological statist pride tendencies of Texans. That’s acceptable though; we all have those tendencies. I feel I’m pretty self-aware when it comes to illogical Texas pride, but I can’t help it. Texas: fuck yea.

Comment by Kyle

What, no Corona?

Comment by Diana

hmm sorry to be pedantic but some of those are beers they are lagers and being from the UK you should be well into the difference.
pedanticly here
heineken – lager
hoegaarden – white ale (love this one myself)
Tsingtao – lager
Sierra Nevada beer
Hofbrau – lager

myself I like the hefeweisen/wheat/witbiers
love blue moon despite it being brewed by Coors
Wassuschetts Summer
Saranac summer ales
and I have thsi on my calendar to find a few more

Comment by Jane

I’ve come to believe that all American beers are pisswater. There are some special ones though.. where else but in the U.S.A. would you find a can designed in camo print for the huntin’ season?

Comment by Julia

Neil, I’ve written like thousands times!!. I made you an interview in Caracas, Venezuela, so I would like to send it to you.

You got here my email. Tell me if it’s possible !!!


Comment by Verónica

Jane, don’t worry I am down with the fine subtleties between the drinks. I used beer as an umbrella term, as does the beeradvocate. It just keeps things easier.

I like Blue Moon but I’m not a big fan of darker ales. I do enjoy most pale ales, especially Sierra. Sometimes things just get too hoppy.

Diana, I’m not a big fan of Corona

Julia, yeah it totally rules, living the high life.

Comment by neilbeale

After the two Magic Hat #9’s I tried, I wasn’t convinced. But a day or two later, I really had a craving. It’s a great beer.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo (extra IPA) is really terrific too. They just recently started selling it. If you like hoppy IPAs (sorry Neil), it’s awesome. I’d also recommend the Three Floyd’s Alpha King if you can find it. It’s local to NE Indiana/Chicago, so I’m not sure how available it is outside this market. Another hopped up IPA style beer.

Comment by Seitz

as an adirondack mountain loyalist, i second the recommendations re: saranac summer ales. delicious, but lighter than say a sam adams, so you don’t run into the drinking only two problem.

Comment by ben

you must know that it is Seattle Beer Week…go celebrate!

Comment by Jasmine

Using beer as an umbrella term also.

If you have such the love for continental beers that this suggests, what do you think of Staropramen? Tis a Czech beer, served in sperm shaped glasses that become increasingly amusing with a name that becomes increasingly difficult to pronounce … or remember (number of times towards last orders I’ve walked up to the bar and demanded a “Strappy man! No! A Starry pram!”.)

Failing that I suggest getting into some good English ales, beers etc. Mostly anything Wychwood but especially Hobgoblin, I get along with most anything from Moles Brewery along with Buttcombe (again a name that matures better the older the night becomes). Had an Old Hookey recently and found it most palatable. There again if you like continental lagers as preference you may well not like any of those which I mentioned …

Comment by Sam

Tsingtao, or Qingdao, as they call the place these days, is also where Epiphone make all their guitars now.

It also has a pretty ace beach, where I jetskiied for the first time in my life.

Comment by Liam

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