Recording: A memoir by Ellen
May 7, 2009, 4:49 am
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Hello! Here is a visual update from the second set of recording sessions for Album Numero Deux.

The studio has an everflowing supply of vitamin water (cheers 50 Cent) and across the way in the Home Depot car park you can get Fellatio!

It is our little corner of heaven and we are decorating it with hot licks and distortion. Yep. 


This is Tom playing something.


This is John the producer man, he is most lightly to say “I don’t know” or “You guys are crazy!”. He once went to a house party with Prince, but he doesn’t really dwell on that. He also has a dog who once appeared on a Japanese advert which promoted radio stations for canines and felines. They asked him to make it look like his dog was listening intently.


Polaroids of past celebrities


I genuinely have no idea what this is, but I have filed it under “kooky.”



Lots of pedals such as the Smozzcruncher Ding-DANG, the Wizards Nippletweaker, the Feral Child and my favourite, My Bass is coming in your Face. (All trademarked) Neil predominantly played on the Chewy Chunk Beaver.


This is when we were all the in zone and it got very beautiful. I think Tom cried in 6/8.


Here I am not posing. I was right in the moment when someone came and shoved a camera in my face. I had no choice but to carry on playing the entire greatest hits of Seal. Thats right, he released a ENTIRE greatest hits album. Try and think of more then four of his songs without consulting wikiyoutube. 

img_2544Another studio oddity which combines Seattles two greatest exports. Thats right, Dick’s fast food chain and Taylor Hanson.

Today I finished my parts, and there was a wide variety of basses I managed to have a little fiddle on/strum meaningful with/rock hard in the general direction of. I mostly lusted after a Jack Cassidy Hollow Body and I am the first (and second) to admit I know little about the technicalities of what makes a good bass, other then it sounds nice. It sounded well nice.

Toodles (that’s for you Mr Kemode.) 

Ellen x


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Tom, have you done any other mixings for other bands besides Dying Is Fine for Ra Ra Riot? Also, do you plan on doing anything with them at Lollapalooza?

Comment by vanessa

I’m pretty sure that he also did a remix of Tessellate by Tokyo Police Club which is on the Elephant Shell bonus disk

Comment by maddy

First two Seal albums= genius. Bring it on and it’s reprise are forgotten masterpieces. At least, they seemed that way when I was 8.

Comment by Dylan

New album 🙂

Comment by Antonio

oh snap a 4×4 rubiks
the devil

Comment by CM

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