Xiu Xiu, Live In Nuremberg by Gareth
May 7, 2009, 3:29 am
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I think my love for Xiu Xiu is reasonably well documented (by myself) but these past couple of weeks it has possibly soared out of all proportions. Earlier today, I found this incredible (Xiu Xiu endorsed) bootleg of a 2004 concert of theirs which took place in Nuremberg, Germany. This show came a couple of months after the release of their third album, Fabulous Muscles and as a result, the set is alrgely weighted towards material from that record, but also includes cuts from the first two studio albums, Knife Play and A Promise, as well as a track off Chapel Of The Chimes and the song Rose Of Sharon, which wouldn’t be released until 2005’s La Foret. So, all in all, a good variety of stuff.

This recording is taken direct from the soundboard, so there’s not the usual distraction of rude chatter and inaudible vocals. Some of these versions (on first impressions) rival the studio versions. If pushed, I might declare Suha to be my all time favourite song of any band ever, and this version is even more emotional and fragile and aggressive than any I’ve heard before.

If you’re not familiar with Xiu Xiu already (sorry to patronise, if you are) then this could be a really great introduction before you realise you should start spending money on them:

Xiu Xiu, Live at K4 Zentral Cafe. 13/5/2004


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Leave a comment is the greatest thing ever. Thanks for reminding me it was there.

Comment by theindiehandbook


seriously, xiu xiu are great, i was just listening to TITSJ today.

Comment by rp!

“Patronizing” is American.
I am not American.

Comment by Gareth

Speaking of Xiu Xiu…

I’ve been telling people an awesome story lately about meeting you @ the Wavves show here in Seattle. I tried to tell you the story when I met you that night but since it was sort of complicated and I was kind of drunk, I don’t know if it came through. So I will tell it here, ON THE INTERNET!!

My friend had just come back from Costa Rica and he was talking about how someone from his group paid a prostitute to pose in a picture with him. That story made me think of the cover of the Xiu Xiu album with the Vietnamese prostitute which I told my friend about.

There’s nothing like being in a sports bar trying to explain to your friend who knows nothing about Xiu Xiu why Jamie Stewart paid a gay Vietnamese prostitute to pose for his album cover. I definitely got some strange looks from the other people at the bar after that one.

After we leave the bar, what’s the first thing I see as I walk up to get into the Wavves show? Someone wearing a Xiu Xiu t-shirt!! That’s kind of a rare occurrence, even in Seattle, so I point it out to my friend and we both agree that it’s a very strange coincidence.

After a few beers, and the first two acts, I see the Xiu Xiu shirt guy again and think to myself, “You know, I’ve got to tell this guy this story. Maybe he’ll think I’m a weirdo, but it’s too much of a coincidence not to tell him.”

I walk up, introduce myself and of course eventually find out that it was you!

So thanks for being awesome and being the end of a story I now tell everyone I know. People who know of both bands are especially astounded by the story.

If I bump into you again while you’re here I’ve definitely got to buy you a drink!! Hell, I’ll buy the whole band a round if they’re out.

Anyway, keep on rockin’ Campesinos…it’s awesome that you’re here in Seattle!

P.S. Do you know the band Little My from Cardiff? If you don’t:

Comment by Tom

Ooh I didn’t know Xiu Xiu had stuff on the Archive. Thanks for this. *downloads*

Comment by Miles

This is amazing. The setlist is perfect! Suha does no good to my mental stabillity.

Comment by Cheky

This is going to improve the quality of my day, and the LIFE. I didn’t know this existed. Thanks Gareth!

Comment by Julia

z is way cooler than s, this has been proven with science.

Comment by rp!

I really enjoyed that. As someone who was unfamiliar with Xiu Xiu, which of their records would you recommend to buy first?

Comment by Jonathan

Then that blog post was a great success. Thanks a lot Jonathan.
Well, that set was mostly Fabulous Muscles stuff. Which is, generally I think, where most people choose to start.
Knife Play, I think, might be my favourite, but that’s probably largely swayed by my huge fandom of the aforementioned song, Suha.
Or you may want to start with The Air Force, which is a later album and also reasonably accessible (and will be 11 songs you’ve not heard before).

So, either of those three really. You might want to start with Knife Play and then work forward, which would give more insight into how the band has changed and how the sound’s developed. Xiu Xiu are a very rewarding band to be a fan of.

Glad this has gone well. I might start posting more about music.

Comment by Gareth

Great Post! Nice responses- i am dead bored at work and this has kept me from imploding.

Comment by Kristian

I think I will start with Knife Play then. Thanks for the recommendations.

Comment by Jonathan

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