May 8, 2009, 10:04 pm
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Today, we should be at ATP. BY RIGHTS!!
The next three days promise to be a stream of torturous reminders that we’re not.

So, to celebrate the fact that I’m gonna be miserable this weekend while my friends tweet and facebook and blog about how they’re having an incredible time, as I sit LONELY at msn, ABANDONED, here are some stream of consciousness, non-proof read reminisces about the four ATPs that myself and other members of LC! have attended. Plenty of name-dropping because I’m depressed, alright?

MAY 2006
The United Sounds Of ATP.

Our first ATP. Phil Elverum with Herman Dune as backing band. Neil and Tom paid for tickets. I got the other…five of our pals “press passes” due to me being a BIG PLAYER in student media at the time. We slept the seven of us in and around a single double bed. John slept with his head in a bin and wore a dress for the weekend, got recognised by Huw Stephens while hitching up his skirt in the . Tom and Neil got their picture taken with Bill Callahan. Immediately accidentally deleted it. Cried. Beth Ditto called me “the cutest thing I’ve ever seen”. Met a really awesome girl, wrote a song about it. Did a conga line whilst watching the Shins. Shared a chalet with a Sheffield Wednesday fan, he was very tall. Two litre bottles of Strongbow. Vodka and slush puppies. Might have met Josie Long. Dancing with Sleater-Kinney to ‘Hot Topic’ by Le Tigre, WHILST WEARING a Bikini Kill t-shirt. 33 at 45. Mascis playing guitar with BSS, and forgetting to mute his pedals whilst tuning up, LOL. Absolutely OWNING the dancefllor for the entire weekend.I kind of peaked here. Pretty certain this was the happiest weekend of my life.

MAY 2007

The moment, watching Architecture In Helsinki, that, all at once, about 25 blokes in the crowd noticed a bit of one of their songs sounded like the BBC Cricket coverage theme tune, massive grins. Starting the weekend off with The Thermals, meeting loads of people off Drowned In Sound in the front row. Somebody told me Daniel Johnston had missed his flight. I drunkenly announced it to loads of people. Daniel Johnston hadn’t missed his flight. I’m still very sorry. The Notwist being amazing. Got a verse out of this one too. Yoni Wolf and Dose One performing part of Physics Of A Unicycle together. Incredible. Missed Shellac because we watched the frankly FUCKING AWFUL Chelsea v Utd FA Cup final. Asked to do a Los Campesinos! v Mogwai 5-a-side football match. Too scared.


MAY 2008

We played this one. Esiotrot/4 or 5 Magicians/Los Campesinos! 5-a-side. Lot of fun. Maybe shouldn’t go to ATP with a girlfriend, makes it a bit rubbisher. Also, don’t jump off the drum kit during your set and sprain your ankle and subsequently have to spend the rest of the weekend on crutches. Except, ATP only had one pair of crutches, and somebody had already taken. In extreme pain for the rest of the weekend. But playing was probably the proudest I’ve ever been. I CROWDSURFED!! Last day of the Premiership season, United win it at Wigan. Found a disposable barbecue with a human turd on it. Times New Viking dedicating a song to us, and hanging out with them all weekend, gettin’ waaaaaaasted man. Saw the guy, who had the crutches, CARRYING THEM, WALKING FINE!!! BASTARD!! Was offered a Zimmer frame.


Didn’t go until Saturday afternoon, because I had a football match Saturday morning. Watched about 3 bands. All very good, thank you very much. Watched about 5 football matches. Everton v Aston Villa was a hell of a game. United beat Fulham. Kept asking for beers with the stress on the wrong cyllables, hilarious. Got drunk and tried to go swimming. It was closed. Got tricked at ‘gay chicken’. Lots of Dance Dance Revolution. Me and Gui started our new band KrabIsland (news on that, never). I could be Teenage Jesus’ drummer.

I’ve been reasonably restrained here. Might add some more in a bit. We’ll be lucky if I don’t bust out crying…

No apologies made.


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if it makes you feel better, I’ve never even been to ATP.

Comment by s


Comment by Gareth

what can hurt is friends you hardly see begging you to go then texting you whilst watching Andrew WK!

Comment by s

The tweeting is just endless… Oh I’m seeing Health, I’m seeing M83, I’m seeing jeffrey lewis, I’m seeing DEVO!!!!

Next year, next year 😦 …

Comment by Phils

i guess this makes gareth the kinda guy who would rather never know his girlfriend was cheating on him rather than know and be devastated?

Comment by ben

I’ve also never been to one and am VERY jealous. Esp of this: “Dancing with Sleater-Kinney to ‘Hot Topic’ by Le Tigre, WHILST WEARING a Bikini Kill t-shirt.”.

Maybe next year.

Comment by Miles


P.S. I’m pretty sure you didn’t own the dancefloor in ’06. That was definitely me.

Comment by Jenn

Ben – If I got a song out of it, I wouldn’t complain (‘cept in the song).

Comment by Gareth

First time LC were played at atp where when I played “you and me dancing” at nightmare before xmas 2006 at the jumping jack!!

Comment by pensioner dj

*stupid question*
where did you get the bikini kill t-shirt from?!

(and yeh, i’ve looked on the internets)

Comment by eden

I got it when I saw them play in Olympia in ’95, obv.

BUT, eden, you could get one from:

Comment by Gareth

I tend to be awesome at DDR, either this means I’m cooler than I thought and I have mad rhythmz or my social life is slowly dwindling, I’m gonna guess the latter.

Comment by Nick

I’m going to my first ATP next weekend. Tres excited. Should I go on the dodgems or the spacebowl first? What are the chances of me beating Justin Vernon at crazy golf? Is a human turd barbeque what I’ll be resorting to if I don’t fork out for the meal deal?

I feel so ill-prepared

Comment by Dylan

you need a hug imho fyi

Comment by michael

You should go to Nightmare Before Xmas this year – line-up is possibly the best at any festival ever!


Comment by Daniel

Dude, there’s only been six bands announced so far, hardly “best at any festival ever” territory yet. ATP’s amazing regardless of the bands playing, anyways.

And I’ll totally be there, so long as we don’t have to do anything ridiculous like play our own gig somewhere else, or something.

Comment by Gareth

Oh! There’s me standing behind gareth in the green stripey tshirt. I only look 50% idiotic. Neat!

ATP is the best thing in the world apart from the empty, gnawing despair that it leaves you with. My post-ATP blues lasted for ages last year. Missed the two May ones this year so definitely gonna try to make the MBV one.

Comment by Mark

MBV and Sonic Youth > everything.

Comment by Tim Morse

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