Perfume Genius by Gareth
May 9, 2009, 8:39 pm
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Last night, I met my favourite new artist of the past year or so, a gentleman, Mike, who makes music under the name Perfume Genius.

Excitingly, Perfume Genius has recently signed to new (and awesome) record label Turnstile, which I have ‘some involvement with’. The nature of my involvement is cloudy, and also unimportant.

Perfume Genius’, sonically, couldn’t be much more simple. Just Mike, and a piano and beautiful harmonies and reverb, but the emotion behind the songs would struggle to be more complicated. The songs are almost unnervingly fragile, and often sinister, at times I feel like I’m overhearing something I shouldn’t. Songs of death and inadvisable sexual explorations. My words can do it no justice, I don’t think anybody’s could, so here is a video and a couple of mp3s:

Write To Your Brother mp3

Learning mp3

I find it incredibly nervewracking when meeting people who make music I love. I don’t see what I could possibly say without sounding ridiculous, but Mike was one of the sweetest, funniest guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. We talked of staring cats dead in the eye whilst they puke and of who should record his record. We got very drunk and now I lie here in my own dirt, not wanting to do anything else, ever again. Probably going to get him to come sing on our new album though.

You should really listen to this music, and friend Perfume Genius on myspace and be excited for the full length.


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Might just be me, but the “Learning” link doesn’t seem to be working?

Comment by Miles

Ah, it is now. IGNORE THAT.

Comment by Miles


Comment by Jenn

The Learning link, does not work anymore, could you, please :), post it again and thank you for sharing.


Comment by mave

I think you must’ve mentioned him before, Gareth, or else someone else has linked to his music…anyway, I like this, and am glad you reminded me of it. I need to spend some more time listening with headphones before I have anything else to say about it.
mave, Learning is available on the MySpace page.

Comment by Julia

thanks! (:

Comment by mave

All of these songs are good, but that “No Problem” song/video was one of those precious “HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO GOOD WHERE DO I GET MORE” moments I don’t experience often enough anymore. So thanks for that.

Comment by Ian Mathers

[…] read me write nice things in the past about the record label Turnstile. I’ve blogged about how much I love their artists, we’ve toured with one of their bands, and I endorsed their first ever Bento […]

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Havent heard anything like this for years. I’m absolutely in love with Perfume Genius. Argh! Same emotion that with Antony, Sufjans, Daniel Johnston. Big, big, big!

Comment by DuSnob

neither links work anymore 😦
any chance of re-uploading them?

Comment by Andre

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