Scouting for Nibletts by Ellen
May 9, 2009, 1:54 am
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Myself, Harriet and Neil went to watch Scout Niblett last night at the suspiciously named “Tractor Tavern,” where there was less farmyard paraphernalia then one might expect.

She was disarmingly good and it was bizarre she was not headlining despite the fact she had drawn the biggest crowd.

The recording is of “Let Thine Heart be Warmed” and it is rather shakey because there were lots of tall people around me blocking my viewpoint and because I was channeling Sofia Coppola. The sound quality is pretty good, so good you can also hear the irritating people next to me who would not SHUT UP.

Neil gave them loads of evils, but it was as if the glares penetrated their skin and re inforced their wish to be absolute douches. I do think it may be karma from that time I talked during a Yo La Tengo gig…I was  behind Tom and he has never forgiven me for it…

It was three years ago man! Move on! Do you need to remind me about it every single day!? What more can I do to say I am sorry? I’ll join that facebook group “Tom Campesinos! is the second most sexy man to have a gap between his teeth, after Kelly Jones” if you want? (Actual group.) In fact i’ll start a new one “Tom Campesinos! may be the second most sexy man to have a gap between his teeth according to some but at least he has never done a Rod Stewart cover.”

I also received this lovely present from Cesar,

Photo 232

one of the many immense people we met in Argentina, so thank you, I am beginning to delve into it. It makes up for the fact  I was stupid enough to have my hair done on free comic book day, choosing vanity over geekiness. Mortal sin.

I went to see Wolverine today. Why was the dude from the Black Eyed Peas in it? Why was Patrick Stewart so horrifically made up at the end?I know he was meant to look younger, but surely with a budget of 40 million they could have made him look less like he had been tangoed? Why was Ryan Reynolds not in it more? Why did the old people have to die! Why was it so….rubbish….

Yer… Liked the bit in the lift though.


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I’d tell a good story about seeing the Thermals do the Breeder’s “Saints” last night, but I don’t comment on blogs written by people who talk during Yo La Tengo shows. Yeesh.

Comment by ben

So is Wolverine worth going to see, then? Because I’m a huge X-Men fan, and quite like the look of it. Although that may be just because I know it’s got the finest of all X-Men Gambit in it. I wish I could throw exploding playing cards.

Comment by OlliB

Gambits cameo is pretty small but exciting, and Sabretooth is ace in it, but sadly the film itself is pretty deeply flawed, its more x men 3 then 2. The action sequences are pretty compelling, but the story is not interesting at all, and the character development of Wolverine himself sucked. I wanted to care god dammit!

Comment by Ellen

Free Comic Book day didn’t look so tremendous this year anyway. But I’m one of those people who couldn’t go.

Comment by michael

Tom has been appointed “Sexiest man with a gap between his teeth after K Jones” just after BA’s performance. He was in the street with me and my friends and he said that he wanted to look sexy but he said he had to keep his mouth closed so ppl would not turn off by his gap. We told him that Kelly Jones was sexy for us and so he kindda relaxed and showed his sexy gap. If you wanna create another group on his name, I’ll just join in.

Comment by PauLie (paula)

I give a great evil eye! I made my cousin quit smoking, just by the power of my stare. True story (sort of). You should read Fables. I´m not a comic book geek, but this series is really original, gives a dark twist on fairy tales.

Comment by Diana

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