LC! weekly listening (week ending May 10th) by Gareth
May 10, 2009, 10:09 pm
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Spent the week sitting at your computer, listening to music and watching the Inbetweeners?

  1. Xiu Xiu 95
  2. Hefner 89
  3. Kenickie 84
  4. The Field 33
  5. The Broken Family Band 29
  6. Yoñlu 26
  7. The Singing Adams 25
  8. The Aislers Set 22
  9. Girls 20
  10. The Microphones 16

Some Notes:

1. Almost entirely down to that incredible bootleg I blogged about in the week.
4. Got a promo of the new record, and it’s absolutely brilliant.
5. I made a playlist of all my favourite Broken Family Band songs. A supremely underrated band, I think. I’ve not got the newest record yet, but will do as soon as my emusic credits rejuvenate.
6. Mark of Wichita put me on to this guy last weekend. Brazilian child prodigy who tragically committed suicide days before his seventeenth birthday in 2006. Like a more experimental Elliot Smith.
7. Solo project of Steve Adams of the Broken Family Band. In particular, his track ‘Starsign’ is brilliant.
9. Full length forthcoming on Turnstile. It is AMAZING.
10. Due to this. Includes a longer version of Solar System, with different lyrics, which is one of my all-time favourite songs.

What have you been listening to this week? Anything particularly brilliant? Any recommendations for me based on what I’ve been enjoying? I hope you’ve all had a great week.


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let’s see…

1. Ken Stringfellow, 58 (played 2 weeks before you at la trastienda and i’m still not over it)
2. Oasis, 35 (saw them a week ago and yup, they’re still my fvourite band)
3. Circulatory System, 35 (how could you not love E6 bands?)
4. The Posies, 34 (more stringfellow!)
5. Michael Penn, 33 (aimee mann is playing BA in august, hope he comes as well)
6. My Latest Novel, 30 (new album is gooood)
7. Explosions in the Sky, 26 (perfect background music while i try to study)
8. Lacrosse, 24 (they’re swedish – nuf said)
9. The Wooden Birds, 24 (lovely music to study to)
10. Iron & Wine, 23 (new b-sides/rarities album :D)

Comment by caro

Here’s my list:

1. Deerhoof 59
2. Xiu Xiu 36
3. Guided by Voices 20
4. Daniel Johnston 18
5. Parenthetical Girls 16
6. Grizzly Bear 15
6. Sun Kil Moon 15
8. Bon Iver 14
9. Sonic Youth 12
9. Grouper 12

I’ve been rediscovering old obsessions. My renewed Xiu Xiu fever definitely has to do with your bootleg post. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME??

If you like The Field, I think you might enjoy Prins Thomas.

Comment by Cheky

Last night I saw The Maccabees, and an amazing band supported them, Mumford & Sons. They’re not very similar to the bands on your, however their music is really beautiful and I feel the need to share them with everyone I come across.
White Blank Page is an especially amazing song.

Comment by Lois

Thanks Lois. I’ve seen Mumford live too actually. Marcus used to play drums for Laura Marling, and our paths have crossed at numerous festivals (and also, coincidentally, after the last time we played in Manchester, I bumped into him in Big Hands afterwards). He’s a really nice guy.

Comment by Gareth

at the risk of being the one who recommends a Pitchfork BNM band and getting shit about it, I’m really loving the Japandroids debut album and been kicking that alot lately.

Didn’t really listen to much this week, so was whatever shuffle through at me..

1. Japandroids – 33
2. The Streets – 22
3. Pavement – 21
4. Kanye West – 15
5. Radiohead – 13
6. Modest Mouse – 11
7. Blur – 10
8. Wombats – 9
8. Franz Ferdinand – 9
10. Supercar – 8

Comment by Nick

Don’t use but I have been getting back into Kotki Dwa recently

Comment by Alex

aislers set – awesome. do you listen to a lot of the old slumberland bands? if you havent listened to sleepyhead, its a must – and rachel and chris are like the nicest people alive.

and cause comotion are all too underexposed as a new slumberland band. new 12″ is awesome!

Comment by ben

The only “Broken Family Band” song I’ve ever heard is For Milton Mapes but that’s so good that I don’t know why I haven’t investigated further.

Anyway, last 7 days according to Last FM:

1. Los Campesinos! – 30
2. The Thermals – 23
3. Destroyer – 23
4. Why? – 19
5. Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard – 17*
6. Stars – 17
7. Au Revoir Simone – 14
8. Xiu Xiu -14
9. Pulp – 13**
10. Sufjan Stevens – 12

*I think this is my favourite Jeffrey Lewis album. He was amazing live on Tuesady night.

**This was probably mainly down to me suddenly craving some of the stuff on the His’n’Hers bonus disc, including the amazing title track and Seconds.

Comment by Miles

Oh and seeing as you’ve been listening to loads of Kenickie: Is it just me or do “Waste You” and “Lights Out in a Provincial Town” form the best pair of b-sides to an individual CD single EVER?

Comment by Miles

Bit of a lean week for me this week…

1 The Wave Pictures 30
2 Wire 25
3 Bright Eyes 18
4 Billy Bragg & Wilco 17
5 L*s C*mpesinos! 15
6 Saint Etienne 13
6 The Thermals 13
8 Spiritualized 12
9 St. Vincent 11
10 Bob Dylan 6
10 Ben Folds Five 6

If only my new iPod scrobbled – there’d be a load more Pulp and Dylan otherwise. The new Wave Pictures album has got me through my week, as has “Pink Flag” by Wire, which I had forgotten is one of the greatest albums in the history of recorded sound, and “The Body The Blood The Machine” by The Thermals, because…well…it’s the fucking Thermals. Bought St. Vincent after hearing many good things, but it’s yet to click…looking forward to when it does, mind.

I picked up the Yonlu record two weeks ago after reading about it on some blog, but feeling too emotionally crippled by the backstory to download anything illegally. It’s a pretty incredible record, but one that I’ve found hard to listen to a second time. There’s a lot of…weight behind it, y’know?

Comment by Alex

Miles – those B-Sides really pre-empt Get In, don’t they?
My favourite set of Kenickie B-Sides is from the original Punka release: Drag Race, Walrus, Cowboy Song.
This week, I made some inquiries into the feasibility of me doing an At The Club 33,1/3.

Comment by Gareth

1) Blitzen Trapper – 45: Playing Pitchfork, so I’m trying to get a good feel for them.
2) Metric – 21: In Chicago in June
3) Pavement – 16
4) Destroyer – 15: In Chicago next week
5) Bettie Serveert – 11: Realized that I hadn’t listened to Lamprey in a long, long time, so I rectified that.
6) Animal Collective – 10: I know it’s hyped, but Merriweather Post Pavilion is really very, very good.
7) Titus Andronicus – 9
8) Beulah – 6: the late lamented.
9) White Rabbits – 5
10) The Blue Aeroplanes – 4: Finally downloaded Rough Music.

Note that this only tracks what I listed to at work.

Comment by Seitz

I think me and the 20 other people who would buy that book would absolutely love it. You should do it though, they’ve done books on equally unlikely things.

Yeah, they do. I think I might be in some sort of widely-distained “Possibly, maybe, sorta preffers Get In or at least likes it just as much” camp.

Oh I’ve also been listening to the new Why? song from the Tinymixtapes charity comp a LOT. That is making me really really want the new Why? album.

Comment by Miles

@Lois I too have been listening to loads of Maccabees and Mumford & Sons.. it’s times like these I wish I lived in the UK to see them together, pure bliss.
Other than that it’s mostly been Frightened Rabbit and a Swedish band called Friska Viljor =).

Comment by Angela

I wish I knew why I was awake at 4.08 when I have to get up at 6.
The new Maccabees’ album is really great, do you have it yet? I went for a quick jog in the thunder and lightening the other morning for it, it was most definitely worth getting soaked for. I was very unsure at first, but it is one of those that you do find to be a ‘grower’ sort of album. Mumford & Sons are playing in a town near me in September. I’m gutted as I’m moving away for uni that same week.

Comment by Lois

Oh also, if you’re interested in covers of B&S, one of my favorite Swedish bands, Billie the Vision & the Dancers, did a really cute cover of “I’m A Cuckoo.” It was part of a compilation/covers CD called A Century of Covers. Some of the others are shit, but that one really stands out.

Comment by Angela

Yeah I managed to get the Maccs’ album =). I’m really enjoying “Can You Give It” and “Love You Better.” It definitely grew on me as well, glad that jog was worth it for you then haha. Did you get any of the Mumford & Sons EP’s at the show? I’m pining for a physical copy of them, sigh. They were in the States with Laura Marling + Johnny Flynn last fall, but I unfortunately missed it because I was out of the loop back then. Are you on lfm?

Comment by Angela

For me, though this doesn’t include a lot of what I listen to on my iPod..

1) Death Cab for Cutie 89
2) The Matches 47
3) St. Vincent 30
4) Arcade Fire 27
5) Patrick Wolf 23
T6) Los Campesinos! 22
T6) Ra Ra Riot 22
8) The National 20
9) Stars 19
10) The Bird and the Bee 15

I think the new St. Vincent is particularly brilliant. I got The Bird and the Bee (self-titled) for $5 on Amazon and love it, too. I was feeling nostalgic and thus listened to a lot of Death Cab this week (also saw them recently, and Ben Gibbard is a machine). The rest were mostly in heavy rotation to help me get through my exams, which are now over!

Comment by Jeska

This is a fun post. =] I’ve been too busy with school this past week to really listen that much though. Oh well.

Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band 25
Belle and Sebastian 14
Peter Bjorn and John 12
Arcade Fire 8
Say Hi to Your Mom 8
Gentleman Auction House 7
Los Campesinos! 7
Spoon 6
The New Pornographers 5
Micachu & The Shapes 5

Comment by loren

I didn’t. In fact I don’t recall seeing any merch available at the gig. I’d never seen a band in that particular room of the building, I’ve always seen them in Academy 3, not 2, so I wasn’t quite sure of my way around that floor. I heard about the tour with Laura Marling, I’m quite jealous. I’ve never given Johnny Flynn much of a listen, although their name is similar to Johnny Foreigner’s, and someone once gave me a badge of theirs. I do have! You’ll have to excuse my love for Busted.

Oh, and I apologise to LC! for conversing in your comments box.

Comment by Lois

Haha nice! And look at that we’re 100% Super. Thank you LC! for a new lfm friend and apologies for the spam.

Comment by Angela

NO, don’t apologise!!
I want people to chat here. I want interaction and people to make friends and enemies and for people to debate and argue and for COMMUNITY!!

Good work.

Comment by Gareth

Sigh, and that’s one of the many reasons you guys are so lovable.

Comment by Angela

1)of Montreal – 35 (saw them play a few weeks ago in Boston and they were absolutely incredible, first time seeing them)
2)Shugo Tokumaru – 33 (incredibly prolific artist out of Japan, loved his album Exit as soon as I heard it and branched out to his older stuff)
3) The Shins – 33 (Old time favorite, reasons why I love Portland, OR)
4) The Books – 26 (Finally started listening to these guys, and luckily a few weeks later they played live and I saw them. Very very engaging live with their visuals)
5) Animal Collective – 24 (Did not want to like MPP but it’s so damn good anyhow)
6) The Notwist – 23 (<- probably from just playing Consequence over and over again)
7)Daniel Johnston – 19 (Heart wrenching stuff :[)
8)Dan Deacon – 19 (Graduate of SUNY Purchase where I’ll be going next year :], seeing his wonderful live set again on Tuesday, this time with ensemble band!)
9)The Dodos – 15 (Recent love affair, absolutely bonkers for them a couple weeks ago)
10)Gowns – 14 (Saw your post about them Gareth, decided to check them out, I’m trying to enjoy it…)

Comment by Peter

I love your band Gareth, but if I propose we be bitter enemies would that be at all possible?

Comment by Nick

So long as the premise was worthy, I would consider it.

Comment by Gareth

1 Okkervil River 155
2 St. Vincent 61
3 Phoenix 29
4 of Montreal 13
5 Sonic Youth 12
6 Riceboy Sleeps 9
6 The Rosewood Thieves 9
8 The Cranberries 8
9 Radiohead 7
9 Grizzly Bear 7

An interesting mix there, but I am seriously obsessed with Okkervil River at the moment. They were recently in my city but it was an 18+ gig therefore I couldn’t go. Heart. Broken.

Comment by Laurence

your xiu xiu post also got me back into listening to them a lot (i’ve been quite fond of their cover of ‘ceremony’). also been rockin’ a lot of jay reatard, wavves, shinobu, sebadoh, they might be giants, the sonics and andrew jackson jihad. also, the specific songs ‘cecilia’ by simon & garfunkel and ‘ranking full stop’. also, the saturday morning: cartoon’s greatest hits compilation from the early 90’s, i just found a copy on cassette. super awesome. if you don’t have the most recent shinobu album, you can download it from quote/unquote records, i highly recommend it.

Comment by rp!

Yay for The Field. There should be more techno… well, everywhere. That said, there is none on my list this week:

1. Prince 74 (Bought the 33 1/3 Sign o’ the Times; was amazing read.)

2. PJ Harvey 54 (Bought the 33 1/3 Rid of Me; maybe the week before my first deadline I shouldn’t be reading these things. Was great though I didn’t learn a thing about ol’ Polly.)

3. The Magnetic Fields 33 (I bought a cheap crappy acoustic guitar and so I thought the first song I’d learn would be, hey! ‘acoustic guitar’ off my favourite record of all time. bloody hell my fingers hurt.)

4. Camera Obscura 25 (new album; new love.)

5. Augustus Pablo 19 (Just awesome.)

6. Stevie Wonder 18 (See #5.)

7. The Avalanches 17 (Man I forgot how great this record is. Spotify bringing the love.)

8. Gang Gang Dance 14 (Finally went out and bought the new album after coming into a bit of money. It’s terrific but it just makes me want to listen to this: – and whoever gave it such a low rating hates music.)

9. ESG/Casiotone For The Painfully Alone/Miles Davis/Wilco 12 (*adopts Tracy Jordan voice*: Diversity!)

Comment by Samuel

rp! – is the cecilia love because of how i met yr mother? love that show, especially for reminding me how great s&g are.

Comment by Samuel

samuel- sort of! i was listening to that song the day leading up to the episode, so it was super awesome to see that on the show, and i definitely listened to it more the following day. it’s one of the best shows on the tv right now, as far as i’m concerned.

Comment by rp!

I bought my self Brighten the Corners: Nicene Credence Edition by Pavement at A&A Music in Congleton on Saturday. Your cover of frontwards has really got me into them, awesome album

Comment by James

This recommendation is based on what I’m listening to right now, on repeat, for the third time this morning. I’ll play the Last.Fm game when I have an iPod. Anyway, my choice is:

Mountains – Choral

Any description I’ve tried to write of it so far hasn’t done it justice. I’ll throw out keywords like drone electronic acoustic thunderstorms organ cello harmonica. There’s a lot of depth to their music and seeing them perform was great because I got to see how they actually made these sounds, and a lot of it isn’t electronic, it’s instrumental.

I’m not sure how it relates to what you’ve been listening to lately, Gareth, because I’m unfamiliar with most of it.

So if anyone wants to listen I suggest listening to “Choral” (the song) first (on Last.Fm) and then “Map Table” (MySpace). Those are the first two tracks on the album, and since Choral was actually conceived as an album, it makes sense to listen to it that way. It’s about 20 minutes of music, so you’ll get an idea if you want more based on that. I could help with that, but can’t be bothered right now. I have lunch on my mind.

Also, Nick, you don’t have to worry about recommending Japandroids. The Pitchfork hype is justified.

Comment by Julia

1. Young Marble Giants (61)
2. Morrissey (39)
3. Magazine (28)
4. The Specials (26)
5. British Sea Power (25)
6. Pulp (22)
7. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (21)
8. The Wedding Present (19)


Comment by Matthew


Comment by ellen n.

prompted by Miles’ brief Kenix b-side discussion (and the fact I’m a cool cat who likes modern music) I went and listened to all my Kenickie singles and compiled this top 5 list;
1- original Punka- ‘Tim from ash is foxy’ this is sadly no longer true.
2-Nightlife part 2- ‘the apshalt was warm to the touch, not an unpleasent sensation’ coupled with those ring/page me cards =WIN
3-In yr car part 2- ‘someone get my switchblade, I think I’ve been upstaged’
4-Skillex EP- cuz Acetone is one of the two songs I can play on guitar
5-In yr car part 1- Can I take U 2 The Cinema is one of my faves and you get them picture cards with that.
But come back to me in 5 years when somebody loves me enough to buy me Catsuit City for my 30th!
It took me 4 yeras to get into Get In.

Comment by s

1. Los Campesinos! (there’s something wrong with this, i’m not that obsessed, at least not this week anyway, #1 overall though)
2. Kish Mauve
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Marmaduke Duke
5. Metric
6. Bloc Party
7. Florence And The Machine
8. thecocknbullkid
9. The Prodigy
=10. Dananananaykroyd
=10. Frankmusik

I guess i’m just too commercial

Comment by Harve

My speakers are broke 😦 I have to sing to myself instead… Lots of new stuff to listen to once I’ve got new speakers though 😀

Comment by Gazz

First Aid Kit, Okie Rosette, Nana Grizol, El Guapo/Supersystem (the Fake French album), She & Him, The Pogues, Neutral Milk Hotel, Led Zeppelin and I’ll second Passion Pit and The Dodo’s and throw in Cat Stevens. A 10 plus one. All choices affected by a particularly long stint of bad weather, under which I find myself still.
And (naturally) I listen to LosCamp while walking/skipping/trudging through puddles to work. So I’d file this under ‘and then some.’

Comment by Meghan

“Spent the week sitting at your computer, listening to music and watching the Inbetweeners?”
add in “Burning flapjack” and that’s pretty much my weekend (sad)

1. pavement – 49
2. florence and the machine – 42
3. mika miko – 30
4. fight like apes – 28
5. esser – 24
6. dananananaykroyd – 24
7. lcd soundsystem – 21
8. los campesinos! – 20
9. frankmusik – 19
10. grammatics – 18

Comment by eden

Thanks a lot for posting the Xiu Xiu bootleg the other day, sounded amazing. My last few weeks have mostly been dominated by CFTPA, Vs. Children took me a while to fully grasp but after seeing him live twice I’m vast in love. Furthermore, Video Nasties On All Fours lives up to great expectations.

1 Casiotone for the Painfully Alone 166
2 The Hold Steady 61
3 Video Nasties 59
4 Dan Deacon 46
5 Pavement 45
5 Mika Miko 45
7 Times New Viking 31
8 Abe Vigoda 30
9 Pixies 24
10 Grizzly Bear 21

Comment by Kevin

wow, nice to see that Yoñlu it’s make some “impact” with you guys.

I’m brazilian, and yoñlu was a friend of mine… such a nice boy, and a math genious!

His suicide was so underrated by the stupid brazilian press.

btw, your songs are incredible.

Comment by gabriel

1 Talking Heads 11
1 Nomo 11
1 Tony Allen 11
4 Los Campesinos! 10
5 Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra 9
6 Jorge Ben 7
7 Mordida 6
8 Fela Kuti 4
9 Japandroids 3
10 White Denim 2

Comment by gabriel

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