Seattle is for Voyeurs by Ellen
May 10, 2009, 9:53 pm
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Yesterday I wondered down to the waterfront in Seattle to visit the scrumptious sensual assault that is the “Pike Place Market.”  It was filled to the brim with “OH LOOK HONEY” tourists who picked up giant apples, tried different brands of jam and poked the many guises of fish that were for sale. This was all accompanied by the bizarre smell of vegan cinnamon bread mixed in with freshly brewed coffee and complimented by the poignant waft of the nearby cheese factory.

It is a wonderful place for taking photos of people going about their daily lives, which is handy if your a nosy escapist fantasist like me, who is far more interested in other people’s lives then your own. Sorry, I mean, far more interested in making stuff up about other people’s lives then your own. Or just far more interested in staring at strangers who you find interesting but finding the 4th wall present in the lens of a camera.

I liked the woman playing the accordion the best, I imagined she had just been kicked out the folk trio she was an original member of for four years after they decided they wanted to start doing Andrew Lloyd Webber covers. She lost the vote but kept her artistic integrity and decided to change her busking spot to put some distance between herself and her ex band members, unfortunately they are only a block away and are making a killing with their country tinged version of “Don’t Cry for me Argentina.” She supplements this loss of earnings by making stick figures of famous eastern philosopher’s, and puts her deep seated anger into several of her new recordings, all odes to Sarah Brightman. There was also something interesting about the woman who is pointing at her dog like he forgot to shut the fridge door, “You know where we live, back you go.” For some reason people had gathered around her simply to watch her interact with her dog….I guess they were expecting circus tricks.

This is a lovely place, so well done Seattlelites.

Ellen x


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Photos are so smaaaall, is there no way to enlarge them or am I just being stupid and missing the obvious?

A friend of mine spends his free periods in school riding around on buses watching people. He’s less covert than you though and has no fourth wall. People seem to be divided into people watchers and people (obvs distinction is blurred and not this simple *but* for a highly pretentious piece of phrasemaking we’ll collectively ignore this.) Isn’t it nice to think that you share a grouping with both my friend and just about every single poet ever?

Comment by Elliot

I left them small, because I like small things, and I can’t be in a grouping with the poets because it would require me to be able to write poetry… and I think mostly everyone is a person watcher, I am just currently being more pretentious about it. Your friend sounds interesting though.

Comment by Ellen

“Interesting” ‘s definitely the word for him. He’s always had little odd obsessions and somehow the one about buses and travel and people watching has been allowed to flourish. Something intrinsically legendary about a guy prepared to spend time on night buses for kicks.

I feel somehow assured that you can write poetry since everyone can. Ridiculous standards about good and bad shouldn’t really apply to personal artistic endeavour. Write the poems and worry about standards later (this is less personal and more general – anyone reading this anywhere should write at least one poem based entirely on my call to arms.) Write us all a poem, Ellen. 😀

And I’ve never found myself actively watching people, but then if I get myself wrapped up in the drama of a close friend I guess the emotions spring from the same place.

Comment by Elliot

Nigh buses? That sounds like a dangerous creative pursuit… I have written poetry but it all falls under the radar of painfully trite emo embarrassment… my strengths lie in writing sentences with bad grammar. You write a poem first. Double dare, no returns x

Comment by Ellen

I believe my grandfather has this same condition and loves to watch people at shopping centers and listen and imagine the whole story. In possibly one of the most brilliant memories of him in recent years. I went shopping for a present for my grandmother and was meeting up with him and we’re sitting at the benches with people sitting about a 30 feet down and talking very loudly, when I met up with my grandfather I was picking up things I had bought out of the bags and asking what he thought, and he goes “Shh, just a second, Nicholas, I can’t hear what they’re saying”

Ah voyeurism, what an amazing hobby.

Comment by Nick

until it turns sexy. Then its a fetish! Which i guess is still a hobby, just not one you put on the “about me” section of a social networking site… unless its a sexy social networking site. Yes go to bed ellen.

Comment by Ellen

One poem, signed sealed and delivered – written today instead of working. 8)

It’s not good but that’s never the point. Sorry it’s on, I had no where else to put it. :$

Want a poem in return pleeease? You double dared me so now I double dare you back. 😛

Comment by Elliot

What is this I hear about a super secret Seattle house party show in early May? Did I miss it? It’s still early and May right? 😉

Comment by Ian

I love seattle so much! I´ve only been there for two afternooons, but that was enough to know that I want to live there sometime (preferably soon).

Comment by Diana

i love you.

Comment by Matt McCabe

I am sorry I never made you a poem Elliot, I am going to work on it improv style and write it below

I am sitting in my room, it is a mess
I can see my socks on the floor next to a dress
why do I sit in such squalor I wonder
is it because I have little time but to ponder
I will tidy it up whilst listening to Adam and Joe
and then paint my nails not missing a toe
I might have an oat cake they are nice
they sit on the shelve erotically and entice

just for you x

Comment by Ellen

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