Studio News by Gareth
May 12, 2009, 9:08 pm
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Only 5 more days left in the studio before we head back to the UK, and I realise any information on how the actual recording is going, has been pretty sparse. So I’ll endeavor to fill in some gaps here:
It’s going great, thanks.

Currently I am sat in the ‘lounge’ area as Tom bashes through some glock overdubs. I’ll end up playing them live, but realise my limitations, and that Tom could nail them in a fraction of the time that I would take, so he gets to sweat in the recording booth for a little longer.

We’ve been in very good hands here. John Goodmanson obviously steering us, but we’ve also been in the capable palms of Eric of The Long Winters, Michael of Telekinesis and Jackson of BOAT. Everyone is an absolute pleasure to work with, and their keenness to ensure our happiness and enjoyment of being here has left me feeling like a diva at times. That and the having an unlimited supply of vitamin water.

We’re at the point now where all the drums/bass/guitars are done. Myself, Haz and Aleks are filling in our bits, and there’s still some ambient and noise tracks to do, as well as some percussion and what not, but it seems everyone’s feeling good about getting things done in the time we have. Once we’ve finished here, we reconvene in Mid-Wales in Mid-June to mix the record, and inevitably finish off some final vocals and violin parts. And the studio we’ll be mxing at in Wales has the most amazing sounding recording room, so we’ll probably use that for some ambience and what not.

This coming Friday is particularly exciting, as it’s when the cameos are occuring. We have folk coming in to play Horns/Cello/Double bass/Saxophone as well as some guest vocals, which are all things that haven’t happened on a Los Campesinos! record before. I’ll hopefully have some photos of that to show.

Here are a couple of song titles for you:
This Is A Flag. There Is No Wind.
Straight In At 101

I wish I could go into more details about the songs/song titles/whatevs, but I fear if I divulge too much now, there will be little to discuss by the time the record is nearing release. I might do a post on ‘lyrical themes’ sometime soon, if I deem it sensible. We’ll see.

Oh, also, there was a dog got on the roof:


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love the strategically placed telegraph pole in the dog pic.keep it viral !

Comment by mb

Glad to hear it’s all going well πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to hear the new tracks. How do you find writing on the road, as it were, granted I have absolutely no understanding of ow a song is written but I hope the muse follows you around πŸ˜€

Looking forward to seeing you guys play in the UK, once you’re bored of not being on stage and the football season has finished obviosuly :p

Comment by Gazz

Eric from The Long Winters! Oh this just made it a LOT easier to connect all my favourite bands Kevin-Bacon style.

This is exciting news. I’d love a “lyrical themes” post.

Comment by Miles

Definitely excited, I can’t wait to hear what you guys have been up to. Sounds like you guys have been working pretty fast and have everything mapped out, we might see it soon?

Comment by Nick

GAHH it’s so exciting! I can’t wait to hear the new stuff. And the song titles are amazing (although is it just me, or does “Straight In at 101” sound a lot like “Knee Deep at ATP”? At least in name).

Love the pic of the dog on the roof, and shameless Vitaminwater plug you stuck in there.

Comment by The Other Kyle

Nick – not toooooo soon, no. I’m afraid.
Kyle – Yeh mate, you’re right, they both have the word “at” in, busted. ROLLEYES. “At Least In Name”…WHAT ELSE COULD IT POSSIBLY BE IN!!

Comment by Gareth

Mmm saxophone AND cello. πŸ˜€ Two of my top three favorite instruments (only missing a mandolin).

Comment by Clair

Tom was just playing Losing My Religion on the mandolin. Will be surprised if that instrument doesn’t make it on this record somewhere. Especially for you.

Comment by Gareth

hm. will you settle for going “straight in at 101”?

Comment by Julia

oh shit is this sweet. now i can’t get the idea that one of your songs will sound like an albert hammond jr. one… either way, really.

Comment by Trung

That dog’s going to be the album cover, isn’t it? πŸ˜€

Comment by ciaran

It seems like Tom is the main composer putting all this stuff together.

Comment by Drew

Great insight there, Drew. Thanks.

Comment by Gareth

It… umm… ouch.

Comment by The Other Kyle

That Zuma shirt is so great.

Comment by Kaley

LC news always appreciated. cheers gang. hey kaley that is a great shirt – i looked it up and you can get it here: might get one myself. (hope it’s ok to stick a link in for your cool apparel LCs??)

Comment by DM

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