Watch out for this man! by Ollie
May 12, 2009, 12:12 am
Filed under: CHAFF

IMGP3141Has been sighted in various places including a tunnel in Paris in 1997, a hair salon in Los Angeles in 2007 and a studio in Seattle.



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I’d better avoid the city, then…

Comment by Clair

That’s a picture of me, isn’t it, Ollie…?

Comment by Gareth

And you bloody know I had nothing to do with Princess Di copping it, I was sat in my living room being pissed off that the News was NEVER ENDING AND I WANTED CARTOONS…

Comment by Gareth

Fair play on the “annoying” bit though.

Comment by Gareth

yea, so annoying, especially that voice of his! yea, i said it!

Comment by Abz

Please let this be the cover for LP2.

Or recreate it.

Comment by Samir

ha that picture from that link is perfect b/c when I told my mom that I had gone to a Los Campesinos! show she was all sorts of jazzed and said, “I didn’t know you like spanish music!!!”
oh my mom.

Comment by reba

For a second before I clicked that link, I thought it was gonna be the piture of LC! in bathing suits looking super awkward. I kinda wish it was now.

Comment by Lois

You had nothing to do with Princess Di dying, but the triangle you dropped back in the day decided to plot the whole thing and blame it on you. I think it was on an episode of Twilight Zone or something

Comment by vanessa

that’s some billy pilgrim shit jaja

Comment by carmillo

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