If At First You Don’t Succeed, Triangle Again by Gareth
May 13, 2009, 4:51 am
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I had previously promised myself that I would play no instruments on this record. Live, I step up to the plate and do my best impression of somebody playing glockenspiel, or occasionally keyboard, but I am totally aware of my limitations and that Tom could play whatever would take me half a day to nail, in one, maybe two, takes. I am okay with this, because it means I get to spend more time playing  Football Manager and chatting girls up on MSN.

HOWEVER, today Tom mentioned that there was going to be a The Triangle hit on one of the tracks. Though it pained me to go back on my word, I knew I had to be the man for the job on this one. Me and the The Triangle have history.

Here is me making my way to the crease:

When I was in years 5 and 6 at Primary School I was in the school choir, and besides singing (I was an alto), I also played the The Triangle. There is recorded evidence of this. My school contributed two songs to a charity Christmas Carols tape cassette (CD too, I think, but my family didn’t have a CD player), which you could buy from HMV and John Menzies in Bath. We played The Holly and The Ivy and I Saw Three Ships. I was an accomplished player, but in a live performance at Bath Pump Rooms, the worst happened and at the very end of our performance, in celebratory mood, the The Triangle tumbled from my fingers and clattered to the floor. The audience sat stunned, as the conductor, Mr Fursman, announced:

“Somebody’s dropped a clanger”

Now, twelve years on, it was time for me to confront the near forgotten demons that I’d kept at bay for so long.

Not to worry, turns out, I’d lost none of the old magic that I knew I always had, so here I am, in the booth, in what promises to be an incredible, exclusive insight into the new record:


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I’m not going to lie, that was intense. I had no idea of your sordid history with the triangle.

Comment by Nick

well, i’ve now seen a total of two people play the triangle live, the other being farmer dave for jenny lewis. the triangle (in all of those two occasions) always seems so out of place. surely there exists a similar sounding instrument that, well, looks like an instrument.

Comment by Trung

Heh, totally nailed it… Aparently the Foo FIghters did a 20 second triangle solo at Wembley, just putting it out there :p

Comment by Gazz

Rock on Garteh…………..

Comment by domenic

I support the proposal for triangle solos, with a little big of practice I’m sure you can be the Jimmy Page of triangles, your show can have whole 10 minute solos of triangle wankery.

Comment by Nick

Do that for an hour and release it as “Gareth Campesinos! does John Cage.” The college set will love it.

Also, should you do this live, could you wear a pair of white gloves? Goes with the nature of the triangle, IMO.

Comment by Eric

nooo, it pains me say it but you are playing it wrong. It hurts to say because I used to get told the same and made a fool of in front of my high school orchestra because I couldnt get it right by our percussion instructor. asshole.

Comment by leni

I sympathise with the Primary School story. In year 6 we made a CD, and I played a couple of brass instruments and the recorder on it. We’d almost managed to record one of the recorder pieces perfectly (I think it was Castle on a Cloud from Les Mis), and right at the end, I sneezed while my recorder was still in my mouth. That was not a nice sound, and it ruined the recording and we had to start again. The next week, someone stole my recorder and threw it down a toilet. Harsh times.

Comment by Lois

Hope you know that ITV2 has taken End of the Asterix for one of their adverts – Advertising Jordan & Peter, horray.
Hope you get your pay/houses/other. or just sue.

Comment by Alex


Comment by Alex

*Asterisk 😉

Comment by Lois


Yeh, me Mum told me about that. Big fan of Katie and Peter (RIP), and that show, so more than happy for it to be used.

Comment by Gareth

I take it ‘This is not how you spell Asterisk’
pun intended.

Comment by Alex

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