LC! does Sub Pop by Gareth
May 14, 2009, 8:50 pm
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This morning we had the awesome opportunity of an office and warehouse tour of Sub Pop. Obviously, Sub Pop is one of the world’s greatest labels, and incredibly important in the history of what the people call ‘indie rock’, let alone North-West/Seattle music. I suppose by now we’ve been in a fair few different record label offices, from the humble to the reasonably flash, but Sub Pop was probably the most exciting we’ve been inside of yet.

Original Black Candy artwork? Sure.
Salvaged wall paper with Kurt Cobain’s address penciled onto it? Of Course.
Mark Arm of Mudhoney working the warehouse? Yuhu.

Carly was our host and was ridiculously lovely and welcoming and GENEROUS. We made off with t-shirts and some CDs, and I got an awesome Postal Service ‘Give Up’ print to be framed and displayed once I’m home. And a great new Nirvana aping No Age t-shirt. The office is covered in band stickers and photo booth snap shots and amazing polaroids. Seriously brilliant. Thank you very much for having us Sup Pop. We shall spend the rest of the year clothed in your bands.

Some pictures:

I made it so if you click on the pictures you can see bigger versions of them. See, I’m learning for you, guys.


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that sticker wall is just amazing

Comment by eden

Reckon you could pick a favourite album released on subpop?

Comment by Dylan

Damn that’s a cool place. Lucky you!

Comment by Chongy

Omfg. That’s amazing.

Comment by Miles

Intensely jealous.

Favorite subpop album you ask? Sleater-Kinney’s The Woods v. Sebadoh’s Bubble and Scrape fight to the death.

Comment by Samuel

Or, “the worst Sleater-Kinney album” as I like to call it.

Comment by Gareth

The Worst S-K Album is still a GREAT record.

Comment by Miles

this is fantastic! I wish my apartment looked like this but for some reason crazyawesome musicians don’t stop by whatever that’s about

Comment by carmillo

I think its cause they don’t get how cool the name Carmillo is. Like some people don’t get how cool a smarty mustache is. When my album titled- Vanessa sounds like a cat dying. comes out I will stop by and we will do activities like riding bikes wearing 80’s clothes. It will happen and your apartment will be great.

Carmillo you are almost as cool as Albie the Racist Dragon

Comment by vanessa

I second that, Miles. I won’t even try naming the best.

Vanessa, I’m trying really hard to understand your comment. I’m going to go with “inside jokes” rather than a loss of English comprehension skills on my part.

Comment by Julia

my observational skills are amazing. I see the post by Carmillo now. Still not sure what a smarty mustache is, but that’s ok. ❤

Comment by Julia

…people are also not aware of how dominating a feisty Casanova stache is, but that is their loss. They don’t know that is the best way to get a foxy ginger’s attention on a San Franciso bus but by golly it is. So when my album comes out, entitled ‘Corn Planting 101 colon You Dumb Pilgrims’ I will be sure to address stachercising as a legit pastime.
Also, I hope I’m almost as cool as Bowie in space…that would own.

**80s bike riding with embarrassing West Coast Choppers BOOM BOX: T minus 14 days hoo ha!!

Comment by Squanto

I smell a sick collabo.

Comment by Dying Corn Pilgrim Cats

So jealous of the Give Up print! it’s such a good album, with the -Perfect- album art.

Comment by Christie Grinham

Thank You LC, Gareth, et al…
Thank you for documenting what, from my vantage point, is quite an amazing flight. I hope you continue to enjoy great success and many more open doors. What a life you are having!!!! Love K

Comment by Kristian

Yes julia just go with it. Nod your head and smile. SQUANTO! YES!
I haven’t seen you since NAM! WOW! Casanova and the Smarty are equaly great. Gingers in San Francisco are all about them….So what lable are you releasing it on? I am releasing mine on a lable called Mel Mix! I have to go to a little town in Illniois called Sterling. Thats where I’m recording. I was wondering if you and Carmillo would do a cameo in my music video? Maybe? Chew it over and get back to me.

Now as to this David Bowie in space of course are we talking 1970’s or 80’s??

I think Dying Corn Pilgrim has a great idea. A collabo would be great!
Have your people call my people.
I think we should get that sweet girl named Ja’mie who was up for Asturailn of the year. She needs to be in it some how

Comment by vanessa

Sub pop is cool but I like merge and matador better

Comment by mike k

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