May 16, 2009, 10:05 pm
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Los Campesinos! would like to extend their congratulations to Manchester United Football Club for winning a third consecutive English Premier League Title. Well done lads.


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As an Arsenal fan, it usually pains me to see such a thing happen but hell, they were the best. That defense is immense. And while refs still love them, it’s the year the team finally grew up (give or take throwing the ball at the ref). Rooney was immense all season for the first time. Their youngsters, especially Rafael and Anderson, are ridiculously talented. And then there is that classy old guard (and lol gary neville.)

Still, we gooners will be better next season. Always going in the right direction at least (and if compared with the comedy stylings on Valencia trying to build a stadium; I’m very cool with a bunch of kids yet to hit their best).

I know you guys don’t update your FAQs anymore but heres one for you- who do you all support?

Comment by Samuel

Hey Samuel,
First off. We would reply to questions, only, we’ve not got any good ones in ages. However pressing “will you come play in ________?” might be, it’s not of huge interest to most folk.

And yeh. All the lads in the band are Utd fans. We’re “of that generation”, or local, or have parental binds, or got bullied into it, however much we pretended to support Yeovil. One of my favourite things about this season is how amicably Ferguson and Wenger got along. Maybe because there was a bigger gulf between the two clubs than previous years and so less need to spar, but it was nice to see two great managers respecting each other. Benitez, however, is a massive wanker, as I’m sure you’d agree. I’ve enjoyed watching Arsenal play this season and hope that with a couple of good defensive signings next season, they’ll be more impressive. Just get rid of Bendtner. Massive bellend.


Comment by Gareth

he gets beat up, but this video is still the condensed story of my bitter sporting life.

Comment by markcritchley

and i didn’t even want it to embed…

Comment by markcritchley

So my room mate is a huge Manchester United fan, and I showed him this and he was like “ah so this band may be alright after all.” Well done, folks. Once again, sport informs art.

Comment by Garrett

right i love los campesinos with all my heart but the manchester united thing breaks it everytime, i hate them, and in my eyes with good reason. i dont understand why people wont support there local team, it infuriates me how Preston a city with a population of 200,000+ can average crowds of 13,000 every season, i dont blame it on the shit football or the bad atmosphere, i blame the glory supporters for saying they like football but not being there, my advice to the Yeovil fan is support Yeovil! they are a team doing well in English football that really deserve support.
I hope you dont think im a bell end because ive said this. I still love you

Comment by david

Hey David,
I’d probably argue that when I was 8 years old, Manchester United, and being able to watch them on Match Of The Day every week, was more ‘local’ to me than a Bristol team that I’d not have been able to travel to see live, and would have seen very rarely on television even.

But I do understand and appreciate your point. I’m from a place called Midsomer Norton and my nearest team is Welton Rovers (after Norton Hill Rangers, but there’s no way I’m supporting those bastards). It takes me 12 minutes to walk to the ground. I’ve watched them all my life and will continue to do so. I’ve been really disappointed to have missed the last 5 months of the season.

So there’s not really a question over whether or not I support my “local team”. Gx

Comment by Gareth

i very much appreciate the reply. proper band you are

its just that whenever you talk about football you always refer to manchester united. you should get pictures of the sporting glories of Welton Rovers on! I’d be far more interested by that.

Best of luck with the album and things πŸ™‚

Comment by david

I talk about Utd because I know it will annoy people. It’s one of my favourite things to do. πŸ˜‰
When pre-season starts (talking about pre-season already, woe) I’ll put some snaps up.
As I say, we’ve been away from the UK since the beginning of January, so this website’s been my best friend:

Comment by Gareth

WOOO, we did it!
*celebratory highfives to everyone in the vicinity*

Comment by Nick

Thank God you put a Ronaldo photo on it to spice it up. Miaow.

Comment by Ellie

I’m just over the moon with Utd’s new title. I follow Utd since I can watch the matches without having to pay extra for my cable serv. If I wanna watch a Boca Jrs or River match (or almost any other match from Argentina 1st div), I have to pay so I watch the EPL as it is incl in the basic cable serv. I like the fact that Carlos Tevez is playing for Utd and here I leave some funny links where he shows up:

Park’s b-day… (JSP tells CT !Argentino de mierda!.. that’d be like bloody Argie! (4.20′)

This is about a tv commecial in which CT dances… it’s hilarious

and this one is what I’d call… “Lesson of English with CT!

hope u like em πŸ™‚

Comment by PauLie (Pau)

I’ve just found out this other vid in which Anderson and Tevez are playing board games…

Comment by PauLie (Pau)

congrats, altough im more happy of the rumour of Tevez leaving to Liverpool πŸ˜‰ ps welcome back home

Comment by Marcos

thought you were
Mariners fans.bloody gloryhunters!this blog is ruined.

Comment by mb

Hahaha, the last video of Tevez speaking english is great (“it’s very difficult to go to Manchester”, amazing). Here in Argentina, Boca fans miss him a lot, he’s one of the last idols of the team this decade, but he will be back again someday.
I’m sure that he’s going to be our man in the next world cup. He should continue to play for the Reds.

Comment by NicolΓ‘s

Comment by tame

Carlos Tevez at Liverpool would be amusing. They’d have Dirk Kuyt, and the rich man’s Dirk Kuyt as well!

Ronaldo interviewing Anderson was quite amusing as well if anyone saw it?

On the whole supporting United thing, MOTD2’s ‘report’ on United fans from London probably didn’t help the matter as they all came across, to a man, as utter codpieces.

Comment by Jamie

WHOO!!! Korean pride! Park Ji Sung!!!! He’s like a national hero in korea.

Comment by imkoreansowhat

Do think so congrats 2 united… um Ellen supports The Arsenal…

Comment by Alex

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