Some People Appearing On The Forthcoming Los Campesinos! Album Who Aren’t ‘In’ Los Campesinos!. by Gareth
May 16, 2009, 6:26 am
Filed under: WHEAT

Izaak Mills – Saxophone, Flute

Samantha Boshnack

Samantha Boshnack – Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Eric Corson (The Long Winters) – Backing Vocals

Jherek Bischoff (The Dead Science, Ribbons)- Upright Bass, Trombone, Backing Vocals

Zac Pennington (Parenthetical Girls) – Vocals, Panning

Today has been one of my favourite days in the history of Los Campesinos!. On the penultimate day of our time at Two Sticks Audio, Seattle, we have been joined by the above people to play on our songs. We’ve felt from the start that the material we’ve been recording is upping the game on anything we’ve released thus far, but thanks to the participation of these people this afternoon and evening we go to sleep tonight with the broadest grins on our faces. Thank you to Jherek and Zac for organising everybody’s participation and to Samantha and Izaak for taking time out of their ridiculously busy musical schedules to play with us. And to Eric for a lot.

This morning we knew what we wanted to achieve, but everybody’s enthusiasm to participate and experiment meant we ended up getting far more out of the experience than we ever could have hoped for. Songs have been transformed and…well, you may be able to tell, I’m very excited.

One hundred, million thank yous, guys. I can’t wait for people to hear all this.


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Trumpet? Trombone? FLUGELHORN?!!?

LC! goes brassy. I can’t freaking wait.

Comment by Laurence

Can’t wait to hear which direction you’ve gone into, above named artists are amazing. Good luck with finishing the last bits and pieces in Seattle.

Comment by Kevin

when can we (Americans) expect to hear this album?

Comment by griffin

Oh wow, I’m excited too. Do Eric and Zac sing together at any point because that might be a Great Voice Overload? Very very much looking forward to hearing all this.

Comment by Miles


Now I really can’t wait.

Comment by The Other Kyle

now you really stand up for your name

Comment by Marcos

ay ay ay!
my excitement is so overwhelming i nearly lost control of my bowel movements. nearly.

Comment by kiamarie

Eric Corson looks extremely friendly

Comment by Daviddd

Well Davidd, I met him once and can exclusively confirm that…

he is.

Comment by Miles

Can’t wait to here it!! Please say it is at least coming out this year!?

Comment by reece

really can’t wait!!

Comment by costa

Exciting! Have you thought about the performance of these songs at all? As in..will these end up being album-only songs? or will you have a huge touring motorcade and even more people on stage? Also…any plans to showcase the new songs at any summer shows?

Comment by Julia

^^ that and also, singles to be released?

Comment by Trung

Jherek looks very pleased with himself.
Can’t wait for the new album!

Comment by Alex

Congrats you guys, the new album surely looks very promising.

Comment by Antonio

omg…cant wait. I Also play sax and im in a ska band, i cant wait to hear this!!!!!

Comment by wes

whoa. guest contribution from Parenthetical Girls??? awesome! did you guys ask for his appearance or was he lured in by your tribute to them in “Heart Swells/ Pacific Daylight Time”?

Comment by imkoreansowhat

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