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May 19, 2009, 5:11 pm
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Whilst the others are back in Blighty screaming “Corr blimey Gov’ner” and “Apples and Pears”  from the roof of every Weatherspoons as they down Boddingtons and dance to the Beatles I remain in the States. I have embarked on what I like to call “The Super 8 Road Trip,” staying  in as many as possible as I make the jouney from Seattle to San Francisco. Luckily this journey is helped by PG Tips and a copy of Empire.

So far I have seen bits of American scenery that I have not glimpsed before (which is a rarity) and yesterday I stopped by the forest of Mount Hood in Oregon, only to spot wolf tracks! How I ran away…

But expect some photos of the wall decor of the Super 8’s as well as me standing in front of various mountains and lakes and shops with various oddities in.

Also in Portland I was walking past a pub about 8 in the evening, only to hear Frank Black performing “Where is my mind.” It is a funny old world.

Also Star Trek? My friend forewarned me I would get a total “Nerd Boner” and that I did, although Zac from Parenthetical Girls and Gareth sideproject “Them Guys,” warned me about Syler’s “Live Long and Prosper” being a bit…claw like…

Simon Pegg (as much as I love him) maybe should have underplayed his part, perhaps having a few lessons on how to speak with a Scottish accent by watching a lot  more Rab C Nesbitt.  I genuinely would love to see Star Trek about six more times, but maybe with less clapping and whooping everytime someone said something that someone else once said in the original series.

Hugs and kisses

Ellen x


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Fun Star Trek Facts of the Day:

They had to glue Quinto’s fingers because he couldn’t do the salute properly.

They also play “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys as an injoke to William Shatner pronouncing it differently as “Sabo-tadge”

Comment by ciaran

San Francisco wants you back!

Comment by vanessa

Is there any difference between Super 8s and Motel 6s?

Comment by Nick

nick – ownership only. they are essentially the same thing.

as a child, i used to think motel 6’s cost $6 a night. i was aghast when i found out they did not, and thought they should be sued for false advertisement. i was a weird kid?

Comment by ben

I’m pretty sure that Motel 6 used to cost $6/night back when they opened, hence the name. But now they cost more because of inflation and such.
Super 8, on the other hand, used to cost $8.88/night

I hit up wikipedia for that helpful information.

Comment by Alison

then they should change their name to hotel 49.99 or whatever, god damn it!

Comment by ben

Honestly, I’ve joking for months about the pivotal scene in Star Trek where Spocklar whips off Kirk’s cranium to steal his super-power of Sexual Magnetism. Without specific spoilers, I came out of the movie feeling that J.J. Abrams had clearly seen this cheap shot at humour a mile off, outflanked it with the plot, and that he was much smarter and funnier than I ever was. Serves me right for typecasting Zachary Quinto, I guess.

Good film.

Comment by Ben Ward

Ooh, if whatever guides/advice you have don’t mention them, when you’re rolling through redwood country, I’d like to chime in and advise a stop in Eureka or the super cute town south of there called Ferndale. I rode my bike through both when I biked to Mexico from Washington, and, while Eureka is a bit of a shithole, the architecture is wondrously bizarre. Ferndale has a similar style and also is not a shithole. Wikipedia can tell you enough about both. Here, though, is what seems to be Eureka’s pride, a building sorta unlike any other:
Carson Mansion

Comment by Eric

A quick heads up for San Fran- be careful when booking the super 8/ motel 6. we didn’t realise it was by the airport about a billion miles from the centre and the trains cost a lot if you are using them every day!

Comment by reece

One day I’ll make a similar trip down the west coast… my touristy suggestion (fyi – I haven’t actually been here) is the Wincester Mystery House in San Jose. It was under construction 24/7 for 38 years as Lady Wincester was advised by a psychic that if she stopped building, she would die. Her family was cursed by the fallen spirits of all of those who died via a shot from a Wincester Rifle. “There are about 160 rooms, including 40 bedrooms and two ballrooms, one completed and one under construction. The house also has 47 fireplaces, 10,000 window panes, 17 chimneys (with evidence of two others), two basements and three elevators.”

Comment by Julia

Can’t get enough of life on the road? :p

I now have an image of Simon Pegg in a string vest going “I will tell you this…” 😀

Comment by Gazz

where’s the kitty now?

Comment by Kristian

Oh I did make it to the winchester mystery house, it was magnificant x

Comment by Ellen

glad you liked it! I may ask you to be a reference for my “hip tour guide” application.

Comment by Julia

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