Tiggy Pop by neilbeale
May 19, 2009, 3:23 pm
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When I got home yesterday I was greeted by our new 12 week old kitten, Tiggy (Pop). My parents picked her up from a rescue home on Friday and she’s really amazing. We had 4 cats when I was younger so I have grown up to be a big fan of felines.

Check her out:

Tiggy Pop

Tiggy Pop

She is pretty awesome. She can’t go outside yet so she has to crap in a litter tray which smells a bit. That is probably the only bad thing about her.


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cuuuute. These are called “tuxedo cats” by some, y’know. They’re the cutest kind, really. (I have 2)

Comment by Julia

I love her little pink nose! ❤

Comment by Charlotte

Third best cat in the world.

Comment by Eleanor

oh no she’s just too cute! ^^

Comment by caro

omg, i have a cat named pop!
nice cat btw 😀

Comment by mafalda campesinos

The first pic is the best! It’s like “what the f*ck was that noise!?”
Got a cat and I love him!! Mine has green eyes, yours has pink nose. Both loveable n_n

Comment by Shirley

By the way.. clean the litter tray more often hahaha It won’t bite you n_n

Comment by Shirley

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