May 22, 2009, 2:32 pm
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On Sunday I am going on holiday for five days to Paignton, Devon, UK. I really like it there. It looks (in places) like this:

Goodrington Sands

This will be a really nice week, but also slightly traumatic in that my internet access is gonna be hella limited. So, here’s an idea I propose:

Would you like to receive a postcard?

Everybody loves (leisure) post, however minimal, right?

If you would like to participate, then please email ROMANCEISBORING@GMAIL.COM with the words “Postcard ’09” in the subject line, and your address. I will then send you a postcard from sunny (hopefully) Paignton. In return, on receiving the postcard, you must email me a photograph of you with said card, which I will post up on the blog. Admittedly, this all sounds rather pointless, but it COULD be fun for me, and it’s INTERACTIVE, and that’s rad, right?

I think I’m gonna have to limit this to folk in the UK only, as posting abroad would be that little bit pricier and would take 4evaaaaaa. Sorry to offend anyone, but YANNO!!

Wkd. Let me know if you’re interested.

Even better, if you live in Paignton/Torquay, whatevs, LET’S HANG!! Tell me where’s good to watch the Champions League Final and I’ll love you forever.


NB. Similarities to a poor man’sĀ Horvitz Project, duly noted. Though this is clearly minus all the artistry.


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First image is getting blocked for “image piracy”, oo-h ah so it be jim lad etc. etc.

Comment by deadmanjones

I hope this doesn’t cost you too much Gareth! Ah well, I sent my address to you [just realised how weird this is…]

I joke, hope you have a great time in Paignton šŸ™‚

Comment by Sam

I don’t have a digital camera šŸ˜¦

Oh and your first image doesn’t work.

Comment by S. Pooley

I love Paignton and Torquay, my first ever family holidays were there in a caravan, we went for like 3 or 4 years in a row…I have tons of memories from there, I’ll go back one day for old time’s sake.

Comment by emma

My great grandma lived in Paignton- she’s responsible for my dislike of strawberries and raspberries!
Can’t wait for the postcard! SO COOL

Comment by casbarr

I am from Paignton. These are pictures I took of it to remind me of it when I’m in the big concrete city I live in:

By coincidence I am going home for the first time in ages next Thursday, the day after the CL final (obviously I’m staying in Manchester for that). Let me know if yr bored and I’ll take you somewhere good for a pint.

Comment by Matthew

That sounds good actually mate. Nice one. Email me yr number?
Think I remember you mentioning that you lived there before actually.
Where abouts in Paignton do you live?
I’m going up to Manchester on Saturday (as in, next Saturday), SUCH COINCIDENCES!!

Comment by Gareth

blatantly wish you were david horvitz.

Comment by laura


Comment by jenn

Jenn – YOU don’t even have to send a picture back.

Laura – Typical it’d be YOU that noticed. Please notice I know my limits and are getting OTHERS to take the pictures.

Comment by Gareth

oh! I’d like to receive a postcard from you but so sad that I’m not live in the UK T_____T anyway would you like to receive a postcard from another part of the world? šŸ˜‰

Comment by tazMAYnia

Oh noes!!! I just got so excited until I read the UK part. California is kind of like the UK… except bigger and warmer? Maybe I will just send you a picture with a postcard from here?

Comment by Sophie

haha I think a lot of us got excited until we read the UK only part! maybe this is a sign that you guys should all come to the US =]

Comment by Katie

Katie – we were in the US from January 13 – May 18 OF THIS YEAR. That’s this Monday just gone.
We have toured the US on about 3 separate occasions.
Jus’ sayin’. šŸ™‚

Comment by Gareth

US citizen here


Comment by mchl

or maybe you’d come to South East Asia šŸ˜‰

Comment by tazMAYnia

e card? yes yes?

Comment by kiamarie

Well i got too excited until i read the UK-only part. I guess its pretty reasonable… Anyways, hope To see Los Campesinos! In Mexico some time soon. And have a nice vacation gareth!!

Comment by Chalico

hah. you should sell paignton rock to people for five pounds and post it to them with a pebble from the beach. that’d be hardcore copyright fraudin’.

Comment by laura

I and the rest of North America are so pissed right now! šŸ˜‰ Good for you for doing this..more people need to write letters/postcards/use pen and paper!

Comment by Julia

I was really excited for a second or two there.

Comment by Clair


of all of the times when I don’t live in the UK… oh well, time to live vicariously through my friends again! Have a good time, dude! xx

Comment by Lynsey


Comment by Ste

G- Haha I know, but y’all can never really come to often!! šŸ˜€ enjoy paignton though , it looks amazing

Comment by Katie

I did that with my friends! Except that finals, papers and moving got in the way so I was only able to send out about half of the postcards. The other half is sitting in my room.

Comment by Diana

You missed BMAD!
That was in Paignton a few weeks ago, they had guys doing stunts on bikes, it was so great.
Anyway I’ll request a post card, give everyone an address to send cards to, and see who can post the worse one. šŸ˜›

Comment by Mack

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