Post-Paignton by Gareth
May 29, 2009, 10:56 pm
Filed under: CHAFF

Hello there. I am back from my holiday now. I had a great time, thank you very much, and definitely didn’t lose at Crazy Golf to my Mum.

Postcards are all posted out now guys. Thanks for so many of you wanting to be a part of that whole thing.

ALSO – haven’t managed to send out everyone’s t-shirts yet, which is awful of me, I know, and I’m sorry. All will be out by Monday at the latest, just need to get someone to give me a lift to the post office. CHEERS GUYS!!


ps. I’ve not ignored the football result. Not really much to say though, is there? Totally outclassed.


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Looks like fun!
I wish school was over so I could have fun.

Comment by Clair

I like that trampoline picture. They’re fun, I really want to go to the seaside now.
I hope you enjoyed your mini-holiday, Gareth!

Comment by Lois

No comments about the match… :S it was my b-day and I was happy I could stay at home to watch the match, I also got to know my supervisor had got the sack (on that same day… BEST THING EVER!!!) I was really excited at the beginning as CR was the best player but after SE, UTD’s dream banished and the rest of the match was completely rubish for us. I started baking some cakes to “kill time” until the match finished. I thought Carlos Tevez was going to rock the match but unfortunately noth happened :S Messi spoiled my the idea of having my best b-day ever :S

Comment by PauLie (paula)

Have you ever thought to yourself ” I wish I were a cool kid with an army of skanks” ? That way you can take over the world one horny guy at a time. Think about it

Comment by vanessa

Ness I would just like to add a short list of criteria to follow in becoming a cool kid:
1.) must have enough DUIs to get your license revoked and then
2.) your crackhead girlfriend must drive you to your sweet job every night

safety first, then teamwork.

Comment by Amanda

My parents have a house in paignton, my ever so slightly racist nan lives there. You should have gone for dinner. Next time eh! Its like, to the right of the beach, and just by the railway bridge. Theres a nice man from birmingham that runs the tshirt printing shop on the tic tac shop road too.

P.s. there is a man who works in a carvery along the sea front who looks JUST LIKE MEATLOAF. Paignton is amazing.

Comment by Darren B John

paula careta!

bamo el barça!!! 😀

Comment by caro

I went to a carboot sale this morning, well yesterday morning to be precise, and I saw a really ugly vase on someone’s stall that said Paignton on.
I hope you got a similar souvenir from your stay.

Comment by Lois

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