June 2, 2009, 11:00 am
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This is a difficult announcement to have to write, and one we’d have hoped we’d never need to, but it is with a heavy heart we in Los Campesinos! need to announce the forthcoming departure of Aleks Campesinos! from our number.

After three years of LC!, in an incredible journey that has gone from inaudible student union side room gigs to playing infront of thousands in Caracas city centre; Aleks is now, as she always intended, departing the band in order to return to her studies.

In many ways, it would be great if there had been some falling out in the band and that Aleks couldn’t bear to tour with us anymore, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’re all better, closer friends now than we’ve ever been, and this makes the decision tougher on both Aleks, and the other six of us. We’ve always been very pragmatic when thinking about the future for Los Campesinos!, and it is at this point that Aleks has decided her future does not reside in flogging this LC! nonsense any  longer. Though she will remain a Campesinos! for eternity. There’s no escaping that.

It shouldn’t need saying, and perhaps it almost seems insensitive, but it’s inevitable news of this nature will cause tongues to wag, so it’s best to confirm that Los Campesinos! will continue as a band, stronger and more united than ever. Though
this news is being announced only now, it’s something we as a band have been aware of, and preparing for, for the past year. The individual joining the band to take on Aleks’ duties, and more, has been a friend of the band for a long time and though we are understandably maudlin, nay, heartbroken, this is coupled with a great excitement for what we intend to go on and achieve in the near and distant future.

In the meantime, we are finishing up Aleks’ final record with the band, and can announce her final LC! shows – a US Tour, taking place in August. Taking in our biggest indoor shows to date, as well as a happy return to the site of our first US show (Lollapalooza), we navigate parts of America previously unchartered by us, before Aleks’ very last shows come with a weekend in the California sun.

The girl will go out in fucking style; we will make completely sure of that.

04 New York, NY          Webster Hall
05 Washington, DC      9:30 Club
06 Cleveland, OH         Grog Shop
07 Indianapolis, IN      Spin Nightclub
08 Chicago, IL               Lollapalooza
11 St. Louis, MO            Firebird
12 Kansas City, MO      Record Bar
14 Austin, TX                Emos Outside
15 Dallas, TX                 Granada Theatre
16 Houston, TX            Warehouse (Studio)
19 Albuquerque, NM    Launchpad
20 Tucson, AZ              Club Congress
21 Los Angeles, CA      El Rey Theatre
22 Pomona, CA            Glass House
23 Costa Mesa, CA      Detroit Bar
25 Las Vegas, Nevada  Beauty Bar
28 San Francisco, CA  Outside Lands Festival
29 San Diego, CA         Street Scene


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Comment by mchl

oh no!
so sad now

Comment by maddy

Aw… best of luck to you all. Music’s loss is academia’s gain.


Comment by Fraser

😦 – all the best for the future Aleks

Comment by Luke

Best of luck to you Alek, I hope you’re going to carry on doing musical stuff!

Although it’s nowhere near as big a thing to leave, I wrote and handed in my letter of resignation yesterday, for my job of two years which I absolutely love. I decided it was time to stop lollygagging around and actually get on with some Education..It was a very hard decision, but I know it’s the right thing to do as I’m sure you know that this is too 🙂

Comment by Gareth P

[…] wenigen positiven Seiten, die man der folgenden Nachricht abgewinnen kann. Denn, wie die Band heute in ihrem Blog verkündete wird Aleks Campesinos! die sich ihres Zeichens laut Myspace der Band für Keyboards, Clapping, […]

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Do a last tour/ few dates in the UK!

Comment by andy

Dammit you guys! You’re coming to Indy, but so is everyone else on their way to Lollapalooza and I’m already booked solid that weekend. Please come back soon!

Comment by Matt Simon

I second that…Do a last uk tour!

Comment by Jenny

It’s actually raining here in Melbourne tonight, and we’re in the middle of a drought. Anyway, I’m gutted that my favourite band is losing one of its members, and I’m sad that I’ll never get to see a gig with all seven original Campesinos! but I’m mostly hoping that your studies go well Aleks! Good luck! 🙂

Comment by Nicola

Good luck Aleks, you’ll be missed. You forgot to include Montreal on your tour. You can start in Montreal and then drive down to New York.

Comment by Petrellad


I piece of me just died :(, PLEASE PLAY A UK TOUR TO SAY FAREWELL!!

No reading date has also made me sad, today, is a sad day for los campesinos, farewell Aleks Campesinos, farewell. You shall we dearly missed, as the reason I got into los camp 😦

Comment by Harry Watko

Chance is wonderful…your NYC show falls on the last night I am in NYC. I will come to that. 🙂

Comment by Julia

[…] Campesinos! han anunciado en su blog que la cantante y teclista Aleks abandona el […]

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Damn . . . LC! will still be amazing, of course, but Aleks’ gypsy sway will be sorely missed at the live shows. Best of luck to you! (. . . and don’t rule out any special guest appearances on break!)

And no Florida shows? Actually, I’m still shocked and grateful you guys came at all (no one comes here). I am trying to work out a trip to Lollapalooza, so hopefully that happens!

Comment by Brett Lowe

noo! :O that means i’ll never get to see you in your original form 😦 Good luck Aleks! I hope you return one day!

Comment by Christie Grinham

looks like i’m road tripping to DC.

not gonna come see your pal mr. Stewart down in North Carolina? Chapel Hill loves you!

Comment by Garrett

[…] After three years of LC!, in an incredible journey that has gone from inaudible student union side room gigs to playing infront of thousands in Caracas city centre; Aleks is now, as she always intended, departing the band in order to return to her studies. (read more) […]

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Comment by katja.

It’s very sad to hear Aleks is going, but it’s nice to know that there was no falling out between her and the band.
I hope Aleks does well in her studies 🙂

Comment by Steven

while it’s never fun when a band loses a member, it’s great to see that aleks has decided to return to school. she’ll do great things.

fair warning: dallas in mid-august is going to be very hot. we’re talking well over 100 degrees F.

Comment by dj el macho

*little sad face*

Good luck with your medical studies and all in the future, Aleks.

Comment by OlliB

Aw, terrible news 😦

Good luck to Aleks though

Would’ve been great to see you all together in the UK one last time

Comment by Daniel

My heart can’t be broken. It melted when I first saw Aleks. Now it’s all gone. )’:

Comment by Tiago

so sad your leaving, but what about some more U.k. shows please

Comment by James

You’d like for my band, Ghost Mall, to open for you at Webster Hall? Well, that’s quite an honor. We don’t know what to say. I mean, of course we’ll do it but this really came out of left field LC! I think we’re moving a little fast and we’ve been hurt before. You know, on second thought, we’re going to need some time to think about this.

Ghost Mall

In all seriousness though, totally bummed about Aleks, totally psyched you’re coming back to NY and we’d love to open for you.

Comment by Pierce Lightning

does this mean you’ll less time or more time to drink beers? i’d like to assume it equals out to about the same.


Comment by mike

It’s definitely not the Americans’ turn to have you again. You should do at least one homecoming/send-off show in the UK. Cardiff isn’t too far from me, and you can get all nostalgic, sentimental and weepy. Get your tour manager on it- there’s only so much crazy golf you can play before you have to get back to work anyway…

Comment by Dylan

Sad to see you go Aleks. You were a blast to hang out with in Madison after the show. If you want to stop back up here after Lollapalooza, we would be more than welcome to have you. You could play outside right along the lake on a temperate Midwest summer night. Cheers girl.

Comment by Matt

We will miss you!

Comment by Jack

[…] Gareth’s yang, at least from a vocal standpoint, Aleksandra Campesinos!. According to a blog posting on the band’s website, Aleks has chosen “to return to her studies,” so, while she won’t be part of one […]

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First Elizabeth Elmore (Sarge/Reputation)and now you, Aleks. The white tower looks good from the road, but let me tell you, the road looks good from the white tower. Good luck, and the rest of you champion! on.

Comment by Marty

We’ll definitely miss you alot, Aleks, I’ll definitely be there for the New York show, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors as well as Los Camp’s, but definitely won’t be the same without ya 😦

Comment by Nick

❤ Good luck with yr future studies and what not.

Comment by Samuel

This is very sad news BUT! I do think it works in with the whole presence of We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed. Everything comes to an end. I am really happy I got to see Aleks perform and stoked to see her upcoming last shows in Chicago and San Francisco. Hope you get to do everything you want to Aleks. We only get one shot at this, and if there’s something you need to do then girl you better go get it. Get those degrees.

Comment by Vanessa

Sad 😦
Good Luck!

Do some uk shows before you leave!

Comment by Johnny

see you guys in austin! good luck aleks!

Comment by leila

We’ll miss you! Good luck with whatever you go on to do. I just feel sorry for whoever has to fill your awesome shoes.

Comment by Llama Dave

Dang! I got into LC! just after they finished touring the UK last year and I’ve been waiting for another UK tour since. Now it seems I’ll never get to see the original line-up. Boo!
Best of luck to Aleks though – a perfectly understandable yet obviously tough decision. All the best for the future.

Comment by Gem

Best of luck Aleks, dont’ study (too?) hard!

That said, my friends and I will be seeing you guys in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

Comment by Kyle from TX

So sorry you’re leaving LC! Alex. Wishing you Good Luck and every success in your future career.

Comment by Ged T(Mama Campesino!)

Oops, I mean Aleks!

Comment by Ged T(Mama Campesino!)

We had the time of our lives in St. Louis the first time. This time(and all others) we’re bringing reinforcements. Can’t wait for the new album.

Comment by Jason and Sarah

All the best Aleks.

Comment by Kaley

Good luck with your studies Aleks, and I’ll see you at the El Rey show in LA for sure 🙂

Comment by Jackie

Sad but very reasonable, good luck with your studies Aleks. 🙂

Comment by David

This makes me sad 😦 but I will without a doubt make it to one of those California shows if not more

Comment by Shawn

Nooooooo!! More ooooooooooooooos!!
I can’t believe you’re leaving.
This is mad 😦
Please don’t end in shitty America!!
Do one or two dates in UK!
Whatever it is, I will go!!
Gutted you’re not at Reading this year.

Comment by Rich

Best of luck Aleks x

Comment by Matthew

I yelled “will u marry me?” when you came to colombia…LoL, but I guess you didn’t heard it…

oh, well

Best of luck, aleks…hope you re-join LC! eventually…
well, if not…you still rock, girl! lol


Comment by xnotverynicex

Well happy that your playing in “shitty America!!”

Comment by vanessa

[…] I Think There Will Be Rain TONIGHT. This is a difficult announcement to have to write, and one we’d have hoped we’d never need to, but it is […] […]

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best of luck to Aleks!!!
hopefully she’ll be great anywhere she goes.
she’ll be very much missed.

Comment by imkoreansowhat

It’s very unfair your last tour isn’t in the UK. 😦

Comment by Lina

[…] on as a band. And we wish them both all the best. You can read the band’s announcement here and Aleks’s own […]

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but good for you, aleks…
miss you, but thanks for giving us a chance to say goodbye.
see you in cali!!

Comment by waj

Aleks, thanks for doing your thing in LC! and best of luck with your studies. But! There’s a whole lot of doctors around and very few bands as satisfying as LC! so maybe you should continue to make rock ‘n’ roll to bring more joy to the world! 🙂
Have fun.

Comment by Rudy

Missin’ them pipes already, young Campesino.

Best of luck, I’ll be trying my best to make the 9-hour drive to Austin to catch you guys once more before the big departure.

Comment by Bradley

Good luck, Aleks!

(No Seattle on this tour?? My summer was devoid of concerts anyhow, but I think this puts the total into the negatives.)

Comment by Clair

Aw. best of luck with the future you guys.

Comment by ciaran

God, that is a bad new 😦 😦

Aleks was not only the keyboarder of the band but also a very important piece because of her sweet voice.

Good luck anyway Aleks, you made your choice and we will miss you!

Comment by Elvas

Damn! Now i regret even more (if that’s posible) that i missed your show when you played here in Buenos Aires. Now i can’t stop thinking that i should have robbed a bank or something to pay that ridiculously expensive ticket for your show. 😦
It’s gonna be really weird to hear another voice replacing her…

Comment by Migue



Comment by brian

I wish you guys could come to Denver, Colorado. Pleeeeease?

Comment by Basil

So sorry to see (what is for me) Phase One of Los Campesinos! come to end, but excited to think what the future may bring. I love you guys…when I saw you at The Black Cat in D.C. you encapsulated what music should be – fun, energetic, experimental, reverent, and silly with feedback. You’ve brought much joy to this Baltimore suburban dad in his mid-forties while making his four and six year old kids cry out, “Dad! Not Los Campesinos! again!”
Great success with your studies, Alexis! and here’s hoping there’s much more to come from LC!

Comment by Tee Pee

How can I see her off when you’re not even coming to Colorado 😦

Comment by John G.

Hope all goes well with your studies, Aleks. Thanks for the last couple of years.

Comment by Rob

Best of luck to you Aleks. I’m sure this is extremely hard for you but as your bandmates say, you’re always a Campesino!

I’m glad you are touring the US and I will get to see you in sunny LA before you depart.


Comment by Danielle

You are a really pretty girl. I love you. Los Campesinos miss a masterpiece. Good Luck from Italy.

Comment by Simone

I’m sorry if I ruin the sentimental tone of this thread. I am very sad to see you go, Aleks, and I wish you the best of luck in your future studies.

I am as pleased as the proverbial punch that you are finally coming to San Diego, even though it will be the week after I go back to school in another state.

While in San Diego, I recommend you eat at Pokez.
Fine Vegetarian and Traditional Mexican cuisine.

Not being a vegetarian myself, my favorite dish is Joey’s special with green sauce, which has chicken in it. Be that as it may, this restaurant is extremely vegan friendly.

Comment by Alison

This is the first time I’ve been exasperated over a band/ band member, you guys were utterly earth-shattering when you came to Vermont, and I will defiantly be at the show In New York to see you guys again before Aleks leaves for schooling, best wishes.

Cheers and Beers from Vermont~ =]]

Comment by Dave


Comment by Fernanda

oh no!

ill be there, webster hall, hands on stage, dancing like no other.

Comment by cuddlefuddles

Aleks please dont leave 😦 .. remember we met at the Webster hall concert! I was the kid from Honduras 😛 , you told me if i get 1 million signs you will stay! COme on.. please dont go.. 😦 …

Comment by Fernando Robles

Awesome concert at Emo’s.
I’m glad that keyboard cat didn’t have to play you off!

Comment by MarkSwi

Sad to see you go, but thank you for the music! You should be pretty darn proud of ye’sen.

Comment by Winteruk

[…] After three years of LC!, in an incredible journey that has gone from inaudible student union side room gigs to playing infront of thousands in Caracas city centre; Aleks is now, as she always intended, departing the band in order to return to her studies. (read more) […]

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how about…u come back after your studies? and even if there is a new line-up, los campesinos can have 3 vocals !

Comment by fredi

[…] small and need protection.  PSYCHE!!!  ATTACK!!! You are going down Campesinos!  (Also, Aleks…just because you are no longer a Campesinos! doesn’t mean that you are safe from my […]



Comment by DANIEL


Comment by DANIEL

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