Nota bene by Leks
June 2, 2009, 11:03 am
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I don’t really know how to start this. I’m not sure I can really find the right words to express how I feel about leaving the band. Not in a vaguely coherent manner anyway so I’m sorry if this all comes across as either overly-sentimental or strangely detached.

Making the decision to leave was very difficult and even though I’m excited about what the future has in store for both me and the rest of Los Camp! (once they unveil their bright spangly new line-up), I still get a lump in my throat every time I think about my time in the band coming to an end. Trust me, I’m gutted. The past 3 years have given me some of the best times of my life full of incredible experiences and wonderful people. I am really grateful to have been a part of the Los Campesinos! story. I’m going to miss so much about the whole thing and no doubt regret this move a thousand times over when I’m stuck in some dark corner of a library, while the band are busy playing to thousands in some paradise location…

On the other hand, I can’t wait to attend my first Los Camp! gig and watch from the audience: I’ll be like a proud parent. (Or a bitter heckler, we’ll see how it goes) I know they can only get better. In any case, they better put me on the guest list.
And now our Wikipedia page will have a “Former Members” section: won’t that look impressive…

That all seems massively inadequate.

To sum up:


Leks x


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You’ll be very much missed by the fans, I assure you. Good luck with your studies and future endeavours.

Comment by Miles

All the best Aleks. You’re a truly marvellous lady.

Colin x

Comment by Colin Roberts

Good luck and all the best Aleks.We’ll miss yr sparkly voice !

Comment by Veee

Not sure how I’ll hear LC! in the future. The contrast of your voice with Gareth’s was one of the things that drew me to your music. Take care and good luck!

Comment by Jim

No amount of sad smilies can express my sorrow for your leaving this wonderful group of people. No one could have taken a decision such as this lightly and I wish you luck in your studies.
Los Campesinos is the one band i can’t live without and i’ve no doubt that you recognize the the unique opportunity you’ve had in helping to create art that has such immense impact.
I hope you know that there exist people who’ve only heard you through headphones and seen you in pictures that love you dearly and treasure the great contributions you’ve made to this band.


Comment by Trung

We’ll miss you tremendously, Aleks. You’re such a super lady!

Comment by Holly

The Wikipedia page already states you’ve left the band to go back to ‘school’, I wasn’t aware you were 14 Aleks? I’m not sure if this is more sad than when Blink 182 started the hiatus thing. Good luck etccc.

Comment by Andrew

Good luck with everything Aleks; we’ll miss you <33333333333

Comment by Charlotte

Aw 😦 now I’m very sad I’ll be missing you at Lolla this year. I wish you and the rest of LC! the best with your future endeavors.


Comment by Jeska

best of lucks aleks!
it’s sad you won’t be in the band anymore.. but how about returning once you’ve finished your studies?
we’ll always remember you, girl. we’ll miss you in argentina

Comment by julia

aww, sad news indeed! 😦 perhaps Ellen should dye her hair red to fill the ginger void for the first while. Seriously though, you’re a lovely person and your talents will be missed. The new Campesino has a big role to fill! ❤

Comment by Julia

we’ll miss you 😦

Comment by kiamarie

Good luck, Aleks. The band will still be great, but they won’t quite be the same without you.

Comment by Seitz

[…] Desde la web se puede leer el post general que han escrito todos los integrantes y uno más personal escrito por la propia Aleks. […]

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Oh god, so depressing </3

Comment by dothebrokenrecords

truly sad news, but I hope you are as good at whatever you end up doing as you are at being a Campesinos!

Good luck!

Comment by Garrett

oh girl… it’s gonna be hard to watch videos without you, but i hope, i think & i know this is a decision for your destiny… so good luck!!!!

and the best wishes for the rest of Los campesinos! from Bogotá, Colombia…we wanna c’ u again!

Comment by Kamo Watson

awwww alecks 😦

you added so much charm and talent to the band, and you’ll be missed ;-;

Comment by Alex

Awww. We’ll miss you a bunch. 😦 It won’t be the same, but still and I wish I could have seen you guys live while you still were in the group, but yay you for continuing your studies. And good luck, of course. 🙂

Comment by loren

[…] feel that it is appropriate to quote it, but if you would like to read it…you can find it here. 0 Comments No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack […]

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Sad news for the fans indeed! But I wish you all the best with your future endeavors – I’m sure you’ll be successful at whatever you decide to do.

I’m definitely going to try all the harder to get to Lolla and your LA show this summer, though!

Comment by Jandy

Sad news, indeed. You brought, as said before, lots of charm to the band. I’ll miss your sweet voice and the girl/boy vocals. Now I’ll enjoy them even more on my headphones and cherish (with fondness 😉 No that might be a bit creepy in a stalkish way) my memories of the gig in Belgium =)Okay, the band stille exists, so I’ll probably see them again someday. I’m just curious how it will sound now.
You’ll be missed but lots of luck with your studies!

Comment by Max

Aww man, I just posted Kirk and I will be at the Kansas City gig. And then I come over here and read this.
I am so fucking sad, I got a little teary eyed.
We def have to talk after the gig and let me steal another kiss on the cheek.


Comment by Blake

Aleks, have “fun” studying and dancing at LC! gigs, one question: Will you be replaced by someone I’m gonna hate or will Los Campesinos have to live with your awesome voice and glockenspiel-skills and keyboard-skills?

Comment by Dion Suurmond

Without, I meant

Comment by Dion Suurmond

You will most definitely be missed – and oh how I wish the last tour with the, err, ‘classic’ lineup was going to be hitting Ontario as well (it’s odd to think that I saw my last show with Aleks playing in the band without knowing it!), but I’m more than a little astounded how much more sensible and just generally awesome this announcement is than almost every other one any band has ever made. Best of luck with your studies, Aleks (and what are you studying, just out of curiosity?), and of course best to the rest of the band (including the mysterious new person) as well.

Comment by Ian Mathers

Good luck Aleks!

Comment by Lois

Little tiny sad faces don’t really sum it up. You’ll be missed, Aleks, and good luck for the future and your studies.

Olli x

Comment by OlliB

Good luck with everything, fell in love with LC! quite a while ago but haven’t had the chance to see you yet and now I guess I’ll never will.

Come back to England to tour before you leave.

Joe x

Comment by Joe

i am not a happy bunny

Comment by tommm

I’m so sad! Could you possibly do me a huggge favor and come to Philly one last time? I never got to see you 😦

Comment by Bruce

Ack! I knew my friend and I should have invited you all out after you played in Carrboro, NC months ago. I’ll just have to see you in NY and DC and rock out then.

Your impeccable fashion sense, along w/ your musical contributions, will be missed. Good luck back in school.

Comment by Eric

now this ruined my day 😦

aleks, i wish you all the luck in the world in your studies, i understand and support your decision. thanks for the music, LC! won’t be the same without you 😦 maybe you could play in buenos aires again after the US tour? please?

hope to see you again soon!

besos y abrazos from argentina 🙂


Comment by caro

I hope that this is another step in aleks’ life, as opposed to the last one for the band.
I will come and see you guys in ohio if I can, and likely break down near the end.
Thanks for being a huge part of my favorite band.

Comment by colin

I posted this in the other one but it was intended for here so I’ll just repeat it

We’ll definitely miss you alot, Aleks, I’ll definitely be there for the New York show, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors as well as Los Camp’s, but definitely won’t be the same without ya 😦

Comment by Nick

Aleks, keep making music 🙂
We, bookworms, may rule the earth someday and make LC! the OST. Kisses!

Comment by Mike de Placard

Good luck with everything, Aleks ❤ And thanks for playing such a big part in my ever-growing love for LC!

Comment by Lynsey

Great. Now I’m all misty. I’m so happy I got to see y’all in yer original lineup. Alex – best of luck with yer studies. LC!, same to you at recapturing that vocal dynamic. Alex sure has made it hard for her successor. See you when you come back to NYC. Damn! I said I wouldn’t cry! I said I wouldn’t cry!

Comment by Peter

Good luck Aleks! If for some reason Los Camp! loses their magic ( I REALLY HOPE NOT) I will heckle with you. Just let me know. Also maybe you should take up art. That drawing is great. I am really happy I get to see some of your last shows. It won’t be the same with out you. BEFORE

Comment by Vanessa

It is a sad occurrence for fans of the band and of Aleks, herself, yet can only be an exciting and challenging step for her to take. I had the joy and privilege of meeting Aleks when LC! played in Lawrence, KS, USA and she was incredibly gracious, signing a vinyl album for me and taking it backstage to gather the signatures of the entire band. I wish you all the very best, Aleks, and the band also.

Andy R.

Comment by Andy Ross

Good luck ❤

Comment by Ste

Thanks Aleks, and all of LC!, for the music you’ve made in the past few years. Best wishes to all of you.

Comment by Matt

Gutted I’ll never get to see you in the LC line-up – you’ve a great voice.
Best of luck to you in your studies and for your future. Go forth and grab the success and fulfillment you deserve!

Comment by Gem

good luck, we will certainly miss you.

Comment by Marcos

Sorry to see you go Aleks, your voice is amazing.
Aren’t you smart enough, already??? Make sure to leave margin notes for the librarians.

Comment by Jason and Sarah

Best of luck to you with your scholarly career, Aleks! It’s a shame you’re leaving, but I guess all good things come to an end. You have a really incredible voice so I hope you’re not giving up singing forever.

Comment by Dan

We love you Aleks! You shall be missed! Good luck in your academics. I hope to hear your wonderful voice again.

Comment by Steven

We will miss you so much. Loved your visit to Buenos Aires. Good luck and success with… erm… well, whatever you’re doing from now on.


Comment by Faco

the only text i got while i was at work today was ‘aleks is leaving los campesinos’
as a fan this news totally blows but i am still super stoked that i got to see los campesinos! as a whole earlier this year and i will again at lolla! best wishes with all things futuristic and i hope you keep posting on here!! 🙂

Comment by Amanda

Good luck Aleks, you were lovely when I met you in Manchester a while ago


Comment by Daniel

I’m not really sure what to say except you’re going to be sorely missed. Best of luck, though, with your studies, and thanks for being 1/7 of a solidly awesome band. ❤

Comment by Tina

Talk about broken heartbeats…

Now I have to try really hard to get down to Lolla!

Comment by Tim

I can’t add anything that’s not been said yet. Wish you well in anything you’re going to do, and thanks for the music and energy you gave to the first two, and this new album. I’m sure you’re going out on a cracker. ❤

Comment by Josh

This is sad. but i will echo most everyone else and wish you good luck. I’m think I’m going to come to the nyc show to send you off. I would come to your final show but being that I live in NJ thats a pricey trip.

Comment by Doug

So sad you’re leaving, but we can only wish you the best in your studies and that everything goes great for you. You’llbe successful in anything you decide to do, I’m sure.

Comment by Adri

wtf, I love your voice 😦

Good luck.

Comment by Blake

We will miss you very much! You were the very best! It’s hard to imagine LC! without you! Good luck on your future endeavors & I will be at the NYC show in spirit. I hope that one day you will return to LC!

Comment by krissy rubbles

I already dislike the new member, which is hugely unfair on whoever they are. Your voice was the best part of the band.

Comment by Lina

[…] June 3, 2009 Some sad news from Los Campesinos! It was announced today that Aleks will be leaving the band at the end of the summer. They will be releasing one last album with her as a member and playing several shows in the States before she returns to her studies full time. But, no worries, Los Campesinos! have every intention of carrying on as a band. And we wish them both all the best. You can read the band’s announcement here and Aleks’s own here. […]

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Noo! That makes me so sad. I bet you’ll be back in some capacity, and I hope the new member can fill the void you have left in LC.

Comment by Laurence

Awww, we’re going to miss you Aleks 😦

And on a lighter note: my postcard from Gareth from Torquay arrived:

Comment by Nicolas

Your voice gave the band a lovely unique sound! 😦
You’ll be missed, but I’ll still love LC!

And lucky Nicolas, I haven’t got one yet 😦

Comment by Mack

I was fortunate enough to be right up front for your amazing set at Coachella this year (LC! are one of the top -if not THE top- reasons I attended this year). That said, I’ll be kicking myself for many months after if I don’t make it up to Vegas for one of your last performances, Aleks. See all of you lovely Campesinos! in August, I do hope.

Comment by Jordan



Oh, this is not nice at all….


Comment by Adam G Manning

Well i dont listen to your music that much but my sister and her friend nut over you and aleks is pretty hot….the bands attractive level just went down a few levels….very depressing ={ (tear with drool)

Ps get baby spice as a temporary replacement? Just throwing it out there.

Comment by Casey

nooooo whatttttt?

Comment by lauren

I was so lucky to see you guys twice in Bologna in these years, and I’ll never forget you! My girlfriend and me will always think of you as the singer of our first concert together. ^_^ good luck for everything, we’ll miss you!

Comment by riccardo

I know many people said this before, but you’ll be missed. I’m really happy I got to see you in Buenos Aires, and it would be great if you could play here one last time before the final goodbye.
Good luck!!

Comment by guada

At least I could see you in bogotá last time!!!
Good luck in your future projects!!!
take care sweet baby!!!

Comment by Willie

I’m heartbroken. Your melodious voice is the glue holding together the chaos known as Los Camp!

Comment by Drew

Good luck Aleks!I´m going to miss you but i understand. x

Comment by Roman

I know I’ll miss your voice in what has now become my favorite band.

Good luck in whatever direction you decide to go and thanks for the great music! :]

Comment by monk

wow, this is very sad news. Aleks, you’ll be missed by all of us, good luck with school and thanks for this past couple years!
im glad you got the chance to play in mexico and im really happy i got to meet you and the rest of the band in guadalajara. hopefully i’ll catch you again in one of your last shows in the US.
😦 but also 🙂 mixed feelings.shit.

Comment by Andrea

=( I’ll miss your voice and your super cute dresses.

But good luck with school! As a graduate student myself I have to say that I actually quite enjoy living in the library.

Comment by Tess


You have the most beautiful voice i’ve ever heard (and face).

I uhh… Interviewed you at Neumos in Seattle a few months ago. I didn’t think it was possible someones NORMAL voice could sound so melodic! Anyway you shall be dearly missed have fun studying I go to UW right now (in Seattle) and I can understand why you would want to finish your studies. Still. I will miss you.

Comment by Simon


Good luck

Comment by Jeff




OK, srsly, you better cure cancer or something with that degree, because your singing cures sadness and that’s pretty hard to top.

Comment by xstryker

Sorry to hear that you’re leaving. Who’s going to rep it for the gingers now?

Good luck and Thanks.

Comment by John

Good luck with your studies. You concentrate on that and do well, besides… never say never. Maybe you’ll be able to rejoin the gang when you’ve done what you need to do. 🙂

Comment by Cheekychives

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