The Franchise We Don’t Own by Ellen
June 5, 2009, 9:03 pm
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Santa Cruz got there first.



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I smell a lawsuit!

Comment by Nicolas


Comment by Nick

I smell a music video location!

Comment by Garrett

Lookin’ good!

Comment by Jamie

pretty cool :P!!!

Comment by Ale

Wow you’re looking way cute here.

Comment by Drew

Thanks Drew and Jamie! I was actually constipated at the time, hence the facial expression so its nice to know I can still pull off “way cute!”

Comment by Ellen

Hey Dollface, forget Drew, I was first, and y’know you can’t put a price on originality, Ellychops.

While you’re there, I posted a question a few months ago but you guys never answered it 😦 It was a good’un too, full of vocab 🙂

Comment by Jamie

Dollface? Are we in a production of Bugsy Malone? No. Sadly there are not as many patronising terms for men. Ellychops I am fine with but Dollface. Dear god.

Comment by Ellen

Hah! I was miroculous when I wrote that! My apologies.

It’s not THAT bad though, shirley?

Comment by Jamie

Yep, I agree, very cute…. although the fact you’ve now told us you were constipated sort of takes something away from it….anyway…a bit off topic, but have you seen the new BSG spinoff pilot called Caprica?

Comment by Ben Collett

So there’s a restaurant in my town that’s actually called “Los Campesinos” and even though there’s no exclamation, I still start playing one of your songs in my head. I’ll send you a picture of it if you’d like.

Comment by Matt


Comment by fredi

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