Tonight I have been mostly signing up to internet dating sites and making .gifs of Neil. by Gareth
June 6, 2009, 8:04 pm
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Good day to be alive.


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This is entrancing. I could watch it for hours.

Comment by Jamie


Comment by Ale

You should have a contest to see who can come up with the most absolutely absurd dating site profile

Comment by Nick

slow blogging month atm, you arent distracting me enough from my GCSEs you can do better

Comment by dave:)

fuck you dave.

Comment by Gareth

How can this Neil .gif not be enough for you Dave?

Comment by Nicola

😦 your words hurt

dont get me wrong i thorughly enjoy such posts, but we are a week into the month of June and have only had 4 posts 😦

But i suppose i’ll hve to carry on listening to Beyonce and throwing this ball at the wall…

Comment by dave:)

He’s not wrong. As someone who’s also avoiding revising for GCSEs the lack of blogs this month is shocking >:{

Comment by Ste

Gareth, i can now clearly be certain that you rule.

Comment by Marcos

Why is that so entertaining? It shouldn’t be, but it really, really is…

Comment by Clair

decent .gift of Neil. I like his “Loser” tee. I really wonder what you did in those dating sites. Did you just create yer profile to see if anybd is interested in you or you just went in to see if there was anyone interesting??? Lol* plz let us know!!!

Comment by PauLie (paula)

I’m just going to put this out there..Neil looks kinda hot in this .gif. Anyway Dave I am in school as well and trust me on this blog a lot, but when I get sick of reading about Diane Arbus or Maya Lin, or if its a slow week for Los Campesinos! I go to this web site called texts from last night in a nut shell its brilliant. Ha and come on this post is so worth the lack of post. the .gif and dating website…uh smell a grammy

Comment by vanessa

i was just talking to a friend while waiting to see no age and matt & kim tonight, and apparently they don’t make that t-shirt anymore? what’s up with that? :/

Comment by carolina

thank you so much for that website vanessa. it’s awesome. another thing that will help me not write my “take home exams”. although being hypnotized by that gip was really working quite well

Comment by maddy

vanessa you legend that website is genius.

like an unserious/non depressing version of post secret

thankyou for personally making me fail my history GCSE on thursday 🙂

Comment by dave:)

It looks like he’s going “beep beep beep beep”

Comment by Lois

Thanks Mandy and Dave! Happy to share that gold with anyone. What is this post secret??? Like the book? Have you been to FMyLife? Now Dave I will take full responsibility on the failure of your history GCSE. I would say that’s about 10 points in the book.

Comment by vanessa

1. “STFU, Marrieds” is pretty special as well.

2. I can’t look at that pic of Neil without thinking “beep, beep”…thanks Lois 🙂

3. oh, internet dating.. I tried that once until I saw someone from the site randomly in a movie theatre. That freaked me out for some reason, and that was the end of it.

Comment by Julia

vanessa did steve tell you that?


Comment by Amanda

Is that a Rashard Lewis jersey over your shoulder? How delightfully odd!

Comment by Matt

I fully support your internet dating. It’s like shopping for new kicks. Except they’re people, so when they don’t fit, it’s not you or your bunions or long toes — it’s just that they obviously suck.

Comment by Eric

Comment by Tess

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