“A Line Of Coke and a Hotdog”: The Story Of Los Campesinos! at Coachella 2009 by Ellen
June 10, 2009, 9:19 pm
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When we were in the US of A I spent a lot of time shoving a camera in people’s faces. Now being the world’s most annoying person is beginning to pay off, as I have actually edited together footage of our experiences at the surreal and absurd festival that is Coachella. I hope it makes you laugh, cry and implode sporadically.

The gig and signing footage was executed by our merchandise girl Kelly, the tomfoolery and stupidity was executed by ourselves.

Thank you

Ellen x


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Wow! I’m so jealous of everyone that got to go to Coachella… Come play in the UK again pretty please…

Comment by Gazz


Comment by eden

[…] setting, and as such filmed a mini-documentary of their experiences at Coachella 2009. Says Ellen Campesinos: When we were in the US of A I spent a lot of time shoving a camera in people’s faces. Now being […]

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Comment by David

Haha. I did in fact laugh, cry and implode sporadically. Great video 🙂

Comment by loren

I cannot think of a single reason that you are not the greatest band in the world.

Comment by McBain


Comment by Ste

a good time was had by all the brits at coachella!

Comment by phil

I wish I had a friend like Gareth
“Loads of rich kids all pretty fit, but probably hugely depressed”

Comment by Drew

Looks like you went into an episode of The OC, except that you got free stuff!

Comment by Diana

Drew – the “all a bit pedo-y” was the best part.

As if I couldn’t love y’all more. Thanks for this. Clearly you had fun making it.

Is there a story behind the title of the movie, other than that it represents the (stereo?)typical diet of the “Less Than Zero” types?

Comment by Eric

This definitely made me implode sporadically. Amazing. xo

Comment by Yaz

As a proud Canadian, I can’t thank Neil enough for hitting one of the members of Billy Talent with that water balloon.

Comment by Kaley

🙂 !!!!

Comment by Ale

That was AMAZING!!! Thanks so much, it was great to watch.

Comment by David

I like that the image on the video before you click play is Neil’s shorty shorts. What a dreamboat!

Comment by Bradley

Genius! This video made me really happy.

Comment by gerlin

Awesome. Beyond awesome. Beawesome!

I got a sense of how you may be constantly fearing for Neil’s pretty face.

Comment by Diana

That looked fucking brilliant.
Your show at Coachella looked amazing, not enough bands climb into the audience these days. As for the egg throwing, I just had to laugh.

Comment by Joe

I liked Gareth’s song at the start, especially the Jenny Lewis mention. :L

Comment by David

what’s the name of the song @ 9:20?

Comment by IL

DUDE, that’s Box Elder, by Pavement.

Comment by Gareth

A hoy hoy.

Your show in Detroit MI back when it was cold, was the most alive amazing show I’ve been to in a long time.

I can’t wait for you guys to return, whenever it may be. You are amazing in all sense of word. =]

Also, very fun video. Greatly enjoyed!

Comment by Matttt

oops! my bad haha Ellen did a good job making that video, it seems you had wonderful times at Coachella!!! let’s hope there’s a sequel or at least bloopers

Comment by IL

I like how you girls asked if you could throw water balloons at people. Oh that was hilarious. But California is lame, but you guys… aren’t =)

Comment by Tess

the ladies throwing the water balloons were not the oestrogen gifted Campesinos! but in fact two thirds of the “The Vivian Girls,” a talented bunch of ladies who have better aim then Neil x

Comment by Ellen

My favorite part of this might be the shot of a girl saying “heyyy, nice t-shirt”…and then the cut right back to your performance. That is probably a good example of what fills the minds of those vacuous, creepy people. The two girls at the piano were something special.
That being said, I adore that red/pink dress you wore at Coachella, Ellen.

Comment by Julia

that video was amazing. i hope rhode island will get grace with your presence like that one day….
i really liked ellen’s comment about neil’s “lovely gym shorts”. thanks so much for…for just being Los Campesinos! That’s just great.^-^

Comment by theendoftheworldcanbefun

Thanks for sharing this Ellen. I love to see that you love what you are doing and are documenting so much of it. I’m even happier that you share it with us. I can’t wait to hear the new material and I’m excited to see the band the next time you are passing through

Comment by Dave

You’ve seen Jake Gyllenhaal?? I want to go to Coachella too!
thanks for that video,you should do this more often 😀

Comment by Veee

Those are also my two favorite shots Julia, I loved that girl desperately trying to remember this piano piece she has not played in five years, when she was all young and innocent and not wearing a swimming costume in some strangers house when she probably has no intention of going swimming…. I have another 7 hours of footage of our time in America, there will be more at some point x

Comment by Ellen

7 hours?! you’re going to explode trying to sift through that.

Good luck!
(we all look forward to seeing it)

Comment by Matttt

Heard “All Your Kayfabe Friends” on the radio yesterday here in Seattle. This has added to the joy that brought me during these time of final test prep.

Comment by Clair



Comment by Jeni

fucking lovely butties….aaah Cali

Comment by Rob

yus~! i found myself in the crowd at coachella behind gareth when he walked into the middle of the crowd/
that made me grin.
by the way. i ain’t one of ’em rich kids.
i had to save my lunch moneyz for months hahaha.

LC!,MoZ,Cure,YYY,Jenny,Conor,M.Ward,OkkervilRiver and loads of booz…. was def worth it

Comment by Dennis Carlos II

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