Recording Update. by Gareth
June 10, 2009, 11:04 am
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I’ve been a little lax on this, and I apologise, so, for all of yous who would like to be in the know, here’s where the process of making our record is at.

We’re at Monnow Valley Recording Studios, Monmouth, which from the paraphernalia on the wall I can deduce was the womb of such records as the last Pigeon Detectives, the View and the Enemy albums and perhaps more encouragingly Future Of The Left’s most recent. It’s also where we finished up We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed.

Tracking is (all but) complete and so we are onto the mix. This is a very easy procedure for band members as we essentially sit around all day watching Twenty-Twenty Cricket (or trying to get me to change the channel from the cricket to something else), making £1 bets on sports you don’t understand and playing pool. Then at the end of the day, after John has slaved over and attempted to make sense of our 100+ track compositions and attempted to mould them into something resembling a song, we convene on the control room and individually insist that each of our instruments isn’t loud enough.

On the weekend our dear manager Alun came to the studio with his kids in tow. This, I think, was primarily to get a couple of hours off whilst we babysat, but also, he listened to the remainder of the new songs that he hadn’t heard. His assessment: the new record sounds like a “mental Nirvana”. We are more than happy with this description.

We’re here for another couple of weeks, whilst we should be chatting over album titles and art work ideas, I also think we might have a barbecue at some point, so if you’re in the area, let us know. It’s very weird to think that in just 14 days our album will be finished. It’s a little scary, but also very exciting. There’s no doubt in my mind that these are the best songs we’ve written and recorded to date.


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“There’s no doubt in my mind that these are the best songs we’ve written and recorded to date.”

veeiiiir excited, any tentative release dates knocking about yet?

Comment by Nick

If it’s finished in 14 days, please can the release date be in 15 days?

I’m not too sure about the technical process of pressing a CD and making artwork and whatnot, but if you just copy it to a CD-R and draw me a picture to go with it, that’d be great.

Comment by Alex

I am in the area. I also have small children so as you’re clearly very able at keeping children safe from harm, I’ll be dropping them round.

Comment by ian

[…] Campesinos! have revealed in a blog post that they are two weeks away from finishing their as yet untitled new album which is either their […]

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fuck yehhhhhhhh. Can’t wait. Need help with artwork?

Comment by Christie Grinham

Wonderful x2.

Should this leak, in light of blog topics of the last few months, I fully expect you to choke whoever might have leaked it. Even if it is that adorable child; principles are important.

Also, interested in knowing what “sports we don’t understand” might be. As an American, other than cricket and snooker (“why are the balls all the same color?”), what else is there?

Comment by Eric

In addition to cricket and snooker, the former can go weeks (!) without having a winner and the latter is not colorful enough, Americans really do not get soccer (football) and hockey. I want to say there is going to be an NHL game in London in the near future; similar to the NFL’s lame attempt to take the sport across the Atlantic.

Back to the matter at hand, 3 albums in 18 months…you Campesinos are spoiling the hell out of us. If these songs are truly the best yet, you must stop back in Wisconsin this summer. “Mental Nirvana” = album title.

Comment by Matt

Eric… Are you watching snooker on a black and white TV?

(“for those of you who are watching in black and white, the pink is next to the green”)

Other sports? Croquet? Cheeserolling?

Comment by ian

when he says nirvana does he mean nirvana band or nirvana buddhist place?

Comment by dave:)

one word


Comment by vanessa

Fair enough, the balls aren’t really all the same color, but I see 5 yellow balls on that table. When I’m out west fighting biker gangs and reaching for a cue stick to swing, the only yellow balls I see on the tables (no naked Asian jokes as I am one) are the 1 and the 9, and the latter is striped. Also, soccer’s easy to get (I have fought Football Manager and Pro Evo addictions) and cheeserolling — well, it’s cheese, rolling. How awesome. Competitive aspects aside, it’s just an aesthetically and spiritually pleasing occurence.

Also back to the matter at hand, do we really have to wait a whole 6 more months to hear the album, as per the pitchfork interview from a few weeks back? Cos I dunno, in that case I hope that leaky kid knows how to upload…. :-p

Comment by Eric

That’s what he said…um I want to hear Aleks do some new stuff before she bows out

Comment by vanessa

Wow, i dont think i can wait 14 days let alone time after that

Comment by Connor

hope all goes well, guys. neil looks like he’s about to miss the cueball. Badly.

Comment by Trung

Nick – probably January.

Sports I don’t understand – Speedway, Aussie Rules, Greyhounds.

Matt – you don’t understand cricket.

dave – capitalised ‘Nirvana’, therefore the band, obvs.

Trung – he’s playing ‘side’ on the shot. Me and Neil are pool PROS!

Eric – that’s pool not snooker. In this pool it’s reds and yellows rather than spots and stripes. Simples.

Comment by Gareth

I ditto the artwork offer…I paint a really mean lesbian seahorse

Comment by Amanda

Your two LPs so far have helped me maintain my sanity during finals and a slew of other mental issues. I can only imagine the sheer awesomeness it will bring.

I will be flying to San Fransisco from Seattle later this summer for the sole purpose of seeing Los Campesinos!! I’m also buying a glockenspiel.

Comment by Simon

Gareth, are you a South Park fan!? I’m looking forward to the TX shows in August. Will you guys be playing the new material by then? I hope you’ve stockpiled enough American dvd’s to get you through the tour this time.

Comment by Jordan L

Hey Jordan,
Yep, big South Park fan. Hence the Cartman doll.
I’m sure there’ll be a couple new songs in the set by August.

Comment by Gareth

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