by Gareth
June 11, 2009, 9:03 pm
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Is this some weird puzzle to do with the new album

Comment by James

If it’s refering to what I think it is, then it’s The Housemartins lyrics.Wrote by Paul Heaton on his beliefs during the 80’s (A mix of Marxist politics and Christianity) on the back cover of one of their albums (London 0 Hull 4)

But then again I could be completely wrong?

Comment by Joe

Nah, that’s it (though, not lyrics, the slogan was printed on the reverse of the ‘London 0 Hull 4’ record)
Also, Heaton wasn’t a Christian, that part was a send up. He’s often stated he’s an atheist.
Heaton – Britain’s greatest ever lyricist? Quite possibly.

Comment by Gareth

THANK YOU! I had never listened to this band before, but i saw this and i downloaded this album and i am really really really enjoing it.

Comment by Migue

Britain’s greatest ever lyricist? Now I have to hear this record…

eMusic and iTunes US are completely useless. Found it on the UK store though, those 30 second clips sound real nice!

Obviously my first thought upon hearing them was Morrissey. I mean, even the album cover looks like a Smiths single. But still, greater than Morrissey? That is a bold statement! I should really venture further…

Comment by Adam

My dad didn’t speak to me for a day when I told him I liked the smiths more than the housemartins, which is weird because he’s old

Comment by Garrett

Better than Morrissey? I’ll give you that Heaton is and has always been a terrific lyricist, but I think he’s a bit mad really. Actually, that helps, doesn’t it?

Still, it’s a toss-up, but I know where my heart lies on this one. Second best at worst, but I also wouldn’t claim any real knowledge of anything he’s done since the mid-90’s, probably MIAOW. Is his more recent stuff worth a listen?

Comment by Barry

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