LC! weekly listening (week ending June 14th) by Gareth
June 14, 2009, 8:33 pm
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Spent the week sitting at your computer, listening to music and watching the Cricket?

1. The Housemartins 54
2. Ten in the Swear Jar 31
3. Future of the Left 21
=. Mount Eerie 21
5. The Organ 15
=. Smog 15
7. Xiu Xiu 14
8. Placebo 13
9. Sparky Deathcap 12
10. Hood 11

Some Notes:
2. I often neglect XITSJ, but everytime I listen is an emphatic reminder of Jamie Stewart’s talents even before Xiu Xiu. Should listen to more IBOPA too.
3. For me, the new FOTL record blows Curses out of the water.
3=. Finally got a hold of White Stag. And also relistened to Black Wooden Ceiling Opening again. Prompted by news of the forthcoming Mount Eerie album proper, which according to brief snippets on Amazon, is going to be something really special.
8. Nostalgia. Still know all the words to…everything.

Now you go. What have you been listening to? I’m very excited about the new Mount Eerie record. Are you particularly excited about any forthcoming releases?


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indeed, instead of going out and doing fun stuff i’ve spent my week locked inside my room studying and sitting at my computer listening to music.

1. Death Cab for Cutie, 98.
2. Acid House Kings, 70.
3. Los Campesinos!, 61.
4. Eels, 48.
5. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, 43.
6. No Age, 38.
7. Doris, 27.
8. The Breeders, 26.
9. My Sad Captains, 24.
10. Sloan, 24.

i’m really looking forward to new albums by AHK, BRMC and, well, you.
no age, eels and my sad captain’s tracks are mostly from their latest albums, which i liked a lot. those will definitely make it to my 2009 best of list.

Comment by carolina

1 Motion City Soundtrack 42
2 Death Cab for Cutie 34
3 Patrick Wolf 31
4 The Matches 29
4 Anberlin 29
6 Architecture in Helsinki 26
7 Los Campesinos! 23
8 Arcade Fire 19
9 Stars 17
10 The National 16

Since my iPod reformatted itself, I haven’t had time to upload much more than my top artists onto it. And I just scrobbled all of its listening habits today after using it for a week of workout sessions 😛 Thus, some large inflation in bands that are good to workout to. But I’ve been creating an epic Pandora station lately and have been listening to a lot of The Boy Least Likely To, who I’m slowly falling in love with. I’m also just now starting to try and get into Radiohead. It only took me twenty-one years?

I’m excited about getting my hands on my tangible copy of Patrick Wolf’s latest release. Just got my digital download (finally) the other day and it’s gorgeous. My CD is waiting for me at home. The release I’m currently excited about is from a small band from Columbus called This Is My Suitcase. They’re a bunch of wonderful, sweet people who put on a brilliant live show. And their new (slash first as a full band) album should be insane. Also, the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack. I already have half of the music in my collection but damn. It’s epic.

And, you know, maybe your album, too.

Comment by Jeska

1 Los Campesinos! 37
2 LCD Soundsystem 18
= Fight Like Apes 18
4 Little Boots 17
5 Elbow 15
6 Abe Vigoda 14
= Frightened Rabbit 14
8 The Maccabes 13
9 Arcade Fire 11
10 Foals 10

The Little Boots plays were my sister, nothing against Little Boots, jus’ saying.

Comment by Patrick

The Joy Formidable 68
Johnny Foreigner 35
Los Campesinos! 30
Sky Larkin 21
I Heart Hiroshima 15
Silversun Pickups 15
Tegan & Sara 14
Dinosaur Jr 13
The Smashing Pumpkins 12
The Subways 10
Japandroids 10
Placebo 10

I’m a bit obsessed with TJF atm,mostly cause their new songs are really awesome. Also, I’ve been nostalgic with Placebo too,even if their last album is a bit disappointing in my opinion(nothing will beat Without You I’m Nothing right?:).
Surpringly not looking forward to any album in particular,but really excited by the upcoming Silversun Pickups gig,and also by seeing Mew+Nin Inch Nails for the first time next month!:)

Comment by Veee

Forgot to add, very excited for new LCD Soundsystem album. Sound of SIlver is an absolute masterpiece.

Comment by Patrick

I have been listening to your t shirt mix CD a lotrecently. It’s on right now in fact. I thoroughly enjoy/appreciate it.

1. Los Campesinos! 79
2. Johnny Foreigner 67
3. Parenthetical Girls 29
4. Fergie 26
5. Mumford & Sons 24
6. Those Dancing Days 22
= Arcade Fire 22
8. Dananananaykroyd 17
9. Black Eyed Peas 16
10. Late of the Pier 12

I laughed when I saw Fergie and BEP had made the top of my charts. I found their albums and have been indulging in a bit of Let’s Pretend I’m A Popstar and Dance Around My Room to cure revision bored.

Comment by Lois

*boredom. I’m awful for not noticing spelling errors.

Comment by Lois

1. Bright Eyes 26
2. Feist 22
3. Conor Oberst 12
4. Sigur Rós 11
5. Broken Social Scene 10
6. The Kills 8
7. Animal Collective 7
8. Stars 5
8. Radiohead 5
10. The Rakes 4

it’s glorious outside, hence what few scrobbles i have. the kills would be much higher cos i’ve been listening to “keep on your mean side” all week whilst driving, running, etc.

also, i’m very excited for enter shikari’s “common dreads.” 😀 u.s. release = two days

Comment by fry

Looking forward to the new Arctic Monkeys cd.

Comment by Petrellad

I’d list mine out, but it’s pretty much:

Art Brut – 70
The National – 4
Everyone else – 1

Art Brut just played five shows in Chicago and I saw two of them. Most non-Campesinos! fun I’ve had at a show. I’m going to see them again in LA this week.

Comment by Seitz

Art Brut are totally amazing live.

Spent the week kind of ill and falling for my friend’s identical twin. Luckily (absurdly?) she likes me back 🙂

1 The Magnetic Fields 156
2 Wilco 22
3 Madonna 19
4 Prince 13
5 Heavenly 12
6 Aimee Mann 11
7 (tie) Jay-Z, Yh Yh Yhs, Sleater-Kinney 10
10 Simon & Garfunkel 9

This is what happens when yr favourite album is 69 songs long. Also, any types on either twin psychology or living about 2 hours away from a girl? ‘My Year In Lists’ makes me think I might not get positive feedback.

Comment by Samuel

1.Pavement 39
2.Los Campesinos! 27
3.Frightened 25
4.Bernays Propaganda 17
5.Editors 14
6.Passion Pit 12
7.Pixies 10
8.Pete and The Pirates 8
9.Yeah Yeah Yeahs 6
= Animal Collective 6

Comment by Yavor

my friend keeps telling me to get a Last.FM, but then everyone would know that I’m well uncool and never listen to anything that’s been released after 1998.
anyone over the age of 20 who listens to Placebo is just saaaaad!!!
Dan says that’s saaaad. Oh Alan

Comment by s

Who cares if you listen to uncool music? I’d say Fergie was pretty ‘uncool’ but I don’t care to admit to know all of the words to her album. Scrobble away, my dear, scrobble away.

Comment by Lois

1 Future of the Left 57
2 The Pastels 28
3 The Research 27
4 Teenage Fanclub 25
5 Mika Miko 24
6 The Wedding Present 23
6 Beirut 23
8 The Microphones 21
9 Dirty Projectors 20
9 Pavement 20

Future of the Left were awesome in Sheffield on Wednesday. It had absolutely hammered down with rain all day (to the extent that the train station had been closed and no trams were running) and before the last song Falco wisecracked “I can’t wait to get home and phone my mother to tell her how our first show in Atlantis went”. Genius. Other notables in my chart are The Pastels and Teenage Fanclub, whom I’m re-acquainting myself with after them being announced as playing ATP Nightmare Before Xmas and Indietracks, respectively. Oh and the new Dirty Projectors album is deserving of the hype.

Comment by David

I like the Organ appreciation, when I first got Grab That Gun I listened to it pretty solidly for about a month.


1 Animal Collective 101
2 Grizzly Bear 94
3 Bright Eyes 81
4 Johnny Foreigner 74
5 Architecture in Helsinki 71
6 Passion Pit 59
7 The Walkmen 58
8 Fever Ray 56
9 The Horrors 25
10 Wolf Parade 20

Comment by Alex

Oh the Organ! That’s a blast from the past. ‘Steven Smith’ was a cracking song. Anyway:

1. Wild Beasts – 58
2. Dirty Projectors – 27
3. The Kills – 24
4. The Flaming Lips – 20
5. Manic Street Preachers – 19
6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – 17
7. Belle and Sebastian – 13
8. múm – 12
9. Pulp – 11
10. New Order – 10

I’d also like to add that I’ve been obsessively, perhaps unhealthily, listening to Jeff Hanson’s ‘Hiding Behind The Moon’ about ten times a day this week. RIP.

Comment by Matthew

Oh and Without You I’m Nothing is a great record, despite the paucity of most other stuff Placebo have put out.

Comment by Matthew

What’s your account?

Think About Life- 158
Passion Pit- 138
Harlem Shakes- 80
Liam Dinsmore- 39
Matt & Kim- 31
Metric- 22
Sky Larkin- 13
Pony Pony Run Run- 11
Highlife- 7
Amazing Baby- 7

Comment by Ryan Parker

Man, my just doesn’t work any more. I can never log in or make another account. D:
Now I have to listen to the actual radio to find music. Oh, life…
I’d say I listened to Bishop Allen quite a lot this week, as well as Miike Snow and Phoenix.

Comment by Clair

looking forward to the new sunset rubdown album. also been going on a bit of a belle and sebastian kick.

Comment by ellen

still don’t really use the also, i’m always a fan of TITSJ. been listening to fungi girls, crocodiles, jay reatard, nobunny, xiu xiu, brilliant colors, bmx bandits, operation ivy, guitar wolf, patsy cline, superchunk, shellac, the weakerthans and the mummies.

mostly the weakerthans (who’re coming to sf soon, oboy!) and the mummies. and CCR, specifically “hey tonight”, which i recently realized is a fucking fantastic song. you should cover it. i should cover it. we should cover it together, holding hands.

Comment by rp!

I don’t have one of those lists since I don’t faff about with last fm, but have almost exclusively been listening to Bitte Orca by the Dirty Projectors over the last week (and a little bit of the Low Anthem, and the new Rhett Miller). It’s an absolute travesty that DP only got one mention on here already. ‘Stillness is the move’ is easily the best song of the year (finally topping ‘my girls’). One for Los Campesinos to try and beat.

Comment by Dylan

1 Pavement 152
2 The National 61
3 Radiohead 40
4 Midlake 39
5 Ra Ra Riot 37
6 Los Campesinos! 20
7 Okkervil River 19
8 Yeah Yeah Yeahs 17
9 Mogwai 14
9 Bat for Lashes 14
9 Elliott Smith 14

Had shuffle on a lot this week, not really had any specific albums I’ve been loving. Just revising some old favourites I guess. Looking forward to Regina Spektor’s new album.

Also, I do not get Dirty Projectors. I think it’ll be this year’s ‘Dear Science,’ for me. Super-hyped and, well, overall kinda boring. I’d have to say I like Bitte Orca more though.

Comment by Laurence

1 Neutral Milk Hotel 68
2 Radiohead 38
3 Fleet Foxes 20
3 Sigur Rós 20
5 The Shins 18
6 Modest Mouse 17
7 Grizzly Bear 9
7 Los Campesinos! 9
9 Weezer 6
10 Godspeed You! Black Emperor 4

Have also been sitting in watching cricket and listening to music. It’s a glorious combination. Come on England!!

Comment by dave

I don’t have a but lately:

Die! Die! Die!
Chinese Telephones
Los Campesinos!
Yo La Tengo
Guided by Voices
latest Pelican E.P.(good)
latest NOFX (2 good songs)

looking forward to the new Eels which should be out by now, but have been wrapped up in end-of-year diploma, so not been to record store in a while.

Comment by dan

i never bother with lastfm, but this week i’ve mainly been listening too

Let’s Wrestle (can’t wait to see them in July)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Au Revoir Simone
Joy Division
Vivian Girls
Kasabian (new album is really, really good)

Comment by James

1 Dirty Projectors 131
2 of Montreal 90
3 Tom Waits 62
4 Talking Heads 52
5 The Knife 33
6 Speech Debelle 32
7 Leonard Cohen 29
8 mclusky 28
8 Old Time Relijun 28
10 Lizzy Mercier Descloux 21

New Dirty Projectors is well good. I’m losing my oM live virginity in 4 and a bit weeks. I’m look forward to the new YACHT record, out in like a month ! ! !

Comment by kieran

Lois- nah fergie is totally cool and I went and got me sen one of those last fm thingies and god its more confusing than facefook!

Comment by s

1 Los Campesinos! 121
2 Titus Andronicus 43
3 Green Day 30
4 The Cure 26
4 Johnny Foreigner 26
6 The Kissaway Trail 22
7 The Clash 20
8 Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros 18
9 La Rocca 16
9 R.E.M. 16

Comment by colin

The albums that I’m looking forward to are actually all already out but I only managing to get the money to buy them now. But they are:
Art Bruts new album, Casiotone for the Painfully Alones new album and The Monks reissue.

Comment by Jamie

I am SO excited for Mount Eerie’s record, I love the Metal-esque EP so much more than his other stuff, so I’m bound to love this record.

1. Art Brut – 51
2. Dirty Projectors – 45 (Bitte Orca is incredible)
3. The Tallest Man on Earth – 39
4. Architecture in Helsinki – 29 (Still love falling asleep to Fingers Crossed)
5. Weezer – 15 (Listened to the Blue Album while mowing lawns)
6. Boards of Canada (Also good lawn mowing music)
7. Aphex Twin (More sleeping music)
8. Shugo Tokumaru – 13
9. Dan Deacon – 12
10. Animal Collective – 11

Comment by Peter

Going along with more new releases, I am particularly excited for YACHT’s new album as well. I really want God Help the Girl as well. If they go on tour it would be amazing if they opened for Belle and Sebastian and gave those guys an excuse to go on tour for the first time in 3 years.

Comment by Peter

1. Blur – 84
2. Dananananaykroyd – 63
3. Future of the Left – 41
4. Yo La Tengo – 40
5. Bill Callahan – 35
6. Pavement – 33
7. Tortoise – 30
8. Built to Spill – 29
9. We Were Promised Jetpacks – 23
10. At the Drive-In – 15

Comment by Tiago

Oh, also, I’m looking forward to yr record (of course), YLT aaaaaand fuck can’t remember what else.

Also, update on my weekly listen, Dananananaykroyd just beat Blur by 2 listens. 86. Gee, someone stop me from listening to more of this, it’s too addicting!!!11111

Comment by Tiago

1. Sebadoh – 30
2. Wavves – 20
3. Devo – 16
4. Foals – 14
=4. Sonic Youth – 14
5. Pavement – 13


Comment by Kevin

+I really haven’t listened to a lot of music this week :V

I’m looking forward to new Los Camp!, Johnny Foreigner and probably much more 😀

Comment by Kevin

NOFX – 106
Bright Eyes – 68
311 – 67
The Smiths – 59
blink-182 – 58
MxPx – 47
Elliott Smith – 31

this has been a week to rediscover my pop-punkish side! i’m not expecting any records so far. I read that Sigur Rós is going to release something next year and so are you guys. This year began AWESOME with Morrissey and then Asobi Seksu. Cheky gave me Sonic Youth’s The Eternal but i haven’t listen to it yet. Let’s hope Vampire Weekend release something this year or Of Montreal!!!!

Comment by IL

LC! 65
dirty Projectors 44
Grizzly bear 27
Decemberists 24
Johnny Foreigner 23
Elliott Smith 19
Thermals 18
Passion Pit 16
pavement 14

Excited for Los campesinos and Johnny foreigner…

Comment by griffin

Have you heard Stars Like Fleas? I think you’d like them. Their album the Ken Burns Effect is a few years old now, but it’s incredible. They’re playing in Guelph tonight!

Comment by Ian Mathers

Sonic Youth 58
Dirty Projectors 57
Busdriver 42
The Fall 28
Future of the Left 26
Dananananaykroyd 22
Animal Collective 22
Bis 17
Philip Glass 14
OCR 13 [last-minute Music A-level revision…]
The Unicorns 13
Foals 13

I’m very excited about all the Elephant 6 stuff in the pipeline, if a new Olivia Tremor Control record emerges I’ll be stoked. And apparently the new Circulatory System has leaked. Although I generally get pleasantly surprised by new releases, and Spotify helps a lot – for instance new Dirty Projectors is kind of amazing.

Comment by Stephen

1. Sufjan Stevens 43
2. Art Brut 22
3. Cymbals Eat Guitar 15
4. Los Campesinos! 14
5. The Boy Least Likely To 12
6. Johnny Foreigner 10
7. Future of the Left 7
8. Handsome Furs 4
9. Electric Light Orchestra 3
10. Oh No! Oh My! 2

I’ve been living in the books so far this summer. I don’t even know what’s coming out.

Comment by Tess

1. The Smiths 54
2. Morrissey 43
3. My Sad Captains 37
4. Passion Pit 34
5. Rosario Bléfari 32
6. The Kooks 29
7. Fantasmagoria 27
8. Japanther 27
9. Jaime Sin Tierra 27
10. Pulp 27

I can’t wait for LC new record, and also for the monkeys’s new 🙂

Comment by Rod

Fergie is AMAZING (Y), hence my #7

1. Black Kids 39
2. Animal Collective 34
3. Los Campesinos! 22
4. Lights 19
5. Boy Crisis 15
5. The Horrors 15
7. Black Eyed Peas 12
7. Passion Pit 12
9. Au Revoir Simone 10
10. Fever Ray 9
10. The Phantom Band 9

Comment by Harve

sparky deathcap 61
mika miko 32
the smiths 30
slow club 28
florence and the machine 18
the maccabees 17
jamie t 17
los campesinos! 16
the chapman family 15
alessi’s ark 14


Comment by eden

it drives me absolutely bananashit to have things attached to me like an ipod or phone or laptop and i do some hella driving so i listen to music in the carro. anyham so i have no numbers, only names…

-lots of deathcab lately, this happens to me in the summer summer summertime
-matt&kim have been rocking my world lately (only certain songs though-some are kinda sketch), they make me feel super bouncy
-some laura marling and johnny flynn
-everytime i’ve gone to my moms lately she’s been playing the beatles…so some of that
-ra ra riot (LOLLAPALOOZA) super amped
-and anything old when it storms like billie holiday or etta james or sam cooke or aretha, and it’s been crazy storming lately NICE

Comment by Amanda

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