June 17, 2009, 8:54 pm
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In…November, we did a tour with Sky Larkin and Lovvers across Europe. This tour culminated in three highly anticlimactic gigs in Italy, where we played in venues that were far too big for our limited level of fame.  Comewhat the final night, in Milan, tempers were wrought, and myself and Ollie decided the only way to resolve matters was to have a FIST FIGHT TO THE DEATH…in our pants.

Here, in all its pasty fleshed glory is the footage left over. Please do not let the above picture lead you into thinking I was beaten. In the following video I land the last blow which led the fight to be called to an end as the females of LC! squealed at my show of masculinity and general aggresion. Please feel free to compliment myself and Ollie on how hideously attractive and buff we look. All propositions considered.

“Why don’t you all just make out with eachother?”. Good point Ellen, good point.


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“Neil, why are you undressed?”

A question we’d all like to know the answer to.

Comment by Ste

BECAUSE STE, as you can clearly see at the start I am refereeing. It wouldn’t be right for me to ref fully clothed would it? And of course for the LOLZ. Who doesn’t like hanging out in just their pants?

Comment by neilbeale

Every day this blog edges closer towards a hardcore porn site…

Comment by ciaran

Reminds me of that one time Neil got shirtless in my sweaty house. What a night.

Comment by Bradley

Haha I thought you’d been twitter raped by someone when I read that title… although the fact I clicked the link anyway probably says more about me than you guys :/

Comment by simon

the homoeroticism between you guys is astounding.

Comment by Doug

wow, ollie has the body of a young michael stipe

Comment by michael stipe from friends

That was an EPIC battle.

Comment by Lindsay

i like yo socks.

Comment by Sam

The saddest part is that someone out there actually google’d “Hot Naked Teen Action Boy on Boy” and came across this. His/Her disappointment must have been monumental.

Comment by Alex

1. I somehow feel that Neil would win the “most likely Campesino to join you for a beer at any given time” award
2. Neil thinks he’s ref’ing, or maybe he just can’t man up, put down the beer, and join the fight? 2 points for Ollie and Gareth.
3. Interesting way to gain blog readership. also amusing that this post doesn’t have the typical “suggested related links” thingie that appears on the rest.

Comment by Julia

wow….feeling like Dalek Caan after he looked into the vortex of time…
your blog should be titled : USE WITH CAUTION

Comment by friend who`d rather remain anonymous

I just watched that twice. You guys are so ridiculous it’s fantastic.

Comment by Diana

Homoeroticism really IS what you do best.

Comment by AC


Comment by jordan

Best thing to wake up to EVER.

Comment by Charlotte

Seconded, Charlotte.

Carrot-dangling if I ever saw it. No pun intended.

Comment by Lynsey


Comment by Charlotte

It’s allowed at mine…
I’m a little worried.

Comment by ciaran

You guys are going to be getting some interesting internet traffic on this post.

Comment by DianaS

I don’t know how long you will be in San Francisco for, but my soccer team is putting together some just mess around kind of games…if you wear what your wearing in the above video you are more than welcome to play. You can wear cleats and shin guards IF you have to.

Comment by Vanessa

You just gave the term vaginal explosion new meaning.

Comment by Tess

Love to see all you boys in and out of underwear

Comment by David B.......

Ya know I was looking at this video hoping you’d kiss or make out or at least someone would end
up without
pants. This video ws most disappointing

Comment by Nathan

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