June 17, 2009, 10:44 am
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And so we’re now approximately five days from the aural side of this record’s completion (all bar mastering). Last night the very final vocals were completed by myself, Aleks and then the gang. It was slightly weird, as obviously the last song is left to last for a reason. Often it’ll be the song that people are least keen on or perhaps one that we’re not quite sure exactly what direction it should be taken in, but in this case it was because it was one of the songs I near completed vocals for about two months ago, and then forgot about and hadn’t got back into. Then yesterday, with the pressure on, I had a flash of ‘inspiration’ and the song was wrapped up in about 5 minutes. It then received possibly the best reaction from John Goodmanson we’ve ever had. A big “holy shit!” all round.

It’s the second shortest proper ‘song’ on the record and has me doing my best David Gedge impression.

It feels amazing to have all the tracking finally completed and as though the pressure is finally off. Plus, it was a euphoric way to end recording, with a rabble rousing gang chorus sing along. Here are some pictures from the final night’s recording.
This is my optimum recording get-up. Actually, this is my optimum look for doing anything. Expect it to hit a stage near you, soon:

Monnow Valley is probably definitely my favourite place we’ve ever recorded. You can project vintage pornography onto the ceiling while you record:

Ellen was in bed by the time we started on group vocals, so we had to drag her up, pyjamas and all:

Ollie is the best mascot a band could ever wish for. THIS IS HOW CONVINCED WE ARE OF THIS SET OF SONGS:

Yesterday, me and Aleks compared reference points for art for this album and the first picture we showed eachother was of THE SAME THING!! Srsly. And it’s a really quite unusual thing too. Which hopefully is a hint that we’re on the right track. Got to knuckle down to that now. But today, Wichita come to town to listen to the 8 songs that are fully mixed, and then I think to celebrate how INCREDIBLE they think the songs are, we should all go to Pizza Express for tea, because it’s Buy One Get One on a Wednesday if you print off a voucher, and I think the printer is working now and HI MARK, I HOPE YOUR TRAIN IS ON TIME AND EVERYTHING!!


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if this album isn\’t amazing i will just stick my head in an oven!

Comment by Ted

Yaaaaay!excellent news & pics!:) xx

Comment by Veee

recording group vocals on a los campesinos! record is probably the most fun a group of young people can have with each other

Comment by Garrett

I own the same rubbish undies from Primark. Solidarity brother.

(Any comment to distract me from writing cover letters. Quite tempted to just have ‘I am severely underqualified and smell funny’ written in crayon from now on. Job hunting is the worst.)

Comment by Samuel

woo! Exciting!

Comment by dave

best blog post end sentence ever 🙂
also, you know you’re causing me to have really high expectations for this new album! now with David Gedge comparisons, too!

Comment by Julia

Congrats, I can’t wait to hear the new one from you guys as your album and EP last year were two of my favorite release, very excited for this

Comment by Nick

if you need a fresh set of ears to tell you how the new tracks sound I am willing to step up and do it.

Comment by Doug

Can’t wait!
thinking of selling yr Nikes like the shirt sale PLEASE?

Comment by Alex

are you gonna leave the Holy Shit! on like Aeroplane Over The Sea gareth?

Comment by kieran

so stoked!

Comment by leila

Samuel, you should read Overqualified by Joey Comeau for job app inspiration! Everyone should, really.

Comment by Julia

I can’t wait to hear the David Gedge impression.

Comment by Ian Mathers

when will this sexy bastard be released!!!

Comment by dave

rabble rousing gang chorus sing along? yes yes yes yes!

Comment by Tina

oh my, that book sounds both perfect and like it could make me go to a fourth dimension just filled with sadness, camera obscura songs and dole queues. have ordered 🙂

Comment by Samuel

Pizza Express, you have my approval.

Comment by Sam

I lol’d at the last sentance kudos to you.

Comment by Daniel

Is it done already?
I hope is as great as the previous ones!!
Really looking forward to your performance in Austin this august, I cant miss it

Comment by ruben chalico

Nice job! Can’t waiting listening to your new pieces!

Comment by Tim

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