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June 18, 2009, 3:46 pm
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I have not inflicted my irreverent ramblings onto this page in a while, and I am sorry for that, it is largely due a disease I have come down with called Twilightitis. It is a rare and troublesome problem which tends to target teenage girls and it has many symptoms, the main affliction being the inability to form coherent thoughts which do not relate to the forbidden love between a klutz and a vampire.



But of course I jest, Twilightitis is neither a real or clever made up disease, instead it is a contagious and stupid obsession with a series of books which has effected my life and the lives of other women I know. Sadly these are intelligent women who have read novels with long words and abstract ideas but somehow they can’t help themselves with the coke like substance that it the absolute twaddle of Stephanie Meyer…

Here are some problems I have with this book, which briefly took, over my life. If you have read the series I would like to hear back how it has effected you and your general existance.


  • Everytime I purchased the next instalment (like the day after finishing the first one), I would find myself in a book shop desperately searching for the the M bit of the teenage fiction section. I could never find it or bring myself to ask the staff to point out the direction in which it lived due to deep and burning all consuming shame. I felt so dirty because deep down I knew it was just pages of inane dialogue, repeated descriptions and a plot threaded together with ideas from other superior books with a underlying unsubtle message of “sex is bad before marriage you naughty teenagers.” Yet somehow I was addicted to Bella and Edward’s stupid love..
  • The whole imprinting thing was a little bit dodgy in places, all these grown werewolf men falling in love with 4 year olds was a bizarre sentiment to write about, seemingly made justifiable because they wouldn’t touch them until they were of age, just act like their over friendly uncle for ten years….  That’s not really better.
  • I found myself joining the facebook group “Twilight give’s me unrealistic expectations of men,” because none of my boyfriends have saved my life a billion times and bought me cars and got me into dartford whilst being able to fly and that.


  • The message of complete obsession with someone in your first relationship when you are 18 is maybe not a good one to give out to teenagers, particularly the whole “we can’t be together, suicide it is!” parts.
  • I thought Bella should have just had sex with Jacob or Mike or all of the other guys that fancied her, they could at least have satisfied her hormonal urges without possibly killing her and she could have spread her wild oats about a tiny bit before deciding to get married at 19….they could have put in a slutty interlude. 
  • I was meant to buy the fact that Edward was a vampire who use to eat people and like a serial killer who knits pictures of kittens, he has the skewed morality to not want to do the naked funky chicken until they were married.
  • Bella spent most of the novels falling over, wanting to kill herself in place of everyone else and gazing at Edward longingly wondering why he would love someone as plain and boring as her.
  • I wondered that too.
  • I Stayed up til four in the morning to get to the sex scene only to discover that in it’s place was a blank space followed by a post-coital waking. In my delirious state I wondered if I had been doing it wrong, or whether he punched her and took advantage.
  • I just wished Bella would die.
  • She should really just have died.
  • In fact they all should have.
  • Why didn’t the other vampires just tell her to fuck off?
  • I found myself wondering if Miss Meyer realised that there are only so many times she could describe Edwards perfectly smooth chizzled white chest, and how he traced Bella’s jawline with kisses or ran his fingers through her hair before she may be repeating herself/satisfying herself.

I know there are others who found it good/good instead of good/bad, as I did, but I hope we can all agree the ending was the biggest cop put in the world, with the whole thing building up to a fight to the death and then…. nothing. Everyone goes home. It’s all cool. Not one unnecessary death in the entire thing? Even one of the twins died in Harry Potter? What about Emmet, he did bugger all! Ok, calmed down. Rant ends. I apologize.


New Moon Trailer



Ellen x


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and then the best character, Alice, who I was excited to know so much about her past life… leaves. for the entire fucking book.

Comment by Sam

I agree with just about everything. Although what bothered me the most was how quickly Bella fell for him. That just doesn’t happen, especially with someone that creepy, and it made the whole thing feel extremely superficial to me. But I won’t get into a rant about it because I have done that before. 🙂

Comment by loren

have you read this?

I want to hate these books so so bad.When they first came out I was living in Utah were S.M. went to brigham young university… which is a mormon university. Being a pastry chef in Utah at a reception hall I noticed most of all the people getting married were between the age of 18-23..and most mormon. So I think that’s where the we need to get married and wait to have sex crap came from.

and yes the other vampires should have told bella to fuck off.

Comment by Vanessa

Lots of mormon kids went to my high school, and two of my best friends were mormon, so when I read the first Twilight book, I knew exactly where Meyer was coming from and where she was going. Yet, I still kind of did become obsessed for a brief period of time. Before my brain cells kicked in and reminded me what’s what. Seriously, Bella is the worst possible character ever. Especially since she’s in a book specifically targeted at young girls. In conclusion, yes, Bella needed to die.

Comment by DianaS

Interesting that you should post this, as I only recently finished the series.

My favorite parts are the Bella’s descriptions of how incredibly beautiful Edward is. His face is glorious, his voice is like an archangel, his breath smells “delicious”.

One description that particularly tickles me describes how cuddling with Edward feels like cuddling with the statue of David. No matter how you go around it, that really could not sound less comfortable.

Comment by Alison

I think it’s a form of brainwashing. I found myself reading the whole series in the span of a week, even running to two stores after the first one I visited was sold out of the third book. Then as soon as I finished the massively disappointing and anticlimactic finale and recovered from “Twilightitis”, I was a bit embarrassed to admit to having read them. Not only does neither Bella nor Edward have a personality worth instantly falling in love with, there’s the whole skeevy element to their love affair. He stalks her and sneaks into her room at night to watch her sleep, she’s 17 lusting after a 109 year old man who wants to kill her and eat her, and teen girls have developed mad crushes on the most illogical of fictional sparkly boyfriends! Ok, so I kind of did too. But I’m not proud of it! I studied English literature and should really know better by now.

Comment by Stacy

It’s a bizarre scenerio isnt it? Reading those books is like walking in on yourself looking at porn… I guess the mass selling point is the idea that Bella could be any girl, and she gets chosen by this superman character, and there is a part of that which is horribly appealing in a whole mindless escapism kind of way. It’s not like we all want to be rescued or anything as deeply oblivious as that, i guess it’s the awkward teenage part of yourself where you are “special” and are chosen by the most special amazing person in the world whose only flaw is loving you too much… it’s basically mindless escapism to some, but a loooot more to others, which is the scary part. Maybe we should all band together to write a book which encourages having a few relationships, enjoying your youth and not marrying the first guy you fall in love with and maybe having a bit of a life at the same time. Or just having a load of good old fashioned pre marital sex.
Meanwhile I am going to read Midnight Sun and probably find it horribly satisfying. dammit.

Comment by Ellen

And that’s what the book should be called
Having Loads of Good Old Fashioned Pre Marital Sex….It will sell millions…

Comment by Vanessa

I’m not sure whether this has put me off ever reading Twilight, or compelled me to delve into its ridiuclous sounding pages…

Comment by Lois

Shucks! I’m trying to read the Harry Potter books without anyone telling me what happens! Now I know one of the twins dies… I guess that’s not so bad.

I refuse to read the “Twilight” books until I absolutly have to. But I’m majoring in Middle Childhood Education… so I’ll probably give in soon.. just like the “Harry Potter” series…

Comment by Tess

Bella is the worst role model for teen girls. Stephanie Meyer is purposely ruining the lives of millions of girls who will never have a chance at a stable relationship. Furthermore, she is telling these teen girls that if some guy sneaks through your bedroom window and watches you sleep then you are one luckly girl. By the way your life should revolve around your boyfriend, forget all your friends and the life you should be leading.

Secondly, while never really wanting to take the time to read the series I opted for the audiobooks. I too stayed up far too late in the evening for a hot and steamy sex scene that never came. And while I continued to wait for the rest of the series for more graphic love scenes to appear they did not. However the topic of Rosalie and Emmet breaking houses is placed into our imagination.

Also it makes women in their 20’s act like they are once 14 again. I didn’t enjoy it the first time around and I really shouldn’t enjoy it the second time around.

Mostly, we all just wished Bella would die so we could have a piece of the action.

Comment by Julie

I am so sorry Tess! I should have put a Harry Potter spoiler in there too, actually I will do that now x

Comment by Ellen

Once I separated Twilight from season two Buffy in my head, I enjoyed it a lot more. Granted, Meyer is not a patch on Whedon, but it’s enjoyable fluff anyway.

On a tenuously related topic – if you haven’t checked out Dollhouse yet, do so, and give it until episode 6 if you’re struggling. Granted, some of the early “active of the week” storylines are dire, but then again just remember how bad “I Robot, You Jane” or “Teachers Pet” were, and how Buffy didn’t really kick in until “Angel”.

Comment by Jamesthegill

I got my copy of Twilight signed. Not really because I like the books much at all, but because I could because Meyer was in town (since I live in WA and she has to come here).
I shouldn’t have. It was the most frightening event I have ever been to in my entire life and Meyer didn’t seem particularly nice at all and the entire time I was waiting with my friend for someone to ask what sort of toothpaste Edward uses.

One girl did ask what color his hair is and when Meyer said it was copper or bronze or some other metal the girl went “Ummm, what color is that??”

Comment by Clair

When I first read the Twilight series it all seemed amazing/obsession worthy.. and then I started thinking about it/discussing it with friends. We basically concluded that the story only teaches young girls to be dependent on someone and be irresponsible because someone else (the perfect man, and if you don’t find him, he’ll come to you) will take care of you. She’s always acting like a child (curling up in Edward’s arms baby-style) and whining. Bella is a really bad character for young girls to look up to, and now there are so many FML’s that conclude with “she left me because I wasn’t more like Edward.”

The creepiest part of my Twilight experience was being in a room full of pre-teen girls and mothers (ridiculous “Twilight Moms”) all cheering on/going crazy about the sex in the 4th book at this Stephenie Meyer Concert Series I went to in Chicago a couple days after the final book came out. There were girls that were like 10 years old there who had all read the book within about 2 days who probably hadn’t even learned about sex yet. That must’ve been a tricky chapter for Stephenie to write though, considering her fans cover such a wide age range. The 4th book pretty much went downhill from there though, until about halfway when you think a cool epic battle will ensue. And when it doesn’t it just gets lame again. The birthing bit was probably the biggest joke though. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s read it absolutely hated it until it ended and it all worked itself out.

And about the movie(s), apparently they’re definitely going to be making the 4th movie which I think will be even more entertaining to watch than the pitiful acting in the first film. Kristen Stewart shows zero emotion, and that on top of a small child jumping across rivers and talking sophisticatedly should be hilarious.

Comment by Angela

It’s alright. My bf listening to the Harry Potter books on tape and is daily trying to tell me what goes on in the books I haven’t read yet. I just really, really, really don’t want to know what happens in the last book. But I’ve been stuck on the fifth book for the last week and it seems like I’ve lost all motivation.

I can’t say that I find the fella’s in “Twilight” appealing. I’ll take a good old fashioned nerdy boy anyday.

Comment by Tess

I have watched Dollhouse James, and I think my views on it are pretty similar to other peoples, I was not convinced until about halfway through, and am still not totally sold on it, as I don’t find many of the characters as charismatic or easy to root for as I found previous whedon ensembles. However I have faith in it, and thought after the last episode that it definetely showed potential to go up a gear and really come in to it’s own as it were…
Twilight mums you say? Oh dear I can’t imagine anything more frightening, also was the birthing scene designed to scare young girls off ever giving birth? Or maybe Miss Meyer had a realllly bad experience. I thought Kirsten was alright considering her character has not much in the way of personality, and she seemed less drippy then I was expecting. I am really glad for this response, and that other people found it a little disconcerting as well, are there any young books for girls which have a more positive message? Tracey Beaker?

Comment by Ellen

I’m somewhat proud of not finishing the series and I don’t find anything here to be a spoiler. I had a huge problem watching the movie in the theatre (yeah, I sure did, day after opening!) and hearing the squeals for Edward and hisses for Jacob. Like they were all brainwashed to think he was some ugly second choice not worthy of Bella’s affection.
I’m a fan of Dollhouse and maybe my experience is a bit different b/c I only recently started getting interested in the rest of Joss Whedon’s stuff after making friends with some fanatics. Not sure if this is common knowledge, but there will be an extra episode available on the DVD.. maybe it’s already downloadable on the interweb.
Any fans of True Blood? It so horrible in a good way and I am absolutely going to watch this new season. Also follows the same good innocent girl/sexy alluring vamp theme.

Some links:
1. best Edward shirt ever

2. bah, can’t find the video of different clips of Bill saying “Sookie” but it is fantastic!

Comment by Julia

Is there any Twilight equivalent directed at boys? Not sure of anything modern books with a positive message, but Nancy Drew was pretty good, from what I can remember. She may have been my first role model that led me to the sleuthy/P.I. aspirations I still have today!

Comment by Julia

JULIA! I know what your saying about True Blood. Have you read any of those books? Dead Until Dawn by Charlaine Harris. I don’t know anyone who has read them. At least the same guy who did Six Feet Under is doing True Blood

Comment by vanessa

They sparkle. They drink blood. You laugh and fear for the tween girls who take every word “for serious”.

I read the first book shortly after it came out – not a huge hit then, at all. So it was nothing to me but a book that I wasn’t even sure described what the main character looked like. I even remember the author on Livejournal commenting to people comparing her to older YA urban fantasy authors and stuff… she seemed normal back then. I don’t think anyone expected this crap to become epic. Regardless, the series is strangely addicting… if you can get over the tween fangirls and the media’s hype, or the fact no one can really pinpoint why they start and can’t stop reading the series. Then you feel so bad for all the little girls acting like its the best thing on Earth.

Realistically, you know Bella screwed Jacob and the whole time imagined he was Edward. I mean, that entire book she was HEARING Edward in her mind – she’s freaking crazy, and people take it serious!!

Comment by Ivy

I always use the website to find new good books. That, or . It’s the super-book-nerd website but I love it. if you want to take a look at my self =)

Comment by Tess

Oh my god Twimoms are terrifying. I think one made a felt version of Bella’s womb. With a wee little foetus inside. One of the worst things I have seen on the internet.

Comment by Charlotte

“I Stayed up til four in the morning to get to the sex scene…” Ooooooh! Now I get what the craze it about!
“…only to discover that in it’s place was a blank space followed by a post-coital waking.” Okay, nop, you lost me and given me yet more reasons to avoid reading the series.

“Teen girls have developed mad crushes on the most illogical of fictional sparkly boyfriends.”
*sigh* Shame on me for buying them for my niece.

Comment by Diana

It’s the obsessive “Twi-hards” that are really scary.

Comment by ciaran

Luckily, I have not fallen under Twilight’s crippling spell–only having seen the movie three times–I refer to it as “Laugh-until-you-cry-Light.”

I quite enjoyed your rant, which was COMPLETELY substantiated, and I tend to agree, though I’ve not read the series.

I find that it helps, if only minutely, while watching the movie if one pretends he or she can hear Edward’s inward dialouge, which sounds something like this every time he sees Bella and she does something/says something stupid (read: all the time):

“Don’t you realize that every waking second of every day I am actively restraining myself from RIPPING YOUR FUCKING THROAT OUT?”

I still don’t understand how his bloodlust for her equates to falling in love with her.

Bella (in high-pitched and forced tone): “Oh, honey, you may be a violent predator, but you’re MY violent predator, and I love you!”


Comment by Jeni

I agree completly with everything you have said. I read them a few months ago, after getting foolishly hooked under the cunning ruise of ‘light holiday reading’ and at the time no one understood my turning up to work with my hair a mess looking like I hadn’t slept and sporadic shouts of I HATE BELLA SWANN throughout the day. I had a full on facebook arguement with a friend about my loathing of that girl and how she is the most pointless character in modern literature [can it be called that?] which wound me up so much I had to SLAM my laptop shut and rant out loud to my pet rabbit instead. I got as far as halfway through Eclipse before I had to stop myself from reading them becuase it was winding me up so much. I guess it has to be said, its a skilled authour who can get so many people on their high horse like Meyer can. I hate them, but I can’t stop reading! WHY GOD WHY!

I am pleased to say I have yet to procure a copy of whatever the 4th one is called, but all of a sudden the women in my office are obsessed with them and I am annoyed that they werent on the band wagon when I was 2 months ago so I could have ranted at them. Now I am just enjoying laughing at their obsessions. Someone the other day came in excited because they were stuck in traffic behind a silver Volvo. Stupid Shiney Volvo Drivers.

Also on an irrelevant note in reply to the person who mentioned True Blood, its genius, get on it. Series 2 just started in the states and its so good. Its all about Paquins perky breasts. Sookie Stackhouse is ten times the Vampire loving main girl character in a book that blood Swann is. God I hate Bella Swann. Anyone else think that Kirsten Stewart was far too pretty to play her in the films? How have I seen that film 3 times?!


Comment by Dianne

Oh I forgot to say, while I was reading them I couldnt’t help but be amused that it was like RL Stine writing a Sweet Valley High novel.

OK I promise thats my rant over.

Comment by Dianne

Argh! Twilight has been my life for the past month or so. I have never been so caught up in a series of books and it is so embarrassing! You find yourself thinking about them all day even when you’re not reading. Was like Bella and completely forgot about the rest of my life. Disgraceful.

Completely agree with your thoughts on the ending! I thought there would at least be a bit of a fight but that it would all end well. Didn’t expect them to just talk it out.

Definitely read this to get the Edward perspective on the first few chapters of the first book if you haven’t already!

Comment by Steph

I was pestered by a friend to read the first book for about 3 months before I finally gave in. I was fully expecting to dislike it, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. However, I had absolutely no desire to read the follow up books – there wasn’t really any unanswered questions from the first, there seemed no real reason to carry on reading.

Do fans of the book like the film or not? I’m just wondering because I watched it the day after I finished the book, and thought it was absolutely dire.

Comment by Jon

awww so many points to make! I love True Blood, and I love the fact that Alan Ball is making it, which means it has the right mixture of sex, gore and plot. I have picked up the books a couple of times but I think the covers put me off, and I am worried about spoiling the tv series for myself… but I definetely agree that she is a far better character then Bella, with all the personality and character and good acting and (as Dianne mentioned) amazing boobs. Has anyone read Anne Rice?
The vampire trilogy is actually amazing, as is “The Mayfair Witches,” it’s kind of trashy but far better written then Miss Meyer’s work. That womb is the most terrifying I have ever seen, make a jumper! Also off topic but has anyone read “We Need to Talk about Kevin” by Lionel Shiver? That is perhaps my favourite book…ever. Also Sweet Valley High was my childhood obsession, then they went to college and even Elizabeth has pre marital sex x

Comment by Ellen

oh and the copy of wuthering heights i bought the other day (I am trying to get through the Bronte sisters because I enjoyed Jane Eyre so very much) had “Bella and Edwards favourite book” printed on it… I’m waiting for the super safe condoms with “Bella and Edward should have used these” on it. Also I feel sorry for Mr Pattison, he is basically going to get stalked for all time now x

Comment by Ellen

I haven’t read the True Blood books yet, and I might, I’m just worried they’ll end up disappointing me like the horrible Dexter series did.

Comment by Julia

Read the True Blood books. They’re lots of fun. They’re actually very humorous in addition to all the gore and sex you see on the TV series. Sookie has some real spunk and definitely is more in control of things than Bellan. Having read that series hasn’t spoiled the show for me; it’s been fun to see how it plays out on screen. Plus they’ve added enough/changed enough for the show that I really feel like I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.

Comment by Stacy

What are the dexter books like? I dip in and out of the tv series… will get on the true blood books x

Comment by Ellen

I’m scared to read the True Blood books becasue I don’t want them to ruin the TV show for me. I’ve heard the first season is pretty close to the first book. Its all about Lafayette, such a great character – so many good characters in that show. Also I have a massive boner for Sam, even if he is a dog also.

I just found this and thought I shoudl share it with everyone on this post

OMGZ hilarious. x

Comment by Dianne

Ellen, everything you right is hilariously charming!

Comment by Bananas

Sadly, I, too, am afflicted with Twilightitis. Along with my sister and my mother. There should be a support group.

Comment by The Other Kyle

Oh man, Twilight makes me angry in so, so many ways. I teach teenaged girls, and I give them a rant about everything that is wrong with the books every time I see one of my students carrying one of them around.

The thing is, there are plenty of books for teenaged girls with more positive messages out there right now, with the bonus of actually being WELL-WRITTEN (unlike Stephenie Meyer’s terrible, purple prose-style writing). Tamora Pierce has been writing historical fiction with ass-kicking female heroines for years now; there’s Libba Bray’s Gemma Doyle trilogy (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, and The Sweet Far Thing), and Francesca Lia Block’s Weetzie Bat series for something more modern and whimsical.

I keep insisting that the next time Stephenie Meyer does a book-signing or whatever in Toronto, I will picket the event wearing a sandwich board that reads “TWILIGHT KILLS BRAIN CELLS!” on one side and “DOWN WITH BADLY-WRITTEN, MISOGYNISTIC CRAP!” on the other. I will also hand out pamphlets. Anyone want to join me?

Comment by Yaz

maybe we should start some kind of book club? Bring any old books you have which feature decent and (as Yaz said) ass kicking female heroines to our gigs for some kind of swappage?

Comment by Ellen

I’m a manly man so I haven’t read this rubbish writings.

/brushes his outrageously giant mustache while walking away

Comment by Eru

Hey finding yourself in explicably drawn to things that feel so good but are ultimately bad for you is timeless and genderless x

Comment by Ellen

We Need to Talk about Kevin! I love that book. Someone left a copy of it in the staff room where I used to work.

Comment by Lois

I am down for the book club. We should make this happen. I need to get away from my summer class work.

Comment by Vanessa

hmm. I can’t remember what specifically turned me off of the Dexter books, but I do remember (possible but hopefully not actual SPOILER alert) my friend telling me about one of the later books, and how Dexter trains Cody and Astor to be like him. not sure if the author was going down a “dexter is not alone” road, or what, but I just don’t like that story line! it ruins what makes me love the show, and that is how they have me constantly rooting for dexter. children can learn about right/wrong in more traditional ways, perhaps. and without looking at the books again, i can’t say more than that.
I like this book club idea. The first thing that comes to mind is a comic, Zombies Calling by Faith Erin Hicks. Joss kicks ass. I’m sure there are much better examples of kick ass heroines, though..

Comment by Julia

I just got some b day money…lets make this happen. i’m down for the true blood books or the comic julia talked about zombie calling.

Comment by vanessa

Slave Labour Graphics produced it so it must be good, Im in for the comic, I wonder if they sell it at forbidden planets in the uk…

Comment by Ellen

Hmm..I’m not sure offhand if I’ve read anything else SLG has produced, but maybe I should? Ellen, if you want to read it and can’t find it, I can bring you a copy to the NYC show if you want. glad people are into it!!

Comment by Julia

So I went to go see Transformers last night and when the twilight trailer came on the whole theater started booing..just thought you should all know

Comment by vanessa

Lol, that happened to me when I saw Transformers last night too. The place started booing started by yours truly. It was followed by the Harry Potter trailer which was cheered on started by me as well. I’m ashamed to say I was ever a fan of the Twilight series. True Blood and Harry Potter are way better in comparison.

Comment by Lindsay

That New Moon trailer deserves big lolz, not booing! I just watched it for the second time now and it is still great! C’mon, Bella’s eyebrow raise when she says “kiss me”, Edward’s heartfelt response, the scene where Jasper ruins Bella’s birthday is asking to be spoofed! Hm. Maybe what we need is a Twilight zombie spoof. Nerdy girl falls for jock boy who would never pay attention to someone like her…until he gets turned into a zombie and then wants her for her braiiiins. Y’know, someone with awesome creative powers could turn it into something brilliant. So yeah, I’m totally going to see New Moon when it comes out. People take movies like it too seriously, I think. You just gotta take it for what it is, and if it ends up just being something to criticize, then hey, that’s alright with me.

Comment by Julia

I watched Push last night…. has anyone seen that? That was a movie I was hoping was going to be good/bad but sadly it was just bad/bad. I do agree with you Julia about New Moon, as I will undoubtedly see it and endlessly take the mick out of it, but thats what lovely silly escapism is all about…I shall try and find it before the NY show Julia so I can chat to you about it when you come! Have you read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Should I read the original first? Also there is a magazine called SFX which just released a top 10 vampires list in a vampire special… Spike was number one woo.

Comment by Ellen

sounds good Ellen. I haven’t read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies yet but I’ve been told you should read P&P first. I’m not sure when I’ll get through those two, but given that I have the shortest attention span ever I’d say it won’t be too soon. Really what I need to do is watch S.1 of Buffy that has been sitting in my house for months so I can understand what everyone is going on about! I wonder how horrible the new movie remake (without Joss Whedon’s support!) will be..

Comment by Julia

Get hooked on more adult vamps and you’ll really wonder what the hell you were thinking. Go with Anita Blake (Laurell K Hamilton), although it takes awhile for any sex to happen, then by book 11 it’s straight up PORN. Or yeah, the Sookie Stackhouse books! Sex & violence and ADULTS! Fluff, but waaay BETTER fluff.

Comment by Danielle

Seriously, all of you who hate the wimpy Bella character check out ANITA BLAKE, first one is called Guilty Pleasures. That chick kicks so much ass.

Comment by Danielle

hah, i am reading this now. i was all against it but picked up the text…true blood so much better.

Comment by cuddlefuddles

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