Lolz in America: Part 1 by Ellen
June 19, 2009, 3:29 pm
Filed under: WHEAT

Here is the first webisode about a few dates from our three week West Coast of America tour with Sky Larkin. It features stunning scenery, shocking action sequences and mind blowing dramatics as well as a bit of swearing. It also features a topless man eating cheesecake.



Ellen x


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Words cannot express how much I love these video blogs.

Comment by Nick

i totally saw myself!

Comment by Doug

“I didn’t even burn him though” 😀

Comment by Gazz

Glorious, simply glorious.

Comment by Chris

Nestor Sky Larkin has 1 t-shirt. I mean we all like Lovvers but come on…..

Comment by David

“Excuse me, are you coming to the show later?”

I laughed. The Brit charm really would work on me, too.

Comment by Kyle from TX

Do you have any film from your Montreal gig?

Comment by petrellad

I really hope you have every intention of making more of these video blogs.

Comment by Tina

Another riot, please keep them coming!

Comment by Dave

Did you get any filming done while yall were on the east coast at the beginning of the year?

Comment by Jayby

I think posts commenting on the overall “fancyability” of the girls at your gigs are to be expected. If you could just call them “birds”, it would be heaven.
P.S.: I only ask reviews of girls because Gareth seems to be the only one having opinions, but it would be just as interesting if you could review boys as well.

Comment by sil

you’re all better at bowling than I’ll ever be.
looking forward to the next episode!

Comment by Veee

Really like the videos

im still resentful of being called ronan keating FROM AGES AGO BY ELLEN IN A QUESTION ANSWER SITUATION I BELIEVE DAMN HER!

Comment by ron

Neil talking about the boobs on his arm is priceless.

Comment by Drew

I love these. Y’all are super funny!

Comment by Kia

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but this is definitely East coast, not West. 🙂
love the “sheee’s stiiill filllmmmminnnnnng!” at the beginning and remain confused about John’s comment about Toronto being good for vests?
also..haha.. Chatham, ON gets its moment of fame.

Comment by Julia

Hahaha, this is definitely east coast, loved the Burlington footage, you guys gotta come back!

Comment by Peter

Wow! I love watching these. You guys are so dorky/cool

Comment by David

Sorry it started out east and went west, so in my mind because it finished at west coast thats what it was stamped under in the Ellen box of memories

Comment by Ellen

The fact that this post has attracted fewer responses than Twilight really, really depresses me. The nerve!

Comment by Kyle from TX

Awesome! I was at that Philadelphia show!
Guy: “I Love the Bassist!”
Ellen: “I don’t love you.”
Guy: “Give me a chance!”

and then afterwards Garetth drew a penis on the dollar bill I asked him to sign…best show ever! I can’t wait to see you guys at Lollapaloza.

Comment by Mark

Looking forward to the next episode.
Are you filming on the next tour as well?
Lolz all around. 🙂

Comment by Lindsay

[…] of swearing. It also features a topless man eating cheesecake”. The original blogposts are here and here. here’s a third part coming soon apparently […]

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Oh those guys from Detroit! Narrrrr.

Comment by Gregg

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