OH YEH, AND SO… by Gareth
June 24, 2009, 3:12 pm
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The record is complete.

I think we have a name for it. Maybe. Not sure. Probably.

All bar one of the sixteen pieces of music we have recorded have titles.

On Monday night we had a bit of a bash and drank Champagne and ate Indian food to celebrate. Here are some snaps:

I cannot wait until we can properly TALK ABOUT IT and stuff.


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Oh, man! I can’t wait to hear it! Are you going to do any special releases like on iTunes or anything?

Comment by Alex White

Reckon we might go all out and release it on a compact disc and on a slab of plastic too, mate.

Comment by Gareth

Fuckin’ fantastic. I much prefer slabs of plastic to digitalized tunes. Can’t wait for a more proper discussion or release dates/title/etc.

Comment by Jeska

i`ll settle for soft-porn artwork :), and worldwide distribution, if possible

Comment by sil

That’s great! do you already have any idea of what the cover art will look like?

Comment by ruben chalico

Awesome! More formats = we will give you more money and/or baked goods and greeting cards!

And I always hoped Ollie was a Crown-Royal-straight-from-the-bottle kind of man. This letdown is offset by the good news, but only just.

Comment by Eric

Ruben – yes.

Comment by Gareth

Congrats! Will all 16 songs be on the record, or is it getting trimmed down?

Comment by Dan

go on, you can tell us the title, we’re all friends here (; i was just going through my old stuff of yours and listened to police story. pretty heavy man! x

Comment by Lewis

I don’t understand how this works… does the label have to accept what you’ve given them before you can officially discuss it? Or what??
Is that why Neil looks so nervous? (chewin’ on his fingernails)

Comment by Julia

vinyl! Please do a special vnyl edition!

Comment by Christie Grinham

Julia – of course not.
Just seems foolish to give away shit loads of details on a record, nearly 6 months before it’s released. Don’t want it to be old news when it comes.

Comment by Gareth

it’ll be worth it anyways. calm yourselves people.
be patient and wait 🙂

Comment by Joshua

yeah. ive never seen you live and ive heard you’re mental. cant wait for the newie. i feel with you that almost every song you write is about me, and ive never had that with a band. yeah, im a soppy bastard. but cheers lads 🙂 x

Comment by Lewis

Yaaaaaay!truly can’t wait to hear new songs and to see some amazing new artwork.
btw : Veuve Cliquot-one of the best champagne ever,trust me.
Lewis-LC! live is pretty much an experience,you won’t regret it 🙂 6 gigs here and it always feels like the 1st time 🙂

Comment by Veee

hah cheers for that mate, yeahh ill be there next time they play london fo’sure, might even see youdown theree (:

Comment by Lewis

please have the vinyl packaging be as good as it has been in the past. love you all

Comment by Garrett

Who is the bearded lumber jack? I may love him. YES Gareth don’t tell us anything! It would be like knowing what your parents got you for Christmas and making you wait to get it! Don’t make me go crazy! P.S. I am loving the sarcasm today nice… extra nice

Comment by vanessa

release the album via tape. bring back the old school 90s nostalgia maddness.

Comment by Ivan

What’s up with everyone’s praise for patience? TELL ME EVERYTHING, RIGHT NOW.

Comment by Julia

Julia if we knew everything it would ruin it all. We don’t get the album for 6 more months. It was just finished. Let them enjoy it. We all know its going to be great and are excited but knowing the information and not being able to listen to it would drive me crazy. I would hire a secret agent or something to retrieve it for me. Lets just start the book club and try to keep our minds off it..

Comment by vanessa

and I still want to know who that bearded gent is

Comment by vanessa


You guys are THE best band around today and I am so glad you keep pumping out such fantastic music.

You’re a long needed breath of fresh air in a world where it is considered to take upwards of 2 years to make a good album.

They’ve both been masterpieces thus far. Here’s to the third!

Hip Hip?!

Comment by Joe Kelly

CONGRATS! I’m positive it will be as amazing and touching as everything else you put out. so excited!

Comment by Shannon


i expect details whenever you feel like it.

Comment by Trung

Does that red plaid shirt have a blue trim/underlining? If so, I have the same one.


What a horrible post.

Comment by Jay

Yes it does have a blue lining. It’s from H&M and it hasn’t let me down yet.

Comment by neilbeale

who is the lumber jack

Comment by vanessa

Yessss. Don’t tell anything about it until it’s down to the wire, except: is there a mandolin on any of the tracks?

Comment by Clair

I think there is Clair, yes.
There was definitely a mandolin at one of the studios (Tom serenaded me with Losing My Religion), so I’d imagine it made its way onto the record somewhere.

Comment by Gareth

Brilliant. 🙂

Comment by Clair

The lumberjack is the new Aleks. Unfortunately he lacks the same lust for stationary that Ms. Campesinos had…

Comment by Josh

I have an idea, release 1 letter of the album title each day for like a week, then the thrill will last longer

Comment by Connor

the bearded man, he’s a Very Important Person from wichita…i think.

Comment by eden

I think the Wichita thing sounds the most legit… but I’m going to roll with the one where he is going to replace Aleks.. I think that sounds more fun. Thank you for responding!

Comment by vanessa

@Connor Yeah, knowing LC, that could last the 6 months…

and on that topic, 6 MONTHS? D: *cries in corner*

Comment by Yash

Oh my god, I love how they actually answer. 😀

Do you think this will see any large retail release, cause it’s a bitch finding your music. If it was any other band, I’d have given up.

Comment by Ricky

[…] bleibt eigentlich das nächste Album? Das letzte der Band liegt ja schon fast ein Jahr zurück. Ah, ist schon fertig, das gute Stück. Habe mir schon sorgen […]

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Is the new guy changing his last name too?

Comment by Ryan

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