June 29, 2009, 11:36 am
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Seriously just came back from Glasto this morning, Blur’s set was probably the greatest concert I’ve ever been to.

Although as your pictures show, Bill Cosby turned in a rockin performance too, he also guested with The Prodigy on “Smack My Bitch Up”

Comment by Nick

Oh, jesus.

Comment by Jenn

I wonder when Gareth will get over this PhotoShop phase šŸ˜‰

Comment by Julia

I hope he never does.

Not being able to go, I was incredibly disappointed with the BBC coverage (hardly any of the Neil Young set shown in favour for repeating the same Lady Gaga bullshit. As a pop fanatic, I find her ‘tell, don’t show’ aspect of ‘being above pop’ with more generic music than you can find almost anywhere in such a thriving scene to be crass. But even so, give the fucking headliner more than like 4 songs! Also, I don’t understand why anyone in an English field would want to go see Bruce Springsteen, or why they couldn’t show someone different (Animal Collective or Q-Tip or Micachu & The Shapes would have killed? etc.). Other than Dizzee (love), Bloc Party and The Specials, black folk didn’t really get a look in either; Jay-Z really seemed to have freaked out the squares.

The girlfriend enjoyed it though and smells like a Crosby, Stills & Gash roadie.

Comment by Samuel

The Big Picture just put up photos from the event. Looked like a good time.

Comment by Dan

i was in a business studies lesson this year and of course i had just discovered the wonders of photoshop so i decided to replace the head of wayne rooney with a monkey and i had him kicking the queens heads with blood coming out of the neck (i know very sadistic) and of course my teacher comes up to monitor and goes absolutely mental. It was completely worth it

Loving cheggers in the prodigy

Comment by James

hey you… umm.. question.. ARE YOU COMMING BACK TO MEXICO SOMEDAY??? šŸ˜‰
love it all

Comment by Ale!

Samuel- they would want to see the Boss because he is a legend. Sure, he’s mythologising the working class American and few English people can relate to that. I’m a middle-class white English man and have never been involved in the violence or pushing of drugs in New York, but it doesn’t stop me thinking Illmatic or the Blueprint are masterpieces.

Besides, he’s pushing 60 and performs like a 20 year old and had arguably the best straight run in music from 75-84 (Born to Run to Born in the USA). Lyrics are as smart as Dylan but with a better voice and stage presence. His performance slew me and I won’t hear a bad word about the man.

Comment by Dylan

Yeah, but Illmatic and the Blueprint sound fucking awesome and have great lyrics. Bruce is just lame coffee table bullshit. šŸ™‚ Nothing about it grabs you by the testicles and shouts ‘this is potentially the greatest fucking thing ever’. And a great song has to do that in the 3 minutes or whatever it takes to do.

Or maybe its just because rock + saxaphone usually = bullshit.

Also, 75-84? What about Marvin Gaye? (I Want You- Here, My Dear- In Our Lifetime- Midnight Love) or hell, even Neil Young (Tonight’s The Night- Zuma- American Stars n’ Bars- Comes a Time- Live Rust- Hawks & Doves- Re-ac-tor- Trans)?

Comment by Samuel

Fuck both of you, my opinion is better than both of yours and I don’t even know what it is yet…

Comment by Josh

Samuel, I think you’re kinda talking down Neil with the “hell, even” bit, even though I can’t think of his music chronologically right now, or what he produced between 75-84… but C’MON! Uncle Neil 4eva! ā¤ ā¤ ā¤
šŸ˜€ xo

Comment by Julia

look at me, drunk posting on the LC blog! YAY

Comment by Julia

lol, Bill Cosby.

Comment by Tess

I’m guessing you haven’t heard Blinded by the Light, No Surrender, Growin’ Up, Thunder Road, Atlantic City, Badlands (etc etc) or you have no soul. Or you’re pretty young and you haven’t really got balls to be grabbed hold of yet. Bloody kids.

I jest mate; if you’re on here you probably have good taste in music. I understand he’s not for everyone. Main criticism would be that he can come off as hammy, but then I see it from the point of view that he’s got boundless exuberance that few others have. Each to their own and all that anyway. You could always try Nebraska if you abhor the sax. Guessing you’re not a ska fan.

Marvin Gaye had definitely put out his two greatest albums before then (What’s going on/let’s get it on). And Neil doesn’t quite do it for me in the same way (and Re-ac-tor? Seriously?). I do like to nap in his guitar solos though. Anyway, you can pick great runs (Led Zeppelin’s first however many) but how many are impeccable for 10 years?

Comment by Dylan

Yeah, re-ac-tor is shit. That and ASNB are why it was “hell, even” instead of OMG THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME RUN EVER. (Also, I like some 2tone, but yeah, Ska mostly turns me off).

It’s cool man, I just find it trite on British ears. I understand the ‘we are the white american white working class and bruce is our leader’ thing, it’s just my worship comes from lol morrissey and stuart murdoch types for that kind of thing. tea drinking, indie disco music instead of fist pumping, budweiser shizz.

Also, greatest 10 year run: either Gang Starr (No More Mr. Nice Guy, Step In The Arena, Daily Operation, Hard To Earn, Moment Of Truth, The Ownerz- 14 years!), Ghostface (Ironman, Supreme Clientele, the original Bulletproof Wallets before they couldn’t clear any of the samples, Pretty Toney, Fishscale), Beasties or Pavement. Or Parliament. Or Stevie in the sixties.

Comment by Samuel

Also, Here My Dear – the best Marvin album! Seriously! Try it again, it’s 100% pure. (I assume you’ve heard your namesakes Blood On The Tracks – it’s the soul music equivilant. And just as great, possibly better. Not a sexing or anti-war big name record though so people overlook it.)

Comment by Samuel

I met Michael Barrymore once and he called me weird. I guess I don’t really have much hope.

Comment by Olivia

Neil Young as Neil From Art Attack I cant speel his surname it begins with B its very dursterbing it makes him look creepy and maybe even a tad pedohilic

Comment by Thom

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