July 1, 2009, 11:44 am
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Today is the unveiling of Turnstile‘s first ever free Bento Box give away. The premise behind this is that, often, Turnstile will ask its friends, artists or bands to curate a give away of tracks/art/media that it likes, for you, for free. The first in this series is a collection of tracks by current Turnstile signed bands.

As ever, the music speaks more than my words do, but among the four free songs are a track by the incredible Girls, who join us on tour right the way across Hamerica this coming August and an exclusive track from my favourite ‘new’ artist of the past year, Perfume Genius. All just a click and a mailing list sign up away:

Tracks from:
Video Nasties
Swanton Bombs
Perfume Genius

This comes highly recommended to all. If you’re already a fan of the bands, there’s exclusive stuff here, and if they’re new acts to you, then you’re about to be introduced to four very exciting new artists. Do it, and lemme know what you think of the tracks.


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sweet, thanks for the heads up there. can’t wait for the impending girls lp.

Comment by Trung

Yeh, you should be excited for it, it’s really, really great. I can’t wait to start touring with them, they’re the best guys.

Comment by Gareth

Just joined to get my copy! sounds like there is some good stuff here!

Comment by Shannon

Ahh Swanton Bombs. I love them and have had their album for a few months. 🙂 I’ll join!

Comment by Clair

girls are touring with you next month?? ahh i’m so jealous 😦

Comment by caro

Have not much to say so far, other than “why have I not listened to more Perfume Genius since Gareth’s first link to it?!”.
Thanks for sharing!!

Comment by Julia

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